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Gifts of Debbie Ford
"We must find the divinity, in every situation, circumstance, and experience. "
Reclaim your power and discover the clarity and confidence to direct every area of your life.
"The warrior of love lights up the room everywhere she goes."
"When you are complete, you repeatedly discover a moment of pure perfection – the present moment."
"Every time you try to please another and forsake your own truth for theirs, you relinquish some of your power."
Claiming our power requires us 2 stand 4 the gr8est Xpression of ourselves while honoring the highest & most sacred aspects of our humanity.
"When we’re connected with the inherent generosity of the universe, our hearts are naturally more open & we feel safe to give & to receive."
Join Kelley Kosow 4 our Coaching Series, SHADOW TALK Wed Oct 15 5:00 PM PST to: Explore The Shadow of Success ~
"Bask in knowing that w/in U are seeds of greatness that grow into a future that will leave this planet a better place than when U arrived."
"The cost of listening to your fear can probably be most clearly seen in the patterns that plague you."
Discover the clarity and confidence to consciously direct every area of your life with Every Choice Matters.
"Holding on to resentments and grudges separates us from ourselves."
"When you connect with your spiritual self, you can see situations in a new light."
"It is time to stand for all of who you are instead of just parts of who you are."
"When you are doing courage, you tend to muscle through a situation or decision, which you have probably done before."
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What is your "#Angelina Effect?" Ford Institute Leader #Kelley_Kosow urges you to be the ripple & receive a gift!…
"Most of us think about courage as something we do, something we think, or a decision we make."
Even thou ur ego may not remember its divine function, its deepest desire is to be 1, reunited w/ the power & force that is gr8r thn itself.
Are ur choices made out of fear or faith? Reclaim ur power with our transformational program, Every Choice Matters. ~
In the presence of ur own loving attention, U create the inner conditions tht R necessary 2 step in2 the next greatest evolution of urself.
"Only in the presence of our entire, uncensored self can we fully understand and appreciate our totality and our uniqueness. "
Reclaim your power and discover the clarity and confidence to direct every area of your life.
"Every time we make a choice to nurture our life force, we choose life."
Join us for one of Debbie’s favorite transformational courses, Every Choice Matters.
"The powerful truth is that you are a child of the universe, a molecule of the divine spirit that orchestrates your greatest existence."
"If you are quiet and centered enough to hear the voice of your own soul, you will be delivered a life beyond your wildest dreams."
Debbie's sister @arielleford gives indy film "Hector and the Search for Happiness" 2 thumbs up & 5 stars! Trailer:
"Befriended fear is a worthy ally urging you to move forward in the areas of your life where you are unfulfilled or emotionally challenged."
Experience the gifts of your highest self. Join us for the transformational course, Every Choice Matters.
"Resisting, judging, and hating your fears only allows them to have a tighter grip."
"To follow the path of inspired vision, U must allow yourself to be intuitively pulled toward something other than what you know right now."
Join us TODAY w/ Ford Institute Leader Kelley Kosow for SHADOW TALK-THE SHADOW OF HONESTY! 5 PM PST ~
"Now is the time for you to use your courage and confidence to unleash your unbridled imagination."
Join Ford Institute Leader Kelley Kosow for our Free Group Coaching Series, SHADOW TALK, THURS, OCT 2nd 5 PM PST ~
"See the image stamped permanently into your consciousness, and breathe in the words, “I give my heart and soul to God.”"
The #Shadow of #HONESTY @ The Ford Institute's FREE GROUP #COACHING Series SHADOW TALK THUR OCT 2 @ 5 PDT
Happy Birthday Debbie! Your light and love live on through your legacy & the many hearts you have touched.
"The greatest act of courage is to bring love where there is none. "
"The gifts we will receive for dedicating our lives to another are priceless."
"Allow yourself to imagine how you will feel, how you will look, and how others will be inspired by you when your vision is fulfilled. "
"A hundred small choices in the wrong direction can add up to a lifetime where our dreams are always one step in front of us."
What's holding U back? Reclaim ur power & discover the clarity and confidence to direct every area of your life. ~
"Taking responsibility means acknowledging that we have participated in the choices & actions that brought about the most painful events. "
"When you are a warrior for your body, you search out every good thing there is to fill it with – every nutrient, vitamin, thought, belief."
Are U ready to reclaim your power? Join us now for the transformational course, Every Choice Matters. ~
Join The Ford Institute's FREE GROUP #COACHING Series SHADOW TALK w/The #Shadow of #HONESTY! THUR OCT 2 @ 5 PM PT @ #
"A courageous warrior knows that she can release the judgments of others. Self-approval becomes secondary to divine approval."
Haven't U waited long enough to invest in urself? "Every Choice Matters" will empower U to create lasting change. ~
"Holding grudges and blaming are acts of the ego, while surrender and forgiveness are acts of the Divine."