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Gifts of Debbie Ford
"You are a courageous warrior of love, with unique gifts to offer the world."
"If we R to rewire our thinking, we must start from the beginning. We must find the divinity in every situation, circumstance & experience."
"There is nothing to fear, because every single thing that is happening is happening to deliver us a lesson."
"When we step into the tranquil state of forgiveness, we feel genuine love of our whole self."
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"Do this little experiment: treasure yourself as if you were a million pounds of gold, and then notice what happens in the outer world."
"Ultimately you are the only one who can change the direction of your life."
"The promise of a flower lives within every seed, & within each of us lies the ability to lead an extraordinary life."
"Being authentically who you were meant to be without any apology, a joy emerges that is rarely seen except in a young child’s face."
"Every day we make choices and are confronted with different possibilities that shape our future."
"Resistance to the truth about our lives denies us the ability to move forward with our lives; what we resist persists."
"Although you may believe you have a connection with the Divine, there may still be one area of your life where you are stuck."
"When we love all parts of ourselves, when we bless all of ourselves, we become the women that we always wanted to be."
"Everyone has different positive qualities that they have difficulty embracing and that they believe they don’t actually possess. "
"Whatever inspires you is an aspect of yourself. Any desire of the heart exists to support you in discovering and manifesting it."
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"Freedom is being able to choose whoever and whatever we want to be at any moment in our life."
A warrior's courage is a powerful force inside of U, an innate impulse tht compels U 2 take risks & face ur fears instead of playing it safe
"Freedom reigns when you don’t have to put on airs or hide your true thoughts, feelings, and beliefs."
"When we are rooted in divine confidence, I can allow my particular expression, contribution, & gifts to flow from a place of authenticity."
"Divine confidence seems painfully scarce when we don’t know our higher self."
"Compassion allows us to understand that, as citizens of the planet, we’re all in this together."
"The great news is that we were born with a burning desire to evolve and grow, to open up, to expand and be whole.:
"W/the courageous warrior’s beautiful, clear vision, she looks directly into the heart of life, loving it w/ an intensity that transforms."
"Anything that inspires you, excites you, and motivates you in your life is sparked by the Divine."
"When we feel loved and loving, we naturally make choices that are in the highest and best interest of all concerned."
"We must forgive ourselves for all of our personal agendas & our righteous positions that have led us to believe we R separate from others."
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"The more attention you give your sacred container, your body, the more divine power it will be able to hold."
"Today you must remember there is nobody else in the universe like you & reclaim your power as both a human & a divine being."
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"Live in the knowledge that you are a gift to the world."
"You must see your vision, believe your vision, feel your vision, and express it passionately out in the world."
"Love ur confidence 4 Bing a constant companion tht always wants 2 come out from behind the curtain, even in the face of life’s challenges."
The #Shadow of Birthdays & Celebrating Yourself! FREE GROUP #COACHING CALL WED SEPT 3 @ 5 PM PT @ #SHADOW TALK
"Thank ur confidence for seeing a version of yourself beyond ur own imagination & for inviting U into a holy dance of full self-expression."
"There is so much turmoil in our hearts and in our heads that it is easy to lose sight of what’s truly important to us."
"Much of our power is to be found in the choices we make and the actions we take."
"By exposing your fantasy, you will once and for all dispel the myth that happiness, joy, and contentment live anywhere but within you."
"2day is a perfect day 4 U to take back ur power from the outer world, turn inward, & embark on the journey of reconnecting w/ the spirit."
"We have the capacity to leave this world a better place than we found it. "
"When you choose to see the events of your life as learning experiences, you automatically transform painful moments into enlightened one. "
"So why can’t we see everyone and everything as god, as part of the Divine? It is because we don’t see ourselves this way."
"When we trust that our best interest & the evolution of our souls R the Divine’s highest priorities, we will feel the spark inside of us."
"Resistance to the truth doesn’t protect us. It actually binds us to the past & keeps us mired in the circumstances that we most dislike."
"In the places in our lives where we are holding on, we unconsciously put up an emotional shield to guard ourselves against fear or pain."
"When you are complete you commit to no longer looking through the eyes of your wounded self, through the eyes of your past."
"When U R not complete w/ the past, U drag it around w/ U wherever U go, using it as a reference point 4 who U are & for the choices U make"
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"This is the time to fully grasp what you don’t have control over (i.e. other people’s behavior) and reclaim the power you do hold."