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Dolly Parton
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You’re supposed to prepare for the worst and hope for the best! ;)
#TBT to Glastonbury! ;) It just never gets old...
Back to the hills with the whippoorwills, with the fire flies blinkin' and the night stars winkin', ______! ;)
YOU CAN'T MAKE OLD FRIENDS was released one year ago today! RT to share the title-track duet with @DollyParton:
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Dreams are of no value if they're not equipped with wings. :)
I refuse to settle for something less than great. And if it takes a lifetime, then that’s how long I’ll wait... Is that too much to ask?
Where the tea is sweet and the love complete, Oh me, I wanna go ________!!! :)
We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails! :)
With family and friends and joy that never ends, There's no place like it, no place like it... ______! :)
"Whenever I sing The Coat of Many Colors, I just see my whole childhood..." Read more on @Southern_Living:…
Though her death is no laughing matter, Joan Rivers' life was nothing but... We will always love you.
So honored to be nominated for @CountryMusic Musical Event of the Year with one of my best friends, @_KennyRogers! :)
To kick off this Labor Day weekend, save 50% off the Western Denim Vest in my store! Have a safe and fun weekend! ;)
Be sure to tune in (or set your DVR's) to watch "Backstory: Dolly Parton" TONIGHT at 5pm ET on @gactv! :)
A few days ago, @_KennyRogers challenged me to do the #ALSIceBucketChallenge... well, challenge accepted! ;)
I can't wait for y'all to see this! @foofighters #SonicHighways premieres 10/17 @ 11pm ET on @HBO! :)
#TBT to those incredible nights on the Midnight Special... and now, relive those days with me!…
Back to the time when I was a kid, To the sounds of the crickets and the katydids... it's called _______!! :)
I got the music in my soul and the rhythm in my feet... When I hear the music, you won’t catch me standing still! :)
Have you voted yet? There are only three days left to vote for Dollywood as best theme park!
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Why'd You Come In Here Lookin' Like That reached #1 exactly 25 years ago! Listen on @Spotify:
We watched it again yesterday! @BBCiPlayer: @DollyParton's set from #Glastonbury is available to watch again
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Who hasn’t heard #BlueSmoke yet? It’s only £7.99 on @iTunesMusic until Sunday the 10th! ;)…
I often think about where I have been, where I am going, and that's about when I think about... :)
#BlueSmoke is #2 in the UK! ;) If you haven't already listened, download the album today on @iTunesMusic!
Be sure to vote for @Dollywood as America's Best Theme Park on @USATODAY's 10Best Reader's Choice! :)
Wasn't the #BlueSmokeWorldTour a blast? I sure had fun! If you didn't pick up my album at the show, you can here: :)
Y'all know anyone who needs a little 'Straight Talk'? ;) #ThrowbackThursday
I'm so thankful for all who came out to the #BlueSmokeWorldTour, sang your hearts out, and showed me love & support… Y'all are amazing! :)
Can you believe that little thing grew up to be little 'ole me? :) #ThrowbackThursday
Signed @DollyParton goodie bag?! Uhh YES PLEASE! Competition will be in her newsletter this week-sign up here!
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Heard about the abandoned dog at @GlastoFest? If nobody claims her, I'll take her home to America! Ain't she cute :)
Hey everyone! I just launched a shiny new version of my website. Take a look and tell me what you think! :)
Hey everyone, in case y'all missed it, #BlueSmoke is available on iTunes ( & Amazon (! ;)
The #BlueSmokeWorldTour makes our way into Germany tonight and tomorrow! Can't wait to see y'all there! :)
.@grimmers @R1Breakfast well, thanks for having me on the show this morning! ;) #DollyDidGrimmy
Those @BuzzFeed folks are too kind, but i'll take it! ;)…
Somebody pinch me, I must be dreaming! Still riding high after @GlastoFest. 100,000 people out there singing with little 'ol me! :)
Hey @grimmers! I’m busy workin’ 9 to 5… but I’ll see if I can make #GetDollyonGrimmy happen! ;)
Hey everyone! Take a look on my online store for a summertime sale on select items! :)
Wow... @GlastoFest, You were incredible!! In case you missed it, here's that 'ol Jolene again! ;) #DollyGlasto
It’s almost that time! We’re about to go LIVE at @GlastoFest, and you can watch my performance right here! :)
Who is going to meet me at the #PyramidStage for some #BlueSmoke and more at 4.20pm?! We promise y’all a Tennessee welcome! :) #DollyGlasto