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Simon Rex/Dirt Nasty
@IammKonstantine: There's a lot of things I probably SHOULD be doing today, but here I am...” Our @49ers be sucking
A healthy life is a good life. #LA #GlutenFree #NoGMO
Rap duo?? Or Just hanging on the Golf Course with @DirtNasty. Nice shirt !! Just wrapped such a…
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Me and @AndyMilonakis playing video games in his apartment. Watch live #live on #yevvo…
@Kkkellly62: @DirtNasty Do you really love tacos?” Yes. I love tacos like a mother fucker.
@AndyMilonakis: Check out @DirtNasty when I first met him and he was in complete party mode.…” HAHAHAHAHAHAA
@JenniferTapiero: Just interviewed @DirtNasty !!! It will air on Fox Sports!! Good stuff !!” I love sports. And foxes.
That @49ers game felt worse than walking in on my ex girlfriend sucking 49 black dicks.
@Dreabotttt: @DirtNasty just watching Karate Dog. No big deal.” That movie went to Cannes ..... Garbage Cannes
. @hannibalburess and @nealbrennan and @moshekasher learned me what eskimo brothers are. Thanks @TheChampsYo podcast
@mrfamousface: @DirtNasty your nose is bigger than Bill Goldberg...” You look like Bill Cosbys dick. In 10 years.
@LordSteppington: @DirtNasty where can i find this interview” Nowhere. MTV wont let me have it man. Sucks.
@mrfamousface: @DirtNasty your nose is funnier than your tweets & bigger than your career...”You look like a scalped Whoopie Goldberg
@mrfamousface: @DirtNasty's nose is dropping a mixtape titled "Ya Smell Me"..” You look like Common trying to solve a math problem.
@mrfamousface: @DirtNasty your nose sticks out more than the bill of your hat...” you cant pay your bills.... Or afford a hat.
@mrfamousface: "@DirtNasty: " you can't keep a mustache because your nose keeps eating it..” You look like the Wayans sisters.
. @mrfamousface you look like Kenan and Kel had an orgy with Key and Peele.
@mrfamousface: @LisaBaoWeezy @DirtNasty who invited you to the party bitch?! LisabaoWeezy” Yeah let us clown each other alone, creep!
@mrfamousface: @DirtNasty I'm not fat, snuffalufocus beak-nose...”yeah but you're bald. That must suck, shine head. 👴
@mrfamousface: "@DirtNasty: DOWN WITH THE SEAHAWKS!!!! #NinerNation" you have a Seahawk nose..” You have a 49 inch waist. Fat ass.
Saints 0-2 , Seahawks 1-1, if my @49ers win today there's a 97.3% chance we can win the Super Bowl. I just crunched the numbers! #Niners
Why the fuck do I care about sports? It's just dudes running around with a ball that are total strangers. Seriously who gives a fuck? ...ME!
Soda pop top black diamond 14 k gold necklace - compliments of @huckleberryltd - check out their stuff, tell em I sent you.
Lets go @Chargers ! BEAT THE HAWKS! I have a feeling they're gonna upset the champs.
Meet Brother Earth - owner of @ShredJuice in Los Angeles - come detox the evil toxins - namaste !!
Its so hot in LA I just went to see Noah only to use the air conditioning.
@moshekasher: Fuck I miss Oakland.” She lives in Walnut Creek, bro.
The only fantasy football I have is the fantasy that my @49ers will get past Seattle and win the Super Bowl.
What did the dog say after the cat sucked his dick? "ROUGH"
Listening to @TheChampsYo podcast at 8am on a Sunday. And no, Im not up all night on coke. @moshekasher @nealbrennan
RT @okwerdz: NEW BLOG ON THE JUNGLE EVENT W/ @DirtNasty i need everyone that sees this to watch & RT - @ConceitedNYC
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LOM - Loyalty Over Money - thanks for the shirt @hollowdadonlom
@erinmanhattan: Just saw @DirtNasty at Juno's in Sac 😍” Did you just call me a Jew nose?
@jensomnia: Last night was fucking great! 😂” Thanks for the love love Sacramento
It's not too late for tickets! Come rock with us at @CyrellDaniel dirt nasty is the man! @DirtNasty
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Sacramento/NorCal - All Ages show tonight! I go on at 930pm sharp, dont be a party pooper come get crispy! Girls galore, fellas!
Makin the ladies smile to pay the bills.