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@GWAcademyChi g6 breaking ground & integrating @DIY into their studies for the year! (not all class captured here)
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A Note from an Extra Awesome Parent about our newest feature: Insights. Let us know your thoughts and suggestions
Extra Awesome Parents, check out this feature in your portfolio: Insights to track your child's character growth
"Lego iPhone Stand" made by Magique. Hack your old LEGO bricks and turn them into tools:…
Support DIY and get free patches automatically sent to your kids as soon as they earn them.
Congratulations to the winners of Google Science Fair, who turned their love of gardening into a world-changing idea!
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"Candy DNA Model" made by DuckytheMaker:…
The open source community is an ever growing, vibrant & important part of technology today. Here's how to take part:…
A Lesson in Digital Learning from Minecraft…
We love seeing memes that are specific to our community:…
Love the work that @DIY is doing - encouraging fearlessness and a space to #futureentrepreneurs
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Science Project: Crazy things happen when you mix cornstarch with water!…
Had a great time visiting the @DIY office today. They're up to great things! Plus I got snazzy badges. Woot!
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We're the only community where #densitytower is a growing meme:…
My mum got me a sewing machine that came a week early! Started making a pillow for the #stitcher patch on @DIY. #WeDIY
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Are you a part of a classroom or club that uses at DIY? We'd love to connect you with others, let us know #weDIY…
Have you checked out @DIY yet? Their app is pretty amazing. #education #school #diy #maker #kids
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"learning in the wild happens as a side effect of engaging in purposeful activities" @mizuko #ccourses
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For the Philosopher skill, we ask members to "Transcend Material Reality". That is, to go without TV for a week:…
We are up to 77,000+ Global #CardboardChallenge participants in 30 countries incl. Finland, Korea, Benin & Ethiopia!
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How can we teach students in a way that prepares them to be entrepreneurs? Thoughts from @sgblank here
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Do you use Scratch to help introduce programming concepts to your class? Here's a helpful resource:
These teenagers are creating novel ways to grow food faster, wake you up with pleasing smells, and end cyber-bullying…
Science Project: Build an anemometer using household parts and measure the speed of the wind…
Diet coke + mentos = an amazingly good show. Eepy Bird rocks it at Maker Faire New York
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First club meeting of our @DIY Club this fall. We're making drums!
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Member Spotlight: One of our newest members is an amazing illustrator. Check out their work
Just signed up at for my son. Loved the on-boarding process and personal touches. What a cool idea! @zachklein @DIY
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Classroom Project: With easy to find parts, start a class band by building instruments…
DIY is hiring a Web Engineer. Swing by our SF HQ at 3360 20th Street any time to meet us.
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Build an awesome cardboard vehicle for Caine's Arcade #cardboardchallenge:…
Weekend Project: Go out camping and discover the methods of backcountry cooking…
A 15-Year-Old Came Up with a Smart Invention for Keeping Alzheimer’s Patients Safe @sciam Science in Action winner.
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Perler Bead Cell Model made by Magique
A helpful resource if you're trying to incorporate Minecraft into your classrooms:…
Were your kids/students inspired to become LEGO Master Builders? Get started here:…
In just 1 month of membership, DuckytheMaker has done over 20 projects and earned 8 skills:…
DIY + LittleBits = dream team:
I think #PBL has to start w/ the belief that the project is the learning instead of Project comes at the end of the learning. #edprodchat
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Wanted: Long-Term Thinking about Technology and Education
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If you've ever used @DIY for your #geniushour, we'd love to hear about it. Let us now how you're using it and ways to improve #weDIY
"Children need to make own conclusions & our commnts shld merely help inform self-assessment." HT @cliffordshelley
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Meg March made an epic cardboard mask. How are you taking part in the #cardboardchallenge?
Science has never looked so tasty. "Edible phases of the moon" made by make it snappy…
The future of education is not formal.
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