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-Di.☯ DiHardPodcast
Photo: psych2go: One of our Psych2go FaceBook Group member started a ‘deduct away’ game inspired by a...
Photo: helloimcaptainjack: endlessmeg: finepieceofcas: multiple-stuff: deathlydraco: #just noticed the...
If I knew what I know now before I bought all those #funcomfortable tickets, would I have bought all those #funcomfortable tickets?
The @CW_TheFlash is amazing. Such a fun episode last week. #Arrow
I got the last sandalwood candle at the farmers market, son @midnight #LameJayZBrags
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I hope to keep myself from loosing my temper/patience and doing something I'll regret later.
I love my job. I truly hope you love yours.
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The world (and especially me) needs more @RonFunches Can we start cloning him? Maybe 3d printing?
I liked a @YouTube video Ron Funches' Guide to Black Cosplay
Michaela Watkins talks life, comedy, 'Benched,' and Tibet on the Nerdist Podcast! @michaelaWat
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Do you think the first caterpillar that turned into a completely freaked out?
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I think the lowest point in my life was when I was going to hang myself a few years back and had to go on Youtube to learn how to tie a knot
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I might be turning in all my devices for an iPhone 6+.
What the fuck people. Relationships are not like iphones. stop talking about people "upgrading" It makes me absolutely sick.
I can flow fast. I can flow slow. Most people don't know I can also flow at a medium pace. #LameJayZBrags @midnight
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Dear Life, - You’ve won. I’m beaten. I’ve lost. I’m done. I’m nothing. I can’t do this anymore. Please...
I'm a hot mess. Happy Holidays.
Yo mama's so good at the cello she's often confused with another celebrated cellist whose name escapes me at the moment.
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IT Specialist with Delusions of a Comedy Career (name if my second comedy special)
The new Aston Martin DB10 look nice but maybe a bit too much like a Corvette? (Or phallic symbol but it's a Bond car so yeah)
Photo: The nickelodeon short @deannarooney made #BEARWRESTLER is online! Voices include Steve Little from...
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Daym, not yetRT @BillMc7: Most of being an adult is appearing like you're not thinking about jumping off a bridge during social interaction.
When one Dora the Explorer closes, a Windowa the Explorer opens.
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Oh Joy, I'm loosing my voice.
Zomg it's Matt Smith wearing a River Song T-shirt...I can't even!… #IMiss11
How Slow IS Molasses? It needed to be asked, now I answer.…
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“Puns are the highest form of literature.” - Alfred Hitchcock #quotes
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What the hell was it that Meat Loaf wouldn't do for love? Find out in this week's playlist!
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@nerdist Does the Guy Fieri Fleshlight say "The sauce is money" or "I could put this on a flip-flop and it would taste good?"(It should...)
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I should go home...I have a Star Craft 2 game that isn't going to play itself.
I liked a @YouTube video CaptainSparklez & Chris Hardwick Play Dragon Age: Inquisition
Unapologetically adoring Chris Hardwick is almost mainstream now. But I'm still the best...amirite?
Please wish my friend @R0BTRAIN a happy birthday. Also, it was his idea to kill Beth. I was against it. He's a jerk.
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I'm so bad ass that I publicly correct my wife's spelling! Also, my couch is soft and comfortable to sleep on. #LameJayZBrags @midnight