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Donna M. McGrory
Steeping my severed heels & bandaging up. Broken those shoes in twice already. Caveat Emptor! I'll shop smarter & avoid @Topshop in future.
Dear @Topshop have torn my feet open for a 3rd time wearing shoes bought from you. Popping them where they belong:
Brilliant - U2 have long-standing form, foisting their horrible noise on consumers! "@Teddington_Town: No U2, no"
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Check out the work of these awesome engineers, who created 3D-printed superhero prosthetics for kids… @lostateminor
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Votes open TODAY & finalists for @SchSocEnt #SEYA14 revealed. £10k prize at stake, vote for your winner now!
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Exciting times – we have made an offer to acquire London and Edinburgh-based @consolidatedpr . We hope the deal will complete in October.
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OMG @ameliesoleil I have the biggest secret, so big I can't tell a soul. But it will all be revealed soon. Watch this space.
Those were my words incidentally, not his. I can't find a link to his but in print it looks like this:
Profound & beautiful words by @plasmatron on #indyref in today's @newsundayherald. Yes or No this week is historic. Scotland, I love you!
Heading to get train to London after a lovely time back home. I have a packed lunch from @mamaitsy for the journey. I am 34 years old.
I declare @ameliesoleil is better than first class. TrueFact!
Arrived in Edinburgh. Waiting in a 20 strong queue for the toilet at Waverley station. Feel suitably welcomed back to reekie.
Hey @eastcoastuk, there's a man whistling in my carriage. I paid an extra £15 to travel first class. I demand you make it stop.
Realise I will be mocked/despised if I mention lack of vegan foodstuffs in @eastcoastuk's first class breakfast buffet. So keeping schtum.
Dearest Twitter I'm travelling home to Edinburgh. I'll probably need your company, feel free to point humour in my direction.
Have you told everybody you're voting no? Vote yes and tell no cunt, for the buzz of your life! #SecretYesser
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How many Lego bricks would it take to build a bridge between London and New York?…
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Look, I love cycling, but why can't I also watch the world's best climbers in competition at @IFSClimbing on freeview? Sulk. #ifscwch
The World's best climbers are in competition at @IFSClimbing Championships in Spain. Great livestream via: #ifscwch
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The inimitable @MatRicardo and something only he can do with a tablecloth:
Beware of this scam. Link promises free Apple iWatch but actually takes you to my tour dates. #coldcallingscam…
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#socialeconomy alliance launches election manifesto, urging politicians to get behind the growing #socialeconomy
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Now to await an inevitable 0-4 drubbing by Georgia at home.Nighty night.
That was unlucky Scotland, still, be lying to to say I expected that tight a scoreline. Scotland officially #BetterthanBrazil. #GERSCO
Aw well. What a mess that was. Fun while it lasted ah?! #GERvSCO #betterthanBrazil
A genuinely great goal. Smashing finish. Anya, more of the same. #GERvSCO #betterthanBrazil
Yaaaaaaaaaaasssssss!!! Good god did that just happen?! #GERvSCO #fb
Say what you might about the quality of Scottish football but we produce a mighty fine supporter. #tartanarmy in fine voice. #GERvSCO
And we are doing better than Brazil!!!
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If we concede fewer than 7 goals we are officially better than Brazil. Let's shoot for that. #GERvSCO
Gough's Cave at Cheddar Gorge. #cave #gorgewalk #nofilter #Somerset #England #Cheddar
Cox's cave at Cheddar. With live soundtrack.
I believe this is how cider is presented in a traditional Somerset manner.
Just discovered the unrivalled joy of hearing my surname said in a Somerset accent. Arrived in Axbridge, it is lovely!!
Somerset-bound managed to find a radio station playing 90s rave anthems. Pray it stays with us!
Dammit, Facebook came back before I could think of a funny tweet.
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Voting now open for @AskLloydsBank #commfund. Find a local cause at & give them a chance of an award of up to £3,000
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Vote now in @AskLloydsBank #CommFund. Find a local cause at & give them a chance of an award up to £3,000
Rainbow. Hill. Waterfall. Snapped at the weekend. #rainbow #highlands #scotland
Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photo Leak Isn't A "Scandal." It's A Sex Crime. via @Forbes
Londoners, if you're looking for a soundtrack to compliment the weather here it is: ♫ Jerusalem – Sleep #NowPlaying
Glencoe. Fresh air. Family. Stone throwing. Bliss. #scotland #glencoe #nofilter