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RT @DrRichardBesser: One strain is affecting the West African countries. A different strain is affecting the Congo.
RT @DrRichardBesser: It can live for at least several days. That is why in health facilities they spray surfaces with bleach.
If you survive Ebola, are you immune, like chickenpox? @DrRichardBesser
How long can the Ebola virus live outside the host? @DrRichardBesser
RT @DrRichardBesser: Highly unlikely it will mutate to a form that spreads through air..but possible. Must knock this out in West Africa.
RT @DrRichardBesser: Hiding Ebola is not a crime. Until treatment in #ebola units improves families will continue to hide sick relatives
RT @DrRichardBesser: Do not travel to affected areas. #Ebola is spread by physical contact w/ body fluids of infected, ill patients.
Are the same Ebola treatments available across the world? What is available to US citizens? @DrRichardBesser
What is the single best way I can prevent contracting Ebola? @DrRichardBesser
Should I be worried about contracting Ebola during international travel? @DrRichardBesser
Ebola was discovered in 1976 near the Ebola River in what is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo. @CDCgov
The current Ebola virus already has mutated to survive. Speed & mutation method varies by virus: @DNews
In 1993, 400,000 Americans were infected with a killer parasite in tainted water. The source remains a mystery:
How much do we really know about the Ebola virus? Watch tonight at 8/7c:
True or False: Survivors of Ebola are always contagious. Quiz:
See the protective suit worn by health workers aiding victims of the ebola virus @washingtonpost
Q&A with @DrRichardBesser begins tonight at 10/9c during Ebola: Are We Next?
Get the facts on the Ebola outbreak. Watch Thursday at 8/7c:
'QWERTY' Keyboards May Have Changed How We Pick Baby Names, Study Shows @HuffPostScience
After exposure to Ebola, symptoms may appear in anywhere from 2-21 days, although 8-10 is most common. @CDCgov
RT @nytimesworld: 800 Million People Still Malnourished, U.N. Says
2014 Ebola outbreak is the largest Ebola outbreak in history and the first in West Africa. Get the facts: @CDCgov
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@disc_health Yes! All it takes is a few small tweaks. Here are a few ways to start: #Sex_Talk #Sextember
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How worried should travelers to Africa be about Ebola? @nprnews
Of those with PTSD, 70% of civilians and 90% of combat veterans suffer with sleep issues @ScienceNews
80/20 Rule: 80% of the time eat whole, clean foods. 20% allow yourself to enjoy wholesome treats. @Shape_Magazine
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Drugs used for anxiety, sleep are linked to Alzheimer's disease in older people @latimes
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MT @TheDoctors: A 9-month-old baby contracted salmonella foodborne illness from the family dog.