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Diamond White
#BrentsFirstDate with this link of my NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO! Also give the video a like (:
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Chill little neon lights cover
My hidden talent is taking sky line pictures.
Me - u know when ur so obsessed w/someone you'd pay to let then punch u in the face Mom- that's the most ridiculous shit I've ever heard.
Bakers gonna bake bake bake bake bake baby I'm just gonna eat eat eat eat eat, eat it all, eat is all Shake it off, food remix.
YO PEEPS NEW COVER W/ @Jadagrace of lovin it by Ariana! It's pretty bomb if I do say so myself
Missing someone is probably the worst thing ever
Hair ladies hooked me up on set today 😜
When someone has the same music taste as me we bond on a spiritual level.
Cuddles , I want cuddles
Btw 5sos killed it again (as usual) (Oh look it's @Luke5SOS face)
• Post concert depression •
Me, the boys and @Diamondkwhite walked out to the crowd of the concert... 80,000 people screamed for us. Breathtaking.
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• off to see the babes 1D •
I see one direction today and my heart is already having palpitations
• 5sos with the boys •
5sos are amazing live oh my god
Seeing 5sos tonight, can't wait to scream their songs at the top of my lungs.
Guys I'm actually not ok I know I'm late seeing this cover but demi honestly just have me chills it's so good wow
I just heard fireproof and I think I'm having a heart attack Yea I'm pretty sure I'm having a heart attack
One of the best things in life is seeing snapchats of a hang out you weren't invited to. I HOPE YOU CAN SMELL MY SARCASM :))))))))
• Huntington Beach is a windy beach •
•too awkward to function •
Can we all just cry over I met Corbin bleu. I thanked him for his existence and I told him HSM is my life. TEARS
• the first thing I said to him when I introduced myself is "thank you for your existence, high school musical is my life" can we all just take a moment•
Im at party Help I'm awkward
Just a little bit of your heart - Ariana Grande
All day every day I feel like taking a nap
All I've been listening to is my everything Obsessed.
My anaconda don't want none unless you got food Hun.
I spilled my soda on a grandma at dinner tonight.... Then I spilled it again... This is why I shouldn't leave my house.
I love sleeping but I can never go to sleep This isn't logical help
Radio... Play new music please.