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DJ Big Will
djmixes 49,696 followers
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Where's this nigga @BassNPurp we got work to do
S/o @_DJDeTroyt and @BangMusikTV for inspiring a young nigga
All White Day Party at Huxley word to the big bro @KingIven @ The Huxley DC
There is nothing competing with shrimp pizza. #GOAT lol
I know i'm supposed to be productive... but all i want to do is get cereal and watch DuckTales all day.
Internal game strong.
This shit crazy how the Lord show u things. Like it blows my mind how past occurrences happen again on smaller scales thru ur whole life
This nigga just discovered girls are willing to be a side chick... lmao. Young niggas
When I look at the clock and see 7:16 I know its my time.
And G Unit is back. It's a matter of time. These niggas throwin that HEAT.
ILoveMakonnen sound like a west country singer on that HOME Trinidad James Track lol
@DJBigWill Thumm In & see all moves going on tonight & CHAT others. Download on app store if you havent! : #HU18 RTRT
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Not Sleeping Tonight. When God presents an opportunity, you take it.
When a girl starts talking about her make up I can't tell if I'm more bored now or in a lecture of history
God has a plan in the works for me..
Download Thumm in googleplay/app stores stores now! Mansion Party goin up tonight! Download the App…
Huge Birthday S/O to a former resident, friend, fellow DJ, and a overall solid nigga @_DJDeTroyt
I hate fake ass niggas. Especially when you fake and taking ur anger out on any female u run into. Thats some bitch shit.
Never seen a grown ass man tap out at 6pm until today
Lol thats crazy. Hit Boy makin beats for his dad and that shit kinda rockin
I'm so proud of myself ya'll lol. I went out without anybody else and enjoyed myself
Cities On Fire Right Now!!!!
I've decided to become more ratchet in my every day dealings
Girls be swearin they the shit in the bed, and be wack af 95% of the time. #RealNiggaTweet
I'm feelin No More w/ Jeremih & Juicy J. DJ Spinz killed the beat love the transition on Transitions in this bitch!
One thing the world has taught me is that the people with the Best Character will go thru the Most Shit.
Couldn't wife or BM a known thot. Every argument I'd resent to "AND IM GETTING A FUCKIN DNA TEST"... even if it was the 10th one.
Been sayin ignorant shit all morning. Probably cause I woke up to a damn near SVU case cause she bodied that nigga 😂😭
Is it wrong if u get mad 2 see a girl u hit don't follow you? like u should at least have the decency. lol
Niggas be transforming in college. Met this young black man his freshmen year, and now he's a happily married white woman. lmao
That LRT i really didn't understand the exact connection... but I can relate.
You are my son like an episode of Maury
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But what is happiness? and whats a Libra? RT @XSTROLOGY Keep a #Libra happy and you will all have your sexual needs met.
Sounds like a Half Day 2 me lmao RT @Amazon_BADD Locked myself out the office 😑😑😑😑😑
Lol ok im done w/ wrestling. Ill talk about somethin else now
as a kid Macho Man was GOAT but he was basic. Rick flair atleast makes me feel poor/Ultimate warrior makes me want to find his drug dealer
This nigga Ultimate Warrior be givin Zodiac and astrological observations while he names how he gonna kill u. RIP 2 a OG
Ultimate Warrior OG shit talker.… This nigga talks about GALAXIES AND ANCESTOR SPIRITS while he threatenin ur life
I bet ya'll niggas aint know it was a greater shit talker than Rick Flair... Niggas aint hip on the (RIP 2 MY OG) ULTIMATE WARRIOR
Who do u know that can brag about shit they never even experienced for 14 minutes straight?… GOAT shit talker