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Matthew D Wheeler
Good life festival corn on a fire!
Word of the day: thighbrow
Attention all French, Spanish, Belgian and Italian drivers. The white lines on a motorway are not a virtual monorail.
What was family highlight of today's drive through Spain? Castles? Monasteries? Mountains? Vistas? No. The sign that said: SEX TOY CENTER!
Whale watching in the Bay of Biscay today. Saw precisely 0 whales. But met family from Wales. So one door closes another opens!
High quality Sound Effects, Ambience and other Background Music for you to use in your projects for free!
Omar Sharif had the right idea. Gambling more important than filming! Lawrence of Arabia star dies aged 83…
Families of UK aid workers murdered by Islamic State militants back #fightbackstartshere
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In fact, tho I tweet so myself, I strode out the sea very much like Daniel Craig in Casino Royale.
Just tested my new rubber soled aqua shoes on the beach. First time in about 30 years that I haven't hobbled out of the like a geriatric!
I'm the only person I know who hasn't complained about the heat today.
This is the face of a vanquisher of Ditchling Beacon. Thanks to Jelly Babies I made it to the top! #londontobrighton
Am doing London to Brighton bike ride tomorrow. Feel free to sponsor if you can!…
Am now dad to a 15 year old... 😧
Lying in bed listening to wind howling and gusting as rain lashes down. Good old June!
Surely this makes golf too easy? - Huge sinkhole appears at Missouri golf course
Day 3 with no broadband. Feel like I'm on a real island cut off from the virtual world. Quite nice actually!
Bye bye BBC. Last day today... Sad to leave but will probably be back.
Had my BBC leaving do tonight. I will miss. And be missed!
Now on train next to real life, grunting, snorting, knuckle cracking Del Griffith... So black cat = bad methinks.
On my way to BBC for leaving do... And a black cat crossed my path. Can't remember if that's meant to be good or bad.
My last BBC doc (as an employee) tonight. Back to the Beaches with Anthony Horowitz. 7.30 BBC1. It's archivetastic!
BBC News - VE Day: Reclaiming holiday beaches after World War Two
Every election we end up asking How come the polls were so wrong? When we should be asking, How come we never remember they're always wrong?
Bizarre how democracy works. The SNP, in victory, have shot themselves in the foot by inadvertently handing power to their biggest enemy!
Royal baby update: It's still a girl!
The story of the biggest TV April Fools gag of all time... (which just happens to have been written by my dad).
Just back from Hastings Pier AGM. Exciting times ahead!
I'm leaving the BBC on the 15th of May... Although, unlike everyone else, not being made redundant or sacked!
Not that the food poisoning was a joy. That was nasty. Always reheat well!!
Today have rediscovered the simple joy of listening to birds chirping in trees and doing nothing... While recovering from food poisoning.
Just watched Con Air for the first, and last, time.
Chubby cheeked in Spanish is... mofletudo.
You got your ears on? Sheriff Rosco P Coltrane has sadly passed. Dukes of Hazzard star James Best dies at 88…
Sad that none of the leaders were attacked by the Fembot doing the interviews tonight.
Ordering a beer brewing machine is fine. But spend the weekend clearing space for it and you wonder why you didn't just go to the pub.
Apparently I am! All is well I never... And no mistake.
Oh good God. Googly calendars has just informed me I should be at Count Arthur Strong at the DLWP DEFG...
Today I take delivery of beer-brewing device and the experiment begins... Will I have more success making beer than making TV programmes?
From London landmarks to Soviet sprawls. An interactive history of the department store by @BBC_Culture
Just bought my .porn and .adult domain names to stop all those sick creeps out there wanting to fake nude photos of me. #youcantbetoocareful
Is there any finer comestible than a homemade carrot cake?
Now for a Sunday roast! I just finished a 3.24 mi run with a pace of 7'59'' with Nike+ Running. #nikeplus
Show, don't tell.... (and if there's a nice coincidence or some irony there too, that's always a bonus)
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Why don't Americans put "of" after the word "couple"?
Have become a mamil. Just finished jog in fetching lycra leggings and florescent green smock. #epitomeofcool

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