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Donna M. McGrory
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"Art should be out there" - Melbourne art trams add colour to the city's streets
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Reading about fire on train at Epsom (source of my delay) now feel like a pathetic arse. Hope no-one is injured or hurt!
2nd favourite thing about Suburbia: ever-increasing train delays. Why give me a 15min delay when I could have 18mins. Bigger = better. Ta!
My favourite thing about living in Suburbia?! Train delays on freezing cold days. That's what I love most. Truly.
Just started listening to #serialpodcast, already hooked. Must avoid all spoilers.
Despite epic spoiler, loved finale of #SurvivorSeries & dutifully marked out for a wrestler I've never particularly liked. Well played @WWE.
Calibre of women's performance @WWE has improved hugely, but please quit the screaming, and who do I beg for a female ref?! #SurvivorSeries
Argh! Just read a terminal #SurvivorSeries spoiler. Ten hours after the broadcast ended. I hate you internet. You hear that? I. Hate. You!
Two male mascots for #Rio2016?! The gender neutrality of Wenlock & Mandeville already so long forgotten.…
Massive Monday morning news! The #Rio2016 mascots have been unveiled and you can name them! Any good ideas?…
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.@brendonburns & @Herring1967 your recent podcast made me well up then snort with laughter. ON MY MORNING COMMUTE. People are staring. Ta!
Four words: Hipster. Business. Name. Generator. have fun! #hipsters
In case you're wondering, when you gamble, "legal stuff applies". What a world we live in.
On page 120 of 504 of My Story, by Ingrid Bergman…
My name is Donna. I am 30-something years old and today I found out what an Amy Childs was / is.
Waiting more than 3mins for public transport has become an inexplicable chore. London, you have changed me & I don't like it.
The ever-impressive Mr. MacAskill. RT @FourSponsorship Video: Danny MacAskill takes on death-defying stunt...
Praise to the people of Wunsiedel on hosting Germany's most involuntary Walkathon: via @YouTube #AntiFascism
"Disco" means "I learn" in Latin. Disco this.
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"Nearly 80% of professors are men"> research shows university equality initiatives are making slow progress #highered
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I probably should have avoided that game entirely. At least Wayne Rooney never got a hat trick. Little victories. #SCOENG
Look, game tonight is at Celtic Park, home fans there are duty-bound to boo any positive mention of the Queen. So *ahem* blame Celtic. #boo
Q&A w/ @johnpilger & Des Freedman at @GoldsmithsUoL this eve was a fine way to avoid the 'jovial' bigotry of a Scotland Vs England friendly.
Well, travelling from London Bridge to New Cross via train at rush hour is like entering Dante's seventh circle of hell. Shan't do it again.
Interview w/ Lt Gen Daniel Bolger on failures of Iraq & Afghanistan wars, preceded by a chat w/ S Club 7. The wonders of @bbc5live!
Interesting work by YouGov as they profile the nation’s newspaper readers
Though I've come to terms with getting into the office a little late this morning the man next to me is in a blind panic. Uh oh.
I'll stop retweeting proof of my commuter misery now. Y'all get it, I'm stuck on a busy train. Tweets of sympathy are utterly acceptable.
#Trespass - Trains into and out of Waterloo are being severely delayed altered or cancelled. We are sorry for the disruption this morning.
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Ticket acceptance for South West Trains passengers affected by #ClaphamJunction can be found here:…
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Trains via Clapham Junction are a touch unpredictable this morn', if you have an alt route best use it. #swtrains #london #surrey
Making your research available on open access archives increases citation and helps ensure greater impact.
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Get in! Good god, #scotland may actually... no, I can't, mustn't tempt fate. #SCOIRL
Beautiful goal. Brilliant set piece. Over the moon... now let's have a wee peek at my favourite pic of our manager
Willing to bet few nil / nil draws between minnows have managed this kind of atmosphere. #SCOIRL
Well, I tapped out of Alex Salmond's farewell speech before any mention of #sexysocialdemocracy. Are you all sure?! Really, truly sure?
Did @AlexSalmond genuinely say "sexy social democracy" or is the internet playing a naughty trick on me? #SNPconf14
I can't believe Lulu has left Take That. :(
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Just saw a black velour Rolls Royce on Edgware Rd. Yes, a black VELOUR Rolls Royce. I also saw the driver stall it. Ha! #fb
Goddamnit, my initial 'look at me, look at me I made the fast train' tweet disappeared. Now the last two make no sense. Le sigh!
As fast train only takes 23mins I'm about to disembark. I'll be sure to check in with you, dear Twitterati, next time this miracle happens.
Fast train update, squished in so tightly am certain guy behind me is involuntarily reading this. If you are, sir, dare you to laugh!
90,000 children will be homeless this Christmas - this shouldn’t be happening in 2014. Donate to our emergency appeal
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Congrats to all involved with #SEYA14 on a tremendous event tonight. Winner @beckypants is a true inspiration. Congrats!