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Dylan Jordan
hipster ireland england gay youtube 26,666 followers
Girls and boys a new video will be up tonight! #DublinGirloGetsPervedOn RT!
@zouisftsex: Just bc ariana is "cute and innocent" doesn't mean she has the right to dress like a slut?” She can dress how she likes dope
Desperation is spread through the nation haha
Cause he was I'm our year we didn't even talk to him and he start begging me mate could he give him a blow job hahaha
while we were in school one day but I was out when I came in and he told me I just couldn't cope haha
This lad that's in the closet and in my old school cliked yes on me get away from me he asked my best mate thats bi could he give him a bj
see that 'meet me' on tagged I swear it's too funny I do be proper breaking me heart laughing at some of the ones that click yes on me haha
People who use the fake verified header picture need to deactivate their account.
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do u ever just realize how shit your voice sounds
my interactions are inactive which upsets me 😢
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@EbollUnexpected: You hoes can B.I.T.E me” shake it break it make it bounce honey, you know gurl x
Honey boo boos Ma went on speed dating before and she swallowed some mans head whole like oh
@kvnyezus: i think different” Noway same like sometimes I want pizza and sometimes I want noodles and I'm like fuck thinking different yeno
Twitters on craic
Your mas fannys like an open oven hahahaha
@DylJordanxo Your actually me fav omg! your videos are all I watch they're gas lol follow us back please x
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Dylan Jordan videos and statuses make me so happy😂
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I can't feel my legs I can't find my legs! They're my legs...
I watched frozen for my first time today and its actually really good I love it
12 year olds pretending to be pregnant because its April fools, well bitch u too young to joke about that hope you get pregnant now x
When a creep won't leave you alone this is all u gotta say x
I don't bow... but I do bend over 😉
@conorcasey1998: dylan jordan makes me ill” u make me vom
@DylJordanxo, it appears to be the case that you botched a tweet and could have posted “Nothing better [than] there ally” instead.
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