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Every once in a while my happy facade cracks. I’ll soldier on because that’s what I do. #sisyphus Ok facade back on.
saw girl I have crush on with her new fiance at Ikea but you know what they say, when God closes a Stǿrås Innjørdën he opens a Főnstǝrviviǵ
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“To fall in love is to be reminded of a frustration that you didn’t know you had.”
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SANDMAN: Morpheus and Orpheus. Pencil. After Moreau.
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Today in scary news: 18 real things GOP politicians have actually said about abortion and Planned Parenhood. @PPact…
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If Donald Trump and Ann Coulter were drowning and you could only save one, what kind of snack would you make?
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If CH didn’t stop drinking, I wouldn’t have started podcasting or @ImprovPIG or stand up @MeltdownComics or @TheNerdTitan
Excuse me @midnight and @hardwick Will there be more shows after October 21? No tickets available yet. 😔
Just because something ends doesn’t make it a failure. #YMIW
Friends with of mine, how much will my heart break if I listen to the hostful episode? I miss Matt and Jonah but.
Happy Podoversery DiHard Pod! 4 Years ago I released the quintessential podcast episode! The rest is history! :)
My current obsession musically is The Stranger by Billy Joel and @HeresToFightin 😊
My Uber driver asked me if I want kids & now there's blood everywhereeeeee
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Bunnies, raccoons & other wildlife are released onto the field, one new animal per inning. #MakeBaseballExciting @midnight"
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Allow players to drink right before and during the game. What could go wrong? @midnight #MakeBaseballExciting
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I wonder what happened to the old tweets @hardwick had. They were funny. #waffles…
I will always be a Weirdo Nerdist 💜❤️😎🎷
My dream of @nerdist following me has come true. I love you so much @nerdist!! 💜❤️
“Dream in but don’t imagine they’ll all come true. ” Vienna by Billy Joel
Sadness==seeing a personal message but having it turn out to be spam. #sigh.
In 16 hours I’ll be able to go back to bed.
I would love to have Matt Smith…..on my podcast. As a guest!! (…and other things ;) #Hoper #Dreamer
I'm feeling extra invisible today.
I need a bit of magic and a major miracle.
You can now find all of our Seventh Doctor stories collated together - #doctorwho
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I’m on an old school Billy Joel kick.
Photo: Fall!! (at University of Rhode Island)
I love these guys!! You should check them out!…
Have I ever told you about the time I traveled with the Doctor?…
I hope your Monday is going better than mine. Some how my ability to play sax left me. Maybe it’s w/ my sense of humor and ability to spell.
Monday you’ve been VERY bad. No dessert for you!!
I’m dihard11 on snap chat. I have no clue. It’s boring without friends. 😪
In almost 200 episodes, I've talked way too much about Human Centipede but no dick jokes. I even had CH on my pod. This is tragic.
I’ve been listening to @HeresToFightin this morning. They are so much fun!! I hope @nerdist Che is them out. They are right up his alley. 😎🎷
Tomorrow on Periscope: Help Desk 24 (it's like 24 but set in the exciting world of tech support!!! plus fish.....and plants...and me)
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Photo: Can I help??? Yes you can you adorable puppy!! 💜❤️
Can I help??? Yes you can you adorable puppy!! 💜❤️

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