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Dia Mirza
#Ungli… via @YouTube The trailer I've been waiting for! Wooohooooo!!! 👍👍👍
@NargisFakhri: Bang Bang Dare Hrithik Roshan to Nargis Fakhri @iHrithik here u go! My freestyle rap” Love You Girl!
"Just when I am beginning to feel hopeful some hooligan makes me change my mind." This thought sticks around.
I appreciate all those who pointed out the 'right' video. But I ask you, was it necessary to be so aggressive n rude with me?
I - Believe in India - Support the PM - Am Objective - Accept Diverse Opinion n Debate - Respect a Opp pt of View - Always Denounce Violence
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If we waste our time picking fights how will work get done? Our PM has listed goals. We contribute to these goals. By our actions.
If someone is wrong, tell them they are wrong. You don't need to raise your hand or use physical aggression to express your opinion.
Just when I am beginning to feel hopeful some hooligan makes me change my mind. #Modified #IStandWithRajdeep
Thank you so much @atulkasbekar Vandana @piyasawhney @NadineMillan This afternoon was a priceless start to the countdown for my big day :)
When I have too much to say... I say nothing. The silence filters the thoughts :)
Bhagat Singh remains the most sustaining symbol of the national freedom movement : - India Today… via @IndiaToday
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To anyone casting aspersions about @MirzaSania She's About to Win Two Medals... For INDIA #JustSaying
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Love the #bangbangdare's! Proves that there's more heart and solidarity in our industry than we are ever given credit for.
@RanveerOfficial: My #bangbangdare ! Just for you @iHrithik :))”👏👏👏 you truly are 1 of a kind!!!!
Leonardo DiCaprio Addresses UN Climate Summit: 'You Can Make History... Or Be Vilified By It' via @HuffPostGreen
The changing 'role' of women in Indian cinema... Thank you #IndianExpress for the wonderful interaction. @psinhajha
@RumiQuotes: Open to me, so that I may open. Provide me with your inspiration. So that I may see mine. #rumi” WORD! Please help us :) No amount is too small. #TogetherWeCan make a difference. #Kashmir @ketto @kapoorkkunal
Join @deespeak in raising funds to provide survival kits for the Jammu-Kashmir flood victims : #TeamDia
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It’s never to late… congratulations ISRO. A GREAT FEAT. #ProudIndian #MarsMission
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At the battle of egos everyone loses.
Another Sunday that just did not feel like one ⏳
@80Vivek08: Wonderful +inspiring session with the beautiful @deespeak at the #AIESEC #SBS2014 summit. #LovedIt” 🙏
Wonderful session with #AISEC Mumbai at the world trade centre today. Always a pleasure talking to and interacting with young, zealous minds
I love this girl @deepikapadukone !!!That open letter has been sitting in our heads for years. Thank you for spelling it out. #RESPECT
@deespeak Gives me pleasure to share with you our initiative for underprivileged school kids- !! Please have a look!
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Gotta hand it to #China Become so rich strong n powerful that they pretty much dictate terms to any nation in d world. n they ALL listen 😳👏
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Thank you for your time here on earth Mandolin U Srinivas. Generations will follow in the footsteps you laid. @salim_merchant @ZakirHtabla
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Today mother India cries, today a part of Indian music died and we are orphaned, RIP my dear brother Mandolin Srinivas
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Sound of a stringless mandolin in the air, and a solemn stand for a warrior fallen. The wilderness of the mind. The soul silenced this day.
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Your beautiful heart reflects in every shot you capture...Proud of you Rohan. @RohanShrestha fantastic website
Good on you @deepikapadukone you have started a healthy debate. Hope it leads to constructive change:) it'll do wonders for us as a society
Interesting how a reaction by a huge star has propelled reactions out of the otherwise silent media against misogyny in their world...
The money we have collected is now on its way to #Kashmir in the form of survival kits! DONATE
Entertainment 'news' has rarely ever treated women with much respect. I'm surprised by the surprise. For once some1 decided not to let it go
I'm requesting you all to please make a little time today and spread the word and donate:) It'll make your day!
Those smiles last evening in Ahmedabad made waking up early on a Sunday morning worth it :)
No amount is too big or small. Your donation can help rebuild lives. Thank you for caring :) @ketto
@suku06: somedays i am convinced twitter is the reason aliens haven't tried to contact us.” Ha ha ha
@mayurtek: Just Donated: Let's Stand United for J&K…” YAY! Big thank you!
We are doing well :) I am so grateful to each of you who is making the time to share and donate🙏
It took me less than 5mins to make my contribution!I know you want to make a difference:)Go ahead! Feel good! @ketto
There is a reason why you find yourself reading this right now... Thank you for reaching out :) @ketto
Crew! Please RT this link and do whatever you can… thanks Big Love.…
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