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Darren Fisher
iowa chelsea football-soccer 128,477 followers
#PrayForPaulGeorge ? He isn't dying. Save your prayers for those that need it... Gaza strip anyone?
So a guy on air states what I always say about Erin Andrews (she sucks and only has a job because of her looks) and gets fired? Ok then..
Who cares if Bosh is gay? It doesn't affect me.
Drogba coming home!! Thank God!
Hmm... Didnt realize you had to apply to become a pigeon.
Girlfriend said last night "You treat our relationship like some kind of game!" Which unfortunately cost her 200 points and a bonus prize.
Dating a chick with kids is like playing someone else's saved game.
Actually, Brazil doesnt suck. Germany is just that much better than everyone. #BrazilvsGermany
Im thinking about 50% of the women on my timeline will be pregnant within the next 12 months.
If the US gets past Belgium, they will beat Argentina...
All I can say is... GO USA!!!
Dont come crying to me if your bf cheated on you, when he has done it before... its your own damn fault.
You should not be allowed to use the motorized scooter in any store just because you are a giant fatass
And I dont mean anyone can be pushed to the point of murder... I mean anyone can be pushed, and if that person is unstable.... it happens.
School shootings will always happen as long as people think they're tough and bully others.. anyone can be pushed too far
If they weren't made by Dominos RT "@dominos Whats better than large 2-topping pizzas for only $5.99 each when you carry out? Nothing."
Ok... the next person I see leave the bathroom after taking a shit, and the sink is dry, is getting punched in the back of the head