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Diana Yanez
I've been drunk for 3 days straight, even my selfies are a blur
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If you look in the background of the Olympic Opening Ceremony you can see Sarah Palin watching it from her house.
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President Obama on the #GOP: "You don't get to extract a ransom for doing your job." #GOPShutdown
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RT if you agree. Speaker Boehner should pass a clean bill today & avoid a #GOPShutdown. #EnoughAlready
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Young bearded fashionista: u fainted bc ur wearing a winter beanie during the summer.
Tilda Swinton Holds Rainbow Flag In Moscow In Defense Of Russia's Gay Community (PHOTO) via @huffpostgay
CA STATE Top 10 highest jobs in current demand: Wedding Planner, Wedding Florist, Wedding Caterer, Wedding Photographer, etc....
Ding Dong DOMA is dead (& Proop 8 too!)
#loveislove #DOMA #Prop8 Wanna bet that states that don't hv gay marriage start getting jealous of all the $$$ gay weddings bring!
#hbo is the Apple of television. U guys rock and thank the entertainment gods & goddesses for you!
If u were the IRS wouldn’t u b suspicious of groups called-->'I Hate Taxes' or 'Tax Us & We Kill You' Or 'Rich White Men Who Hate Obama' ?
I have a boyfriend... he is a cat. Which means... I am a lesbian.
I just read Libby Phelps story in the LA Times. Wow. Look it's hard to ask questions but that's why God gave you a brain!
I have two kids. A girl and a boy named Mom and Dad.
Man at naked birthday party: Does this cock ring make me look fat? No, no, not down there - up here (indicating chest).
How do I tell my fantasy loving friend that her fairy inspired Warcraft video game is too juvenile for my violent-zombie-killing ass?
#MarriageEquality #samesexmarriage "U can't hijack the word Marriage!" - "Oh you mean like u hijacked the word Christian?"
Don't judge me when I try new jokes. They're new. I'm working on them. (I am speaking to myself, of course.)
Looking for someone to back on their way to Off-Broadway? Please consider my friend, Steve's project. @kickstarter
What happens behind the Vatican walls? I imagine ornately dressed West-side-story-style gang dance-fights.
#newpope Was a decision made or was it some padres on the rooftop w electric cigarettes?
#pope. If you thought Argentinians think they are God's gift to earth before just wait cuz now they've got proof!