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-Di.☯ DiHardPodcast
Can I kick the person who applied BMI to individuals instead of populations.
Oh @FanFicShogun the latest Louie had a it about farts. Ha. We are trend setters!!!
Meanwhile Louis is napping. #Ferret
Video: Saturday Morning ferret time!! Lestat and Louis.
Saturday Morning ferret time!! Lestat and Louis.
Just had an awesome talk with @nerdist @NerdistDotCom for my podcast #75 will post in the next couple days.
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Bad Nerdy Puck up line: Your pants must have Time Lord technology to be able to hold a package like yours. 😜
"I just made you up to hurt myself--and it worked. " Only by Nine Inch Nails
Personally, I think @mishacollins @jarpad & @JensenAckles should come battle each other for supremacy on @midnight
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I just had a fantastic idea on what the Nerdist convention could be! Nerdist doing various stuff (music, improv, sketch, etc)
Not my circus, not my monkeys. -PRose quoting a Polish proverb.
I've been updating the Nerdist episode page since Sept 27, 2012. That's a resume builder right?
Comedy has saved my life. I'm not sure what the world thinks about that yet.
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE @totinos?? They are the BEST!
Ok, I can get Monday, June 8th off in case I need to head to LA for something. I hope that I do. BTW: totino's pizza rolls are awesome! #Yum
I just realized that the sounds in my head was not a podcast but my own thoughts. Yes I have headphones in my ear.
I miss Pappy 💔💔😥🐶
The nap helped but I could use about I have no idea how much. I don't remember what it's like to feel rested.
And there was much rejoicing! 👏🏼�…frIP
LIVE on #Periscope: I'm sad over the loss of my dog. 😥🐶�…Rtd5
Flowers @URI #photogrid @photogridorg
The auction is back! Still no work on the inclusion of @nerdist…
If I'm your boss, don't make me grumpy. Being consistently late or having attitude makes me grumpy. When I'm grumpy, people get fired!
Tiny Deer looses mother, click here to see the heart warming ending #ClickBaitAMovie @midnight
If I had a flag, it would be a shade of TARDIS blue with my logo in the middle. The logo would be white and gold. #DiHard #thecountry
If this doesn't make you smile, you might have no soul! cc: @nerdist @midnight
Video: magnacarterholygrail: note-a-bear: goodfriendspodcast: “Single Ladies” synced up with the Duck Tails...
Photoset: catsbeaversandducks: Oliver the Dog and Arashi the Cat: the cutest best friends ever! Photos by...
Hi. A bunch of our shit got stolen on tour last week. If you have a few bucks to spare, we'd love you 4evr
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Does this look infected? Bug bites you'll want to see a Doctor after. #ClickBaitAMovie @midnight
So you think air travel is safe? Here are 20 unsafe flights you'll want to read about. #ClickBaitAMovie @midnight
#ClickBaitAMovie @nerdist @midnight Are you the good, the bad or the ugly? Take this foolproof test for the hottest question there is!!
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@midnight @nerdist #ClickBaitAMovie These 2 teenage stoners are given a time travelling phone booth and they did what with it??
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Finally a Doctor Who Sherlock cross over! #ClickBaitAMovie @midnight
Chris Hardwick ... And Pandas!! #ClickBaitAMovie (I might be the only one that works for. But CH and pandas! Where do I click?) @midnight
Adorable animals doing adorable things!! #ClickBaitAMovie @midnight

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