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This week, behind the plate with John Foster
The private sketchbooks of another 3 well-known illustrators |
Rachel Berger surveys a new home for a private collection at Stanford
This week on Dear Bonnie: is it okay to ask "Why?" when a pitch is rejected? @8point5b responds.
Hunter | Gatherer, Pt. II: Lifting the covers on the private sketchbooks of three well-known illustrators
Personal journals reflect visual experiments. A gallery: |
An award-winning firm located in Charlottesville, VA, VMDO Architects, needs an Environmental Graphic Designer:…
MIT hosts a hackathon to help improve a notoriously inflexible device
A propos the Renée Zellweger facial transformation controversy: whither the aesthetics, the ethics — the whole point?…
Exquisite Art Deco numbers, a cross between sculpture and ballet, remind us why typography is so powerfully redolent.
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In the first of two installments, Laura Tarrish peeks into the sketchbooks of some well-known illustrators
An abstract visual poem from Vanessa Place
At 85, he is still the most eloquent, the most intelligent, the most mindful of design practitioners: Milton Glaser.
Design Matters with @debbiemillman: Petter Ringbom on design and filmmaking.
Design Observer's own Science Editor, Joanna Radin weighs in on the controversy over Facebook and egg-freezing.
Justin Zhuang looks to history to assess Singapore's design future
TOMORROW: SVA MA Design Research, Writing and Criticism Open House @DCrit
A compelling new font from Johnson Banks aims to teach Japanese. Not actually clear why it references Rodchenko. Hmm.
Only in France can celebrity be attained via cooked herbs. In supporting roles: Butter! Eggs! Lemons! Type = theatre.
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We teach our students that thinking through making is imperative because discovery is everything. This is our future.
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Signs at the Paris Flea Market: here, a visual oxymoron, as the word "umbrellas" beams with illuminated golden light.
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This week on Dear Bonnie, @8point5b debates whether Dumbfounded in Dayton should be dismayed by a rejection.
This week John Foster reveals a cache of unlikely photos going up for auction
Dear Bonnie is Design Observer's truth-telling advice column from Bonnie Siegler. Submit your questions to:
Can't make it to the @SVAMFADesign info session tomorrow? Watch it live at 1pm:…
Monday October 20, the ReFramed film series at IFC in NYC holds a Massimo Vignelli tribute screening of Helvetica:…
#SpawnOfGerrymander: Jennifer Daniel reimagines Texas' Thirty-Fifth Congressional District. Lock and load.
#SpawnOfGerrymander concludes with three revisualizations of Penn-7 from Steve Brodner that sum up the project.
A new film from Jeff Scher commemorates composer Victor Ullman
#SpawnOfGerrymander: Oliver Munday revisualizes Florida 5th congressional district
Love criticism? Want to know more about @DCrit? SVA MA Design Research, Writing and Criticism Open House next week:
The Observatory--new monthly podcast with @michaelbierut + @jessicahelfand. Listen here:
Lightbulb-headed naked dolls as window art in a store for eyeglasses. Poetic positioning: a spectacle for spectacles.
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#SpawnOfGerrymander: Lisa Congdon reveals North Carolina's Fourth Congressional District is a leafy sea monster.
SATURDAY: Join @SVAMFADesign to learn what makes the program unique. Meet co-chairs Lita Talarico and Steven Heller!
#SpawnOfGerrymander: Leif Parsons reimagines Illinois' Fourth Congressional District
Verre bombé is curved glass: here, life imitates art through the curvature of a sign, a marriage of form and content.
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Tom Geismar on how the practice of design has changed since the '50s. Design Matters with @debbiemillman.
Design Matters with @debbiemillman kicks off the fall season with legendary designer Tom Geismar. Listen here:…
Just one more hour until the premiere of the new season of Design Matters with @debbiemillman! Stay tuned....
Tomorrow night @DCrit: Alexandra Jacobs on how a few “magazine queens” dictated what American women wore.
Rob Walker: Spawn of Gerrymaner: Joe Alterio reimagines the shape of Maryland's Third Congressional District
Rob Walker: Six top illustrators revisualize some of the most contorted congressional districts in the U.S.
All of these design journals of late, and the high water mark is still Octavo from the 80s. #8vo
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