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Mark Zuckerberg pledges US$25 million to fight Ebola
GoPro footage of man’s last moments in fatal crash used in road safety video
Infographic: A Simple Guide To Tipping While You Travel
The Design Deck teaches you #graphicdesign terms and tidbits while you play card games! #cards
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Daredevil leaps off skyscraper, lands into nearby rooftop swimming pool
Colorful, well-composed photos of everyday objects taken at a 90-degree angle
Silhouettes of famous architects peeking from a window of their iconic buildings
Infographic: Useful Tips On Making Your Home A Happier Place To Live In
Infographic: The Complete Guide To Achieving Superior Health
Infographic: Interior Design Trends From All Around The World
- Too bad they didn't have these during college, clever idea!…
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Using non-toxic face paint, artist turns German Shepherd into a skeleton dog
Not only is this drone extremely stable to fly but you’ll also be flipping through the air before you know it
Stunning time-lapse combines different times of the day in each frame
Infographic: Why Face-To-Face Meetings Will Always Matter
Amazing portraits of ‘The Walking Dead’ characters made with pancake batter
Infographic: The History of the Bra
A veggie burger that looks and ‘bleeds’ like real meat burgers
How long can you last through ‘the longest ad in the world’?
An amazing website that celebrates 75 years of Marvel comics
Mark your favourite pages to create you own tiny city skyline!
Creative beer ads on trees & poles invite people to have a pint this Oktoberfest
Cute floor wipe cover lets you have a ‘penguin’ glide around your home
Would you try this chocolate-flavored instant noodles?
For men, quirky yoga mats and bags that look like burritos and logs
Man takes amazing drone selfie with a GoPro camera off a cliff
Designers, price your creative jobs with these five simple questions
Man concludes an epic road trip that spanned 26 years and 177 countries
In Netherlands, a life-sized ‘Noah’s Ark’ that can float on water
This chilling PSA sheds light on domestic violence & sexual abuse in 30 seconds
This comedy club only charges for each time you laugh
This simple yet brilliant Kit Kat ad is full of win
Cute anime-inspired headphones with external cat ear speakers that glow
An awesome time-lapse video around New York City with a handheld hashtag
‘CockBlok’, a spoof product that wards off unwanted male attention
Infographic: The Ultimate Wine Pairing Guide For Halloween Candies
Infographic: What do modern millennials really think of interracial marriages
A 60-second animated version of 'Back To The Future'
A surreal, otherworldly cube lodge nestled in the mountains
A brilliant low-tech sound amplifying desk that doesn't require electricity
Flirty pin-up girls digitally manipulated into Disney princesses
A hand-powered portable espresso machine that does not require external energy
Brilliantly designed pictogram series for Doha's new international airport
An 'invisible umbrella' that uses air jets to shield you from the rain
Learn graphic design while playing poker!
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Bicycles with large car-sized frames show drivers just how much space cars take
PepsiCo launches 'Caleb's Kola', a new & artisanal product variant
Viagra gets a brand lift, zooms in the 'V' and 'A'
Norway unveils new 'pixelated' currency notes
Dubbed as the 'Segways for your feet', are these skates truly the 'world’s first smart wearable transportation'?