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I'd love a big fat long cuddle now
I'd love a boyfriend tbh
Fuckin love @DylJordanxo his vids are hilarious ✋😂
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Chocolate out of the fridge is the nicest tho
how am I supposed to feel sorry for people when they get what they deserve.
Them white skinny jeans just do not suit fat people sorry
@DylJordanxo oh god like no one understands how much I love this boy he is just amazing :)
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Look up Dylan Jordan Dublin on Facebook and look through his videos, they're fab.
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Is it just me or is this year going by really fast?
Sometimes I wanna be single sometimes I want a relationship, can't I just have both tho?
"Colorado switched mile marker "420" to "419.99" because too many people were stealing it."
If people are just going to keep calling me stuck up my only reply from now on is gonna be "im better then u"
Bed it is for me
Happy Good Friday, a big sloppy kebab and a bottle of vodka is well in order
me and lauren walked to the coast to watch the sunrise, it was great!
It was like a little adventure I loved it
then we went on a 2 hour walk from the coast up to howth, walking up train tracks and all, we found an abandoned house on the way up too
People who joke about cancer need to be shot
Im single...your like sex...i like sex..lets have sex
So you wanna play with magic? Boy you should know what you're falling for