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Dina Pugliese
Just ran to grocery store. Shirt was inside out and backwards. #winning
Great tip, pumpkin seeds are high in zinc & protein. For dudes, can help increase testosterone. How many want that? Thanks @Smart_Kitchen
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Maybe 125 people now line the length of Brock overpass, many with Canadian flags.
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J.K. Rowling's new Harry Potter story will focus on one of Potter's biggest enemies:
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#RHONY scoop: how Bravo got Bethenny back, why Aviva really left...and will Jill return?!
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Lol yes! RT "@519DWK: @DinaPugliese Already taking your advice in Kitchener on the front deck. #HappyFriday”
And the weekend begins. Beautiful afternoon. Soak up this sun while we have it and enjoy!
Goof patrol lol RT "@OMGoshICU: @DinaPugliese BEST DANCE MOVES EVER!!!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘#youR2fumnymny”
Just in time for Halloween RT "@BuzzFeed: KFC burger sandwiched btwn 2 pieces fried chicken”
It's Friday! @BTtoronto brings u lovely singer @meredithshaw ! @FLAREfashion @cp_williamson Fashion week wrap + how 2 find quality friendsπŸ˜„
If you drink fortified soy, rice, or almond beverages, shake the container well before drinking to ensure the Vit D is well incorporated
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2003. LIVE launch of my very first night on tv with my very first tv family. Recognize a few faces?…
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Adorable town RT "EarthPix: Baby Dolphin”
Canada's coverage of #OttawaShootings was master class in calm, credible news reporting. Put US cable news to shame…
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Amazing RT "@eonline : ICYMI, the first official Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer is HERE:”
Some things are bigger than hockey. Tonight Pens fans sang along with the Canadian anthem:
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24k retweets @megunder: On Sunday, we asked a handsome guard for picture with my friend - RIP Nathan Cirillo"
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@KevinFrankish @DinaPugliese Thank you for wearing a poppy today. The symbology of what happened yesterday is significant. Securitas
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@DinaPugliese Dina, that was the best explanation I have heard yet of what is happening ! Thank you !!
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Good morning everyone. A wonderful mantra for all today RT "@BlairCrgn: @DinaPugliese”
How to talk to your kids about the Ottawa shooting
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@DinaPugliese yup! Love that u stood up For what u believe in. U spoke up for women everywhere Xo
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BT phone home RT "@KevinFrankish: What point is @DinaPugliese trying to make here ? @BTtoronto”
These are the people I work with. Not skeletons. Jokers. Lol
Too cute! RT "@HuffPostCaLiv: 17 adorable nonsensical things that exist to make you smile”
@CarolineRhea stops by @BTtoronto to chat with @DinaPugliese about #Aspirin approved for emergency use during heart attacks #client
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She makes my heart smile. I adore you beautiful @CarolineRhea
@DinaPugliese would u rather look like Sofia Loren or a generic Hollywood plastic bonbon? Kevin shouldn't have thrown u to twitter trolls.
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And happy Wednesday to U lol RT "@HuffPostCaLiv: Introducing Peter Pumpkin Keg ... #halloween”
RIP Oscar de la Renta: a look back at his most iconic red carpet gowns.
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Tomorrow on @BTtoronto the one 'n only @CarolineRhea brings us joy 'n healthy living tips + @PsychicMedmChar + @FrankFerragine goes green!
Was an honour to wear one of his creations, a true fashion icon has passed. #Oscar #couture #gowns
Come back ya'll RT "@BMLGCanada: It may only be Tuesday but BT has their "Sun Daze" on! @FLAGALine . @DinaPugliese”
Almost out ma! RT "@KevinFrankish : "Hey, Mom! We need more Tropicana!" @BTtoronto @DinaPugliese”