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#Recap - Livescribe-compatible Moleskine notebooks let you save your handwriting digitally
#Recap - 'Littering says a lot about you'
#Recap - The Portuguese man-of-wars up-close
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#Recap - Animator creates an amusing special effects video featuring his son as ‘Action Movie Kid’
#Recap - 'The Hypercube' is illuminated with LED lights that are programmed to showcase a choreographed light display
#Recap - 10 Photographers To Follow This Week
#Recap - A bacon-centric guide that teaches you the correct usage of punctuation marks
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#Recap - See these famous world monuments transition from day to night in a single image
For a tea-lover: Check out this 'Dreaming Whale' tea infuser
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#Recap - Get inspired by the different techniques used to create these wonderful calligraphic works
#Recap - Photographer documents the lives of gay men around the world
#Recap - Check out this artist’s clever street creations
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#Recap - A day in the life of a ballet dancer
#Recap - Fun bread stamps that let you make teddy bear toasts
#Recap - Kate Middleton's top fashion moments given a Simpsons makeover
#Recap - You can crush and crumple this lamp to create a unique cloud-like shape
#Recap - Hong Kong in the 1950s
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#Recap - For fans of 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'
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#Recap - Sea creatures flying in the sky like kites in these surreal images
#Recap - Check out these crazy sushi!
#Recap - This 'Prince Charmless' series targets men who have experienced domestic abuse and urges victims to speak up
#Recap - Acid attack survivors hope to change beauty perceptions by posing confidently for photoshoot
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#Recap - A series of minimalist pictograms that explores gender stereotypes in a playful, lighthearted manner
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#Recap - 'Paris Through Pentax'
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#Recap - 'Match Candle' can be lit like a match, but burns like a candle
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