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Derrick Deane
Yaaaayy!! (^_^) "@screenrant: Syfy Cancels 'The Wil Wheaton Project' -"
Ahhh... No hitter busted up on Peavy's 108th pitch. 7 1/3 no hit innings. Hell of a game @JakePeavy_44. #SFGiants
Peavy with a no hitter thru six innings. #SFGiants #NoJinx
Morse with an almost HR into the cove. 2 run RBI double. Most exciting thing - watching Pence chase down Panda. LOL #SFGiants
Meanwhile, down south, Rasmussen with 4 strikeouts through two innings. #Angels
Peavy with 6 strikeouts through the first nine batters. Now if we could get some runs... #SFGiants
Peavy gets Number 2,000 on the first batter of the second inning. Same age as me.... I feel like an underachiever. LOL #SFGiants
Giants tonight with the super bright outfield. Hoping to see Peavy get career strikeout 2,000.…
Peavy with 2 strikeouts in the first inning, now one away from 2,000 all-time. #SFGiants
Ah, great #Angels game. Churro Boy. Hot Dog Girl. "It's harder to get up than to go down." Oh and Angels win again. :-)
That was the strangest and quietest HR I've ever and out of Coco's glove over the wall. Scary to watch. But #Angels up 2-0
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Josh Hamilton.... FULLLLLLL EXTENSION!! #SCtop10 #Angels @SportsCenter
Having a FINAL DESTINATION flashback. O_o
Wow. @Tritonal absolutely KILLED that #ElectricZoo N.Y. set! So much aural pleasure. :-) #EDM
Just subscribed to @lootcrate to get awesome #geeky gear monthly! They had a Glow in the Dark Groot last month!
Viral Video: Little Boy Goes Off on His Mom for Getting Pregnant: #fridayfunny #WhatKindOfBabyIsThat
Ah Vapshot... finally Darwin has caught up. #ColbertReport P.S. Loved that @StephenAtHome cracked up midway into that report. LOL
#Angels the first team to 80 wins in #MLB
Light That Baby Up! Howie with sac fly plates Pujols in bottom 10th. #Angels win! Now lead Oakland by 2 games in AL West. #LTBU
So disappointed that Hello Kitty® isn't a cat. This must be how Snoop Dogg felt when he met Emily Blunt
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And all I can think of is all the seller fees I've paid them over those years. #ebay
#BREAKING: the Cove House in #SycamoreCanyon has collapsed into the ocean. More from Bobby Kaple on #KCAL9 at 10pm.
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Everything you know is a lie because Hello Kitty apparently isn't even a cat
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So... Hello Kitty is really a little girl with an excessive facial hair and misplaced ears?
I can't wait till next season when Derek Jeter holds a silent auction for all the crap, er, memorabilia he's getting on his farewell tour.
Disney has released 3 of the top 5 grossing movies domestically this year with Captain America 2, Maleficent and Guardians of the Galaxy.
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It just got easier to shop on Instagram: (via @KrystinaGustafs)
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American Airlines pulling fares from Orbitz and Orbitz-owned sites? Good riddance. #business #travel
Sony's THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 is Redbox's most rented title. SABOTAGE and DIVERGENT round out top three. #film
Ah, 'merica. Talking the best gun stocks to buy now on CNBC. #business
Burger King buying Tim Hortons for about $11 billion
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Ok. Now back to the Simpsons marathon. #EverySimpsonsEver
Here's the full, final list of Emmy Award winners from tonight. #Emmy2014 #TheEmmys
BREAKING BAD wins its second consecutive (and final) Emmy for Best Dramatic Series. #Emmys2014 #DontActSurprised
MODERN FAMILY wins its fifth consecutive Emmy for Best Comedy Series. #Emmys2014
Bryan Cranston wins his fourth career Best Actor, Drama Series Emmy for BREAKING BAD. #Emmys2014
TRUE DETECTIVE picks up Best Drama Directing. Anna Gunn picks up Supporting Actress for BREAKING BAD. #Emmys2014
Damn you @BillyCrystal. I'm in tears again. Thank you for sharing a few memories of Robin. RIP. #Emmys2014