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If you know someone who still looks forward to receiving snail mail , look no further than this fun 'Juicy Mail'
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This half a billion dollar yacht looks like a star rising from the sea
Designer makes ice popsicles shaped like viruses & cactus
LOL: Freakish animal hybrids that combine different species
Fascinating animations show how different animals breathe
Powerful ad shows there are tougher decisions to make in life
Cheeky animation features 31 alternative ways to say ‘F*ck Off’
Infographic: What To Do If You Get Ebola
Infographic: What To Wear To A Business Meeting
The 3D printing starter bundle
Popular internet memes recreated in slow-motion
Cool stop-motion of ‘London in a day’ made with 1,017 Instagram photos
Artist gives famous celebrities insane ‘tattoo’ makeovers
Infographic: Does Coffee Really Make You More Productive At Work?
Infographic: The Benefits Of Illustration As A Marketing Tool For Businesses
Mixtapes are back! This time for smartphones and tablets
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Enjoy your favorite tea with a little help from this lovable 'Dreaming Whale Tea Infuser'
Animated album covers ‘sing’ in this creative music video
Fun pop-up menu shows the types of cocktails served in a hotel’s bar
Infographic: What Does Your Mobile Brand Choice Say About You?
In Los Angeles, a mobile photography studio that takes express headshots
A satirical series that pokes fun at the advertising industry
Would you stay in this hotel suite inspired by Hogwarts’ iconic chambers?
Gorgeous Sony ad shows the delicate beauty of frozen bubbles in high definition
This ‘spooky’ mold transforms boiled eggs into a grinning skull
‘Dumb Ways To Die’ returns with official teaser for new game
Comic: How parents can make a difference in a creative child’s life
Funny video shows the difference of how the US and UK report Ebola
Gorgeous, dynamic illustrations of every letter in the alphabet
#Recap - Beautiful layered glass wave sculptures
#Recap - GIFs depicting online memories that live on after a heartbreak
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#Recap - Stylish furniture set created from old Apple computers
#Recap - JWT Brazil has a beer fridge that only unlocks when all of its employees have filled out their timesheets
#Recap - ‘If I Had Known My Mother Back Then’
#Recap - Earth as seen from space
#Recap - GIF ‘magnets’ from imaginary places
These city clips are a stylish way to mark the pages in your book
Beautifully illustrated animated gifs of flowers, food, animals & nature
A miniature garbage bin that stores small bits of trash from your desk
Infographic: The ‘Tech Cold War’ Between Facebook & Google
Fascinating time-lapse shows the uncanny similarities between Paris and New York
Watercolor paintings of animals with sexy human legs
A typeface inspired by pee on the wall
#Recap - How text messages change from dating to marriage
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