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one more acapella for you guys. put this one in 6th gear…
u . got . more . love . to . give . baby
Shoutout Jacques united
back to korea next week.. excited for this!
Currently thriving
y r u awake?
**that feel when @diplo hands you a VIP pass but you realize you're a zombie**
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Just finished slaying this jack o lantern come fuck w me
I want a bad pudding I don't want no tapioca I don't want no tapioca
I love being an adult I can go to bed whenever I want so F off
Dear dj mag top 100 list
This is me when ur crew tries to act hard
rest in peace .. reggae legend John Holt .. this is the one song that got me deep into reggae…
When ur good at life but bad at graffiti
some sunday shit for you to chill too…
When girls that don't know how to express themselves get pulled on stage for @diplo and you don't
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Arizona random squad
Whoever made this has no chill
@diplo step 1) get diplo to notice you step 2) have diplo fertilize your egg step 3) die happy almost there #hopeful
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I still got Michelle Obama to go full ratchet at the White House. @DJmag
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I like girls w broken noses
🎂 game 💯
we could have stopped the out break from the jump but our week ass healthcare system - especially in texas
sad that the first US ebola patient could been saved if he wasn't sent home-an african man w no health insurance...…
Random white dude meme still going strong
I won a Grammy for worst beard #trophies
Sometimes I'm like this w side piece just so she won't act dumb
Diptat gang is gettin really big now
Bout to be so turnt up for then birthday party
Happy birthday to this lil dude
i wish i was a member of the soho house so i could jump off the roof and die
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They said vegas was dead in October #ratchetivity never dies
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