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David Graham
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Fraud, bribery and corruption: Protecting reputation and value
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RT @DeloitteSA: Congrats @Everlytic and @AdaptITSA for being selected as Deloitte Technology Fast50 Africa winners!
RT @DeloitteSA: Protecting your reputation requires a paradigm shift from reactive to proactive to combat fraud
RT @DeloitteSA: We’re eager to learn how #digital is impacting your org. Take our survey today #socbizstudy
Deloitte announces Technology Fast 50 Africa Winners
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How do you future proof your organisation? Get fit for VUCA
RT @louisevanrhyn: Dear SA. Join me in wishing 66 Gauteng principals best success as they embark on a journey to excellence @PfP4SA
Are customers of investment firms ready to interact via smartphones and tablets the same as they do with banks?
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Deloitte Greenhouses are cutting-edge physical spaces located around the world designed to help clients tackle compl…
RT @adaoV1SA: Nigel - an ordinary guy with an extraordinary arm. crushed arm replaced by a bionic arm #SUsummit
As part of International Fraud Awareness Week, Deloitte is highlighting ways that biz and govt can prevent, detect & respond to fraud
The Strategist CFO: Four orientations for engaging in the strategy process
How I did on Twitter this week: 227 New Followers, 33 Mentions, 1.72M Mention Reach. How'd your week go? via
. @adaoV1SA It sounds like you and @wvanderpost are being blown away by technical innovation at #SUSummit
. @wvanderpost @adaoV1SA I am suffering from tech FOMO reading your tweets from #SUSummit
Deloitte has been named leader in Global Risk Management Consulting Services by Gartner
How holistic is your whistleblowing programme? Get your results instantly with our online health check #Fraudweek
RT @DeloitteSA: Deloitte named leader in Global Risk Management Consulting Services by Gartner based on capabilities
RT @wvanderpost: 3D printing 20 houses in under 24hrs at US$5,000 per unit. China. RDP solution? #SU
The young African consumer - Mobile ready
Introducing the Deloitte Greenhouse
RT @adaoV1SA: @DavidGrahamSA #SUsummit Robo and electric cars wipe out fossil fuel car’s 100 year advantage
Brands are wasting money on Facebook and Twitter says Forrester Research
@DavidGrahamSA #SUsummit the problem with Moore's law.Ability to power new tech does not advance as quick as new tech
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RT @DeloitteSA: We are in the last day of #RCAfrica14. McDonald's MD, Greg Solomon explains how leadership shapes the way you play the game
Consumer businesses turn to Africa as its economy looks set to grow by 50% in 6 years
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RT @cpcholding: We have blogs giving advice on avoiding fraud and we get fraud victims their money back, whether pension fraud or investment
International Fraud Awareness Week (16 - 22 November). What is your organisation doing to prevent, detect and respond to fraud? #Fraudweek
Social Business is a journey. My contribution to Social Business Journal Vol 1
Social Business is a journey. My contribution to Social Business Journal Vol 1 #sbeshow #socbiz
Breaking news! > Deloitte Digital buys Flow Interactive as part of its pan-African digital expansion strategy!
Using analytics and monitoring to address improper payment risk
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My starting time for the @momentum947 #CC2014 will be bed time for the pros
Well done and have a great race all @momentum947 entrants who are cycling for causes! #CC2014
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We're excited to announce that we've acquired @Flow_SA as part of our pan- African digital expansion strategy >
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Join the movement to find a cure prostate cancer by making a small donation to #Movember @MovemberRSA
"The 10 Essential Tips for B2B Marketing Success in a Digital Economy" good read
"The Demographics That Make LinkedIn's Audience So Valuable To Businesses" good read
What are the concerns and strategic focus of the JSE Top 100?