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Matthew D Wheeler
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Leaf 's Too Short #WHPnearandfar
If you're struggling to think of what to get me for Christmas, this would do nicely thank you... DJI Inspire 1
But the FA is in the wrong for trying to "curry favour" to win 2018 world cup bid by sponsoring a dinner for the Caribbean FU for $55,000!!
FIFA you have more a billion pounds in your coffers and you're a not for profit organisation?
Just ordered an all grain beer brewing system. At 12.30 in the morning. On a school night. I blame the internet!
Well this is a very fine 1st of November...
Bugger. Drove all the way to Cuckmere valley to film beautiful river meanders in rare autumnal sunshine. Left recordable drive at home. ūüėē
The Poll That Proves How Wrong Everyone Is About Everything In Britain via @HuffPostUK
Tunbridge Wells big bang could have been worse... Shoot down warning from RAF Typhoons #SoundCloud…
Just been a loud bang in Tunbridge Wells. It didn't come from me.
My wife is confused about clock change. While most of us think "Spring forward, fall back." She thinks "Spring back, fall forward."
Is the protective head gear worn by medics treating Ebola called an Ebola Hat?
BBC News - Diane Foley: 'Our country could have engaged them more'…
Hastings Pier latest - tomorrow on Inside Out South East, 7.30 BBC1.…
Council removes incentive to visit Clacton...
Why America can't break out of the cycle of never-ending war:
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Filming on Hastings Pier today. The crane was knocking down bits of the old ballroom. And the new railings are in!
Just popped out to take some photos during golden hour. Had a pint first. Realised light had gone. Came home.
I heartily recommend flip flops for work... Unless you mow lawns or work on a building site. Or in a library.
Wearing flip flops for filming today so I can pretend I'm on holiday.
A sad farewell song from England to Scotland....…
On way to family christening tea party but without my kids as one is busy and other is ill. All of a sudden I'm a lonely uncle on a train...
I wonder if Apple Watch will need upgrading every two years... What's the time? Time to spend another £240 quid!
Just decided to follow @TimmyMallett only to discover I'm already following him. I'm zanier than I realised!
May. King. Do. With. Gray. Ted. Pill. Grims. Choice. Ma. Ture. Che. Dar. Not. Eye. Deal. But. Can't. Be. Arsed. To. Glide. To. CO. OP!
No. Par. Ma. Zan! No. Par. Ma. ZANNNNN!
Now. Coo. King. Lin. Gwee. Nee. With. Bread. Sa. Fused. With. Gar. Lick. GAR! LICK! TOO! MUCH! GAR! LICK!
Have. De. Ci. Ded. To. Tweet. Like. A. Da. Lek. From. Now. Un. Til. The. End. Of. This. Ep. I. SODE!
This Praying Mantis is an Ipswich fan, hoping for a win this afternoon. 500px:
I don't want to sound racist but why do all prospective UKIP candidates look the same?
I just bought: 'The Warlock of Firetop Mountain'. Will it be as good as it was when I was 14? Turn to page 375.
Photo ‚ÄúHermana y hermano‚ÄĚ by Matthew Wheeler (@MatthewDWheeler) #500px‚Ķ
A genuinely turquoise lake. No food colouring or photoshopping.
I conquered Spanish! (Pero sólo un poco!) #duolingo
BBC News - Mods return to 'spiritual home' of Brighton
After the big Madrid derby last night, the really big derby of the weekend is on today. Ipswich v Norwich. May the best team in blue win!
Just in case you missed it, Mods and Rockers Rebooted (with Phil Daniels) is now on iPlayer.…
Mods and Rockers Rebooted, with Phil Daniels, now on iPlayer:…
A little Mods and Rockers Rebooted taster ahead of tonight's programme (7.30 BBC1) -…
'Mods & Rockers Rebooted', @BBCOne tonight 7.30pm - teaser clip: 'Birth of the mod' #mods #1960s #culture #vintage
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What was behind the bank holiday clashes in Clacton, Brighton, Margate & Hastings 50 years ago? Mods & Rockers Rebooted, tonight 7.30, BBC1.