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-Di.☯ DiHardPodcast
People have attempted to feed my starving ego. I keep it locked in the basement in a deep hole. "It puts the lotion in the basket!"
Ideas happen anywhere. Even during a keynote. @nerdist drops them in Evernote on stage (h/t @donnatalarico) #heweb14
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I liked a @YouTube video Mary J Blige I Can Do Bad All By Myself Unreleased Track
I liked a @YouTube video from @TheDoubleclicks Doctor Who Theme on cello - The Doubleclicks
Amazing Saxophone Solo | Georgia On My Mind | Marty Paoletta | Alto Sax: via @YouTube
I would stop at McDonalds this morning for an egg mc muffiin. & coffee #IfICouldTimeTravel @nerdist @midnight
@KyleStinn: Paused my Wreck-It Ralph Blu-ray at the right (wrong?) moment, got this magical @nerdist face. #money”😣
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I would have gotten a hug from David Tennant and Patrick Stewart (I saw them in Hamlet in 2008) #IfICouldTimeTravel @midnight @nerdist
I would have practiced my saxophone more #IfICouldTimeTravel @midnight (I'm making this hashtag tragically unfunny. )
I would have hugged Matt Smith a bit harder (met him before I feel in love with his Doctor) #IfICouldTimeTravel @midnight
I would stop myself from watching the Chris Hardwick's message to Emma Stone video #IfICouldTimeTravel…
Sometimes it scares me how many #feels I have for #Petrichor. The day I realized that it was a thing, I wrote "I'm fucked." I'm so fucked.
Accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what could be.
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2 days until they draw the winners for @midnight tickets. #NYCAtMidnightSuperFans
If you love Bryan Adams, @SlateGist is for YOU!
My first improv show in 2 weeks.
It's 3pm and why am I falling asleep?
Six Questions with Chris Hardwick… (He forgot the sour cream. or did he? ;-) #EYB
My time management strategy: Make sure the calendar is never white.
I'm liking Gracepoint (watching the first episode).
I have a TARDIS sized love for #Petrichor.
Look who's blooming?!?!
Greetings! @2nerds_1podcast describe my pod as "life affirming" so affirm YOUR life and subscribe to DiHard Pod TODAY!
When I die, I want my ghost to be in a Starbucks forever drinking coffee with @nerdist ghost. This place is the most peaceful on earth.
I was a guest on @democracynow early this morning talking about online harassment and sexism in gaming…
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I can't wait for the 1980's buying guide from @2nerds_1podcast I can actually afford a Teddy Ruxpin now! 👏🙌
Lewis says good morning. #ferret #pet
Hey sexy podcasters, check this out! The 3 Cuckoos Podcast… via @PodcastLand You can listen there too (and vote)
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"I'm a loner, Dottie. A rebel." And now a @nerdist podcast guest. The one & only @peeweeherman! -
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Speaking of @NBCBlacklist, @peeweeherman is on the @nerdist pod!! I can't wait to listen. (Gotta finish watching The Blacklist first!)
Forever is such a great show. Now I'm watching @NBCBlacklist . So much good TV. #purr
Nerdist by the numbers, Women on the pod: 16% 504 hosted eps, Women contestants on @midnight 35.36% 444 total contestants.
Dear @midnight… Your Welcome,-Di. I put the crazy in Crazy Cat Lady.
Help make it happen for Scary Little Fuckers - A Christmas Movie… #indiegogo via @Indiegogo
Anyone can post a hashtag #YesAllHashtags (I need caffeine stat!)
(This clears up many things) Gamergate: A Scandal Erupts in the Video-Game Community… via @NewYorker
I liked a @YouTube video Punch Brothers - Reptilia