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-Di.☯ DiHardPodcast
I’m melting. But I’ll see this week’s walking dead soon!! #brainz
I should be more careful. I’ll pretty much will get in any car with an uber sticker on it.
I should have told the homeless person asking for money that I’d feed him if he did my podcast.
What if my robot assisted surgery is the cause of judgement day? My insides might cause computers to become self aware!!
Photo: EY 🌯!! (at Chipotle Mexican Grill)
Photo: Home (at Meltdown Comics and Collectibles)
I’M GOING TO TALKING DEAD TONIGHT. I also just jogged 2 miles. The Doctor better appreciate my preparation! (Or Walkers or Cyborgs)
If anyone can get me into tonight’s @AMCTalkingDead, I’ll be eternally grateful!!!
I’ve officially contacted everyone I know to see if I can get a Talking Dead ticket. #sigh
Thank you @hardwick and @phirm for the reunion!! 💜❤️😎FUz
Joke- the thing about wishing for death is that it will eventually come true.
Thank you @MichelleBonfils for bringing the stuff back to @hardwick!!
Guys. I’m sitting in the same row as @wilw. I must remember to breathe.
I’m here way too early for @hardwick #funcomfortable 🎩😎oWS
Hi @1iota it would make this difficult week better if you could give me 1 @AMCTalkingDead. My Grandpa passed away-I need the distraction.
On my way to the theater. 🎩
I hope by the time I’m ready to leave the Uber prices go back to normal.
Dear @1iota please may I have @AMCTalkingDead tickets? This is my last chance to see Talking Dead live! Please???
SM - I was most thrilled with the “I Am Sherlocked” moment from Scandal in Belgravia. I was so proud of that! #sherlock
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I feel like a complete failure right now. At least I’m a complete something.
I’m still hoping for @AMCTalkingDead tickets. Please @1iota? I’m not sure when/if I’ll get another opportunity 😥 cc:@NerdistMomm
TMW You're hungry and think there's no food but then You remember there's half a leftover sandwich in the fridge.
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Our 24-hr #ExtraLife Twitch stream starts 9am PST! Help us raise $ for children's hospitals:…
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On Monday, you thought this week would never end. Well, it’s Friday, and you made it. I knew you’d be okay.
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The Matts are joined by @thomaslennon to discuss FOR YOUR EYES ONLY on James Bonding!
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I have somehow gotten to a point that when I get frustrated I just say "grumble" and make the related noise.
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The Mummy 3 IS as good as expected!!
Dear @1iota please reconsider tickets to @AMCTalkingDead ? It’s my only chance to see talking dead. Please?
WIN TICKETS to @nerdist's Chris @hardwick tmw at 1030 at @RegentTheaterLA! subj HARDWICK to enter!…
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We live in a statement world were I can have an egg mcmuffin and a fish fillet sandwich! This is a glorious day to be alive!!!!!
History tried to forget the Egyptian pharoah Hatshepsut. Here's why she should be remembered @KaraCooney @videracy
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If you let Google finish the lyrics to Frank Sinatra's My Way you create something beautiful.
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