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DJ Quik
musicdjs 185,326 followers
My Mama says that when She talks, E.F.Hutton listens! Get a bar of that!
Special Thanks To @drdre for being what he is to ALL music. AND TO EVERYONE HE HAS WORKED WITH HIM. HipHopForever
Listen to @djquik talk Hitler and Bacon, while @EricBiddines talks box Chevys and painting with urine.
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Peep @djquik paying tribute to his longtime guitarist, @RobFonkstaBacon. "He's like Mozart on guitar":
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Rap great @djquik talks to @somanyshrimp about how @KattPackAllDay and @SoulTrain inspired his party-starting new LP
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Review: @djquik ages to perfection on "The Midnight Life":
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Attention All FUNKATEERS. Dr. Funkenstein a.k.a George Clinton is scheduled to be on Fox11 News before 10am. \m/
Ben Westoff. Thanks for the chess game interview, & article You wrote LA Weekly. Your book'll be successful if it's called LA UNCONFIDENTIAL
Nazis Receive Social Security Benefits From U.S. Through Government Loophole
Nazis Receive Social Security Benefits From U.S. the midnight hour / oh baby in the midnight hour
Doin it big at The West Coast Feast 3! Come hear this great music & get funky with us! @regulator @TooShort @rjmrla
Every time I listen to one @djquik record, I spend at least the next week digging through his entire catalog. Much love.
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@djquik #TheMidnightLife track "Broken Down" is a pure classic, speaking the truth always hurts feelings oh well!!
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Go cop @djquik new album , shits dope af!!! #WestsideWeUp
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Hold on...@djquik did a Spoon remix?? Crazy.
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This Juan Epstein podcast w/ @djquik will get u in the right wknd zone! @ciphasounds & @Rosenbergradio hip hop 4life…
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"Pet Semetary" sounding so right on a Friday, word to @djquik
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...still awake. Watching Black Jesus on Adult Swim. 🌛midnight life is doin whut it du. Nite nite Bish
Thank You GOD for letting Me thank You through Twitter,
And El DeBarge and James DeBarge are Co Owners of 2 Songs on The Midnight Life LP. (see that, Your Honor?) shout out to The group SWITCH
Where would #MidNightLife be without the dedicated team of Twitterazzis?