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Gifts of Debbie Ford
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"To get to warrior’s courage, we must give up the stories that have ruled our lives & shatter the self-image we created 2 affirm our story."
"If U R going 2 be an example for all those who are ready to step into their power, then U must B willing to show the world all of who U R."
"Let yourself feel your heart wide open, knowing now that you hold the magic."
"You have the power to be unrecognizable to yourself and inspiring to all those around you. "
"We are here for one reason and one reason only: to get closer to the divine force that governs the universe."
#Debbie's life-changing principles for #LGBTQ+ Community w/#Shadow_Process #Pride Edition Sept. 12-14, Arlington, VA
"The truth that is the key to unlocking the door to divine confidence can be felt only when you get out of your head and into your heart. "
"A courageous warrior knows that she is powerfully sourced by something gr8r than herself & that she can release the judgments of others."
"When U R filled with self-love, U have the courage to tackle your deepest fears & the confidence to do whatever it will take to succeed."
"When you experience peace of soul, you allow life to be as it is, knowing what you have control over and what you do not."
"Faith gives us strength and reassurance and leaves us bathed in the wisdom that we are never alone."
"The repetitive patterns we find ourselves trapped in always echo back to us feelings that accompanied the original wound."
"If we find an impulse in ourselves that we unknowingly hid, we have the right and the ability to bring it into the light of our awareness."
"You might have heard the adage “What you resist persists.” Understanding this statement is the key to embracing your fears. "
"The Voice of Uncertainty’s dubious power comes from convincing U to turn away from your highest truth and succumb to the pain of the past."
#Debbie's life-changing principles & #LGBTQ+ Community w/#Shadow_Process #Pride Edition, Sept. 12-14, Arlington, VA
"Only when we wake up & find the willingness to step outside the image we have created that a warrior’s courage floods into our lives."
Want to hear a good #love_story? Debbie's sister #Arielle_Ford w/tools to find, keep, and cultivate #soulmate love.…
"True confidence – divine confidence – comes from the deep knowing that we are spiritual beings."
"An inspired or divine vision acts as a force that lifts you out of the drama and predictability of daily life. "
"A strong, clear vision of who you are at your best holds the power to transcend your current reality."
"When we are committed to claiming the moment, we become a magnet for the unique and special."