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Dina Pugliese
Happy chefs dance, quite the entrance!
Stunning knight's tables set for a feast
There she is... @citymisskitty...this is going to be a wild night!
Mornin! So excited, 2 very good friends getting married 2day! Have a Blessed Sunday! #GreatDayForAWhiteWedding @SandyCitytv @AdamStilesCITY
Yup, it's definitely a long weekend Saturday in the city....caught these 2 dancin the streets!
Enjoy, be safe, we'll have U ready 4 school Tues! RT "@BTtoronto: Happy long weekend from #BTtoronto family 2 U!"
There's a definite bite in the air.......hate to admit it but I need a wee jacket...even in the sun. #AutumnInAugust
Perfect Friday pick-me-up beats courtesy @illscarlett . C them next Fri Sept 5th at The Horseshoe #CDreleaseParty
He's rocking it! RT "@Amber680News: Check out my @AdamWylde co-hosting @BTtoronto this mornin! Doing an awesome job!"
I should say unofficial end to summer :) RT @DrJimSaclamacis: @DinaPugliese @CityNews @BTtoronto Saturday is NOT the 1st day of Fall, duh!"
Last Friday of Summer...bummer. Finish this sentence, we might even read your answer on @BTtoronto ....#Summer2014was -
Celebrate the last Friday before school tomorrow w/ @BTtoronto! @AdamWylde @KiSS925 co-hosts, actor @edwardjolmos and @illscarlett performs!
“@alanis_javi: @arisacox 20 years ago? Wow” ok it was 10 years ago! #whoops
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My screen exploded. Too much pretty RT "@KiSS925: Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Are Married! :"
Love that I can shop while getting "natural" roots dyed. Cute boutique @MedullaCo with skull salt n peppa shakers etc
Sounds like a bad episode of Snooki 'n Jwow RT @HuffPostCanada: 2 women charged after flight forced to return to T.O"
Too cute RT "@usweekly: More #Brangelina wedding details! Shiloh and Knox were the ring bearers:"
Get today's white dress here! RT "@YorkdaleStyle: Di's outfit for August 28th 2014! #YorkdaleStylesDina #OOTD"
Breaking news! They tied the knot this weekend in France! #Brangelina @EntCity
There she is, the beautiful @Di_Clemons serenading her family looking on @theMPCF and all of you @BTtoronto! :)
U rock! RT "@CharlieSierra24: I like @SunLifeCA and if @theMPCF says #SunLifeKicksDiabetes then I'm happy to help that along. @DinaPugliese"
Holy car batman! See the 1966 Batmobile at FanExpo today thru Sun!
Everyone's a buzz over the "teardrop." New light art installation over T.O's tallest condo complex on Yonge St.
Toughest part of the gig RT "@Jorg_YVR: Di how you do it... get up in the middle of the night and run a show like BT evry morn... lady ;-)"
Bonjour my fellow early birds (and super night owls)! Extra large coffee and oatmeal time :)
TGIT on @BTtoronto tomorrow! Michael Pinball Clemons @theMPCF co-hosts! + @KardinalO doing the world some good and the Batmobile rolls up!
Love that old school track but still no clue what he's saying? "Erpin their lives are so Erpin, they're lives are so and erpin!"
See you tonight for my last night anchoring @ABCWorldNews – great adventures ahead !
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Allergy sneezon is in full effect. Who's with me? Dry cough, headaches, sneezing? #OurNoseKnows
. @RCampanelliETC and me show you the #Shomi! ! Coming to a screen near U in November! #8.99perMonth #14,000tv/films
Trying. I look constipated. RT "@KyleSBaxter: @DinaPugliese So I see u are taking up on wrestling? Lol :)"
All my girls asking, get today's look here! RT "@YorkdaleStyle: Di's outfit August 27th! #YorkdaleStylesDina #OOTD"
Step off Jay Z, Dina P in the hizzy! RT "@C_Smitty1071: @DinaPugliese Saw you throwing down a rap this morning. #notbad #callJayZfortherix"
Adorable! RT "@CityMelanie: First time in Canada -- first time trying ketchup chips! @AubreyLily! More on @CityThe5"
It is! So retro cute right? @YorkdaleStyle RT "@TheStyleMogul: Holy mole is that a pant jumper D?!? I wanttttt so 60s 😍😍@DinaPuglieseese"
Don't encourage me! RT "@Marcia49375473: Dina, seriously? I had to wash off my make up and re- apply this morning. Your rap was on tap!"
Morning! Today's @BTtoronto brings "Modern Family's" @AubreyLily ! "The Calling" director Jason Stone + @DrKarynGordon on univ vs college :)
Happy bday Kurt! :) RT "@sperlico: I wonder what the chance is of getting @kurt_inthe_city a birthday shoutout from his idol Dina Pugliese?"