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Dylan Jordan
Throwback to my last show
New to Hailo? Use my code: LISAJ1521 to get €10 off.
¡Que emoción! Responderé sus preguntas o menciones con video a quienes mas usen #EstrenoEstoEsAmor 💓 sin spam 🙈😁🌟
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When bae doesn't want just a dick or fist in there but the whole head
It's weird how you can meet someone and almost instantly you know you would do anything for them
I just want to travel, ride on top of trains, jump off waterfalls, explore caves and jungles and just be free man, y'know?
Remember Kylie Jenner? Feel old yet?
For every retweet this gets, Pedigree will donate one bowl of dog food to dogs in need! 😊#tweetforbowlssT
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I haven't watched cbb this year I feel left out lol
All i want in life is to be successful and happy at the end of it
Good morning 😁
My "staying in and not socializing" game too strong
When gaga sings jazz it showcases her talent and vocal abilities better but I do love me some pop gaga, she knows how to entertain
*removes cute emojis from your name in my contacts cause I don’t like you anymore*
Single life gets old
When someone's telling a story and you're finding it a physical challenge to listen and engage with them lol
In our generation having a nice outfit means more then having a nice personality, hey at least we cute
There's fame in my walk ✨👸
The feeling after you brush your teeth is just fabulous
AZEALIA BANKS is everything
I want to twerk good not look constipated
Porn stars keep following me and gay porn pages it's very distracting, like bend me over backwards and penetrate me pls x
Nudity isn't an issue. The issue is the immature minds that can't handle the art of the body and twist it into a broken perverted state.
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All we are is magic ✨👸
@DylJordanxo because ur comfortable doing it! you do you Dylan your amazing!!!
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I feel more me when I'm in drag it's liberating
alyssa edwards when jade told her she had backrolls
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Why would you want to die young? To leave a good looking corpse behind, obviously
Or that disabled pug dog that literally can't run properly he like bounces all over the place in all different directions he's so fab
Dog's are so cute I love when they make that type of stupid looking face with their tongue hanging out it's the cutest
I always wake up in awful humor jesus when did I turn into such an angry bitch
does anyone know what's happening with all stars 2 who's in it?
this summer was absolute horse shit
One direction are splittling up sorry Nick Jonas it's not 2 direction it's officially directionless
feeling sick and hungover is a horrible mix
Look at how fierce I was at my show yesterday
If someone's important to you, you prove it by being there for them when shit hits the fan
@DylJordanxo where was that u absolute legend 😂😂
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