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Gifts of Debbie Ford
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"You are the keeper of your highest aspirations and the seeker of the divine design of your own sacred life."
"A courageous warrior looks at each person as a divine being and each experience as a divine experience."
"It is in the peaceful, heartful state of surrender that you can have what you want."
"We have to make the choices & surround ourselves w/ people who make us feel strong & can see who we R beyond the limitations of our past."
"The divine impulse is with us all the time, trying to get our attention, wanting us to make our choices from the highest place."
"The Divine is always speaking to us, guiding us. If we listen closely, we will be able to hear the messages we’re receiving."
"The perfect people & the perfect experiences have shown up in your life. You have had the perfect family for you to learn, grow, & evolve."
"You have the power to bring a new, profound understanding and appreciation to your past and all the experiences you’ve had."
"When we love all parts of ourselves, when we bless all of ourselves, we become the women that we always wanted to be."
"I love this book. I love the way it was written. You inspire me." @wayne_dyer COURAGE @Debbie_Ford now in paperback
"Everyone has different positive qualities that they have difficulty embracing and that they believe they don’t actually possess. "
"It takes a warrior's courage to acknowledge that your point of view matters."
“We are all stronger than we can ever imagine being." @Debbie_Ford’s final book is in paperback. Discover #COURAGE:
"True courage comes not just from feeling confident and strong, but from being the honest, authentic expression in yourself."
"Live in the knowledge that you are a gift to the world."
“We are all stronger than we can ever imagine being. Every choice matters starting with today.” @Debbie_Ford #COURAGE
"The Code of Heartful Compassion invites you to know and embrace this larger reality by stepping out of your limited perspective."
"The Code of Divine Guidance asserts that there is a power, a creative spiritual force, that is beyond our human imagination."
"The greatest act of #courage is to be and own all of who you are." #Leader #Kelley_Kosow & #Debbie_Ford's legacy:…
"This is the promise of the Code of Divine Guidance: “ God can do for you what you cannot do for yourself.”
To be courageous, an example for all those who R ready 2 step into their power, then U must B willing to show the world all of who you are.
The transformational process Bgins when U look Bneath the surface of ur thoughts, beliefs & choices, exposing the underbelly of ur behavior.
"There is so much turmoil in our hearts and in our heads that it is easy to lose sight of what’s truly important to us."
“The light that will come forth from within you will help you heal yourself and all those who come into your presence. The world needs you.”