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Diablo Cody
When I don't wear makeup, I look exactly like Paul Dano in a wig from a sex shop.
I love when celebs talk about clean living and toxins and their faces are full of Sculpy.
Kelis was talking about shaking her boobs, right? Still unclear on this.
Getting my yearly mammogram from Mr. LaGuardia.
I know we are all of different faiths & creeds on here (yay for that) but I have to say this: Saint Jude answered my stupid prayers today and I'm a "cradle Catholic" who knows you ALWAYS recognize Saint Jude when he comes through in the clutch. THANK YOU I know I'm a bad lady, I'm trying.
Best day on set so far because the boys came. ❤️❤️❤️
👏 @elizabethbanks
Chill sitch at morning coffee
These people didn't have enough wine.
A really strong photo at the White Castle in Yonkers, where I am currently picking up 400 hamburgers for the crew. Should feed approximately 10-12 guys.
Masongram @masonnovick
Remember that Backstreet Boys video where they were hot Halloween monsters and you couldn't stop masturbating and it was college?
Thank God a woman is acting "bubbly" and happy again!…
Regram from @nbreezy5000
Faint rainbow over set; obligated as a person to Instagram a rainbow.
There is something wrong with my iPhone camera that makes me look kind of busted and maybe like an alcoholic.
#latergram Dan took this pic of R noodling on the keys at my SIL's house in Jersey yesterday. 🎹
Help, I still don't know if I'm Dharma or Greg
There is NOTHING that saddens more than a loud female with a quiet ponytail.
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Happy Halloween from bae 😐
Guess who's drunk
I really respect this airport for playing Martika in the terminal.
Adam and Dan ordered 2 small beers.
#regram from @dmaurio... I know it's lamesauce, but I feel compelled to pose with any establishment/menu/cocktail that contains the word "Diablo." I have to stop.
...And as a follow-up to my last post, I'm having such a great time watching this guy direct his ASS off like the legend he is... Here he is patiently listening to one of my drunken rants about Carl Wilson or something. A fucking saint. #RickiAndTheFlash
#tbt My first movie. And now I'm sitting here on my fifth(!) and this experience still resonates. JR was so warm, a new dad in his red Roots sweatshirt. A very caring place to be, and I feel like because I had a good "first," I knew what to look for in future collaborations and how I wanted to be tr
Shouldn't those signs just say "Laugh, Love"? If you can read it, you're presumably alive.
Girl, you're never "out of the woods" with an English rock star. His 4th wife when he's 80 will be out of the woods, MAYBE.
Mom and I left the sick people at home and got us some-ah MEATBALLS!
If you're having a stressful day, perhaps this will help: Carol Burnett is aging well and looks great.
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I got a little too excited about Dan's trip to the doctor for pain meds.
Ebola? Try applying organic coconut oil to the rectum.
Alcohol is like putting on life-canceling headphones.
We get it, you like your kid.
Consider @robertmarbury's Taxidermy Art:… It's funny & entertaining and strange and cool and u learn about taxidermy
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Our NY den of cool has turned into Sick City. 👎
I saw the table of bootleg scripts on the street in Soho and I had to look...
Yeah, but standing INSIDE the fire probably isn't the best idea either.
Jan Hooks and her characters were quoted a LOT around my house growing up. RIP to an amazing performer.
Shit got dark in Iowa. (The corn baby is still funny, though.) tbt #1997 #depression
Not too often that you get to take your mother-in-law to the set of the movie SHE inspired. Super cool day!
We are having a good time on "Ricki and the Flash," man. This Jonathan Demme kid can DIRECT!
Us Weekly's quiz writer really phoned it in this week.
I woke up to a series of late-night texts from @louisvirtel. Apparently I made a flippant remark about Paul Lynde years ago and he finally decided to confront me about it. Really hoping we can work this out.
Is there an actual Hamilton Beach and do they have smoothies
Take a moment to thank your anus for all the years it's been working.
I told my mom that the polar bear at the Central Park Zoo died, and she non-jokingly, very seriously said "Suicide?"