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Anthony Gerace visits a county in decline
Penny Martin of the forward-thinking fashion magazine @thegentlewoman and @inezandvinoodh at the New School:…
Just another day — until you see it etched in stone. The astonishing power of typography: here, sad, solemn, eternal.
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Simple. Intuitive. Smaller. Powerful. It's Jony Ive: The Supercut. (Finally!)
An in-depth view of a critical period in American history takes on a new dimension:…
An interview with Huseein Chalayan on his appointment to the prestigious @dieangewandte in Vienna:…
John Foster on a new look at a one of the country's most important photography collections:…
Competition! Redesign the visitors' experience in four US national parks and apply by Oct 30: (organized by @van_alen
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Early and often: How to stop a client from art directing. This week's Dear Bonnie at @8point5b
Dear Bonnie: Annoyed in Amsterdam. By @8point5b
Let the Children Kodak, a review by Marvin Heiferman
A photographer comes to terms with his father in a new book:…
Michel Heurtault is the umbrella whisperer: his eponymous "parasolerie" is part showroom, part hospital. All amazing.
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International Center of Photography Plans Move to the Bowery
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Future/History Lecture: Designer as Curator with Ellen Lupton + Jiminie Ha via @aigaboston
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Twitter has its dark side, but it's also a source of delight. @AJWShaughnessy
An effort to highlight contributions by female architects and engineers to New York City's built environment:
The William Morris video game:… and more at the designer's site:
At the end of the Street of Good Children is a police station — just in case some children aren't actually that good.
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Remembering Howard Paine, National Geographic art director and stamp designer extraordinaire
If ever there was ever a moment for italics, it's at a train station: here, at the Gare du Nord — type imitates life.
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Cold shoulder from a client? Dear Bonnie responds:…
Adam Harrison Levy's consideration of Saul Leiter's early B&W work, now on view at Howard Greenberg, NYC.…
The Old Masters Out of Focus: John Foster on the paintings of the Miaz Brothers
Although probably organized alphabetically, "philosophy" next to "photography" seems an intentionally French conceit.
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The spartan ballot used by Scots earlier today:…
Breaking the silence with a too-quiet client. This week's Dear Bonnie: @8point5b
Stoked to see Joe Sacco's THE GREAT WAR, designed by Chin-Yee Lai, named a @DesignObserver 50 Books/50 Covers winner:
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Getting the silent treatment? This week Dear Bonnie counsels candor @8point5b
50 Books/50 Covers 2013 Winners Announced. Congrats!
FT redesign w/ bad typesetting. Lots lines too loose & overtracked. Tracking can be switched off, but they don't know how. #Financial_times
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Better living through geometry! Jony Ive and team are developing a design language, "particularly about roundedness".
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A question of identity: Adrian Shaughnessy on what the vote for Scottish independence means to him:…
Searching for a bit of beauty: Adam Harrison Levy on Saul Leiter
Hans Hillmann: an under-recognized master of cinematic graphic design
It's an odd time to be a Scot in England … Adrian Shaughnessy explains
After 40+ years BART gets ready to redesign its rolling stock:… and @nate_berg on the project:…
Robert Caro's Moses masterpiece turns forty:…
On the occasion of an exhibition in London, Rick Poynor looks at Hans Hillmann's film posters for Godard:…
Rick Poynor on a rediscovered master of cinematic graphic design:…
French handwriting hasn't changed since the days of Marie Antoinette. It's like lace filagree, a loopy visual patois.
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A question of identity: Adrian Shaughnessy on what the vote for Scottish independence means to him:…
Hey there Martin, Design Matters will return on @DesignObserver on Oct 13 with TOM GEISMAR! Talk soon! : ) @SyltenDeluxe
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It's an odd time to be a Scot in England … Adrian Shaughnessy explains
MIT Media Lab hosts a breast pump hackathon: More here:…