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Dyl Jordan
them religious preachers really do rip the piss out of yeah so i done the same
watch me fail miserably at the cup song, dont forget to subscribe!
I shit myself over a spicebag NEW VIDEO
New video everybody, THROWBACK time
Them songs that take so long to kick in that you reach menopause
I just want to have a moment in the the rain like out of the films and make a gif out of it l o l
I'm always tired, tired of lyf
"F is for friends who do stuff without you"
When Beyonce comes on my inner stripper comes out
Guys follow my Instagram @DylJordanxo I follow back :)
Took this of alext.5 I think it looks so good omg love it! Check out his page he only made it
Literally spent my whole bus journey CRYING laughing at @DylJordanxo's Flawless dancing video.. You're some man 😂😂
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Screenshot from my new video "taking a trip down memory lane" go watch it on YouTube now…
new video, me dancing to beyonce in my underwear, im a bad bitch!
anytime i think something is going to go somewhere with someone it just doesn't and it fails and i'm left like a stupid bitch
Sunday's are lovely
@DylJordanxo nearly pissing myself watching your Dublin slang video😂funniest video😂👏
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When ur relationship reaches the next level x
this is my youtube channel I nearly have 2,000 subscribers I would really appreciate it if you would sub to me!…
happy friday everyone :)
excited for halloween
Biting the skin on your lip back too far is the sorest thing ever
"@GbOSMG: Iont take it personal" I lont x
Forgetting earphones on public transport is a truly horrific experience
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U make me cringe more then bebo
I swear I hate 70% of the people I know
Don't ever compare me to anyone
It's ok not to be okay
Films make me want a relationship so bad
I need a manly boyfriend who drives and makes my heart melts and drives fast and makes me nervous Awh its be so fun
Outfit Of The Day: JELLY SANDALS | Dylan Jordan:
"Never judge a girl by her Gucci boots" haha I love it
There's girls my age with 2 year old babies, I can hardly look after myself let alone a baby fair play to young mothers