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It will be nice to be able to move another room when the kids want to play and not be in the way (plus better concentration)
Ok so next few weeks will get myself a good laptop that I can run WaW on and then wont be restricted as to where I work
Oh my I have no idea what to look for LMAO
Powers back so lets have a look at some second hand laptops
Stone age time. Power cut. We have lost all power.
Don't think the laptop needs to be anything special. Needs a big screen and able to run WaW for custom mapping
Realized I need to get a laptop for work. Need the ability to move rooms during day when kids are noisey.
New #7DaysToDie series starts today in 30 minutes. Gonna need a lot of help in this one as I am a major noob
Oh I was supposed to play a little #7DaysToDie today to see how to play but guess I am going into tonights recording 100% blind
I have a few ideas for more complex maps that I will be working on but I want to start pushing out some for the @YouAlwaysWin duo
Sat here trying to come up with something special for a quick @YouAlwaysWin EXCLUSIVE custom zombies map but my head says its out to lunch
Now I know how to set up a UGX map fine. Any GOOD tutorials to set a map without it around - preferably video based,
Why hello Sunday - what a fine day you have turned out to be
Going to mess around in 7 Days To Die tomorrow before I start recording anything
I have a Twinkie obsession :(
I know its past your bedtime @WorldGoonSquad but left you a little skype message
Decided no videos this weekend but am working on a new lineup schedule starting next week. Trying to bring something new.
Ok this Summer holidays has screwed my head up. I could have sworn it was Friday :(
After getting the help from @WorldGoonSquad only have to make a few changes to the map and its good.
Going to crawl back under my rock - if you need me just send us a tweet. Away from PC atm.
Oh hi - didnt see you there :)
Anyone know if @WorldGoonSquad is still awake or if he is tucked up in bed with #ManFlu
Going to shake @WorldGoonSquad out of his coma and hopefully get this custom map tested lol. Then I need to come up with 3 new series ideas
Getting a favourite from @YouTubeGaming can only make you smile lol
Kids needed new socks - there goes £100 LMFAO
Both our @BTCare and @TalkTalkCare lines get here the same way yet the BT one has problems since day one
We are with @BTCare but I wont recommend it to anyone. It disconnects 5 times a day and our @TalkTalkCare has never had a problem
Just ordered a new pair of glasses online. I normally go in and get them but turns out cheaper online. Hopefully they'll fit ok
Got hold of the 1997 mini-series version of The Shining and after watching the first 20 minutes realize I have never seen it
Whats the minimum you need before a payment is released with @Fullscreen ?
OMG Prison Break is returning next year for 10 epiodes #Hype
As promised YAW get first dibs but if any ZombieUTubers who follow me want access to my #Shining custom zombie map b4 I release it hit me up
I know what I want to do for my second custom zombies map - looking forward to making a start on it.
Hope no-one is after me on Skype - just updated and it wont sign me in now
So many celebs passing away. George Cole aka Minder passed away at age 90 :(
Right time for bed. Catch you all some time later today lol
Why is my ear itching so bad? It feels like I need to put my WHOLE finger in there to get that itch LMAO
Watching @Gotham for the first time and wow - why didnt I start watching this before
So it looks like the Easter Egg on #AdvancedWarfare has been cracked lol. @Treyarch where are you these seem to easy #CantWait
That moment when you go to favourite a tweet from @PrestigeIsKey and forget your still blocked and have no idea why LMAO
With this custom zombie map coming to a completion I need to start getting ideas for the next one :)
So how is the Easter Egg hunt going so far on #Descent ?
Awake but going back to bed for an hour or two in a bit - so tired but had to get up as @StaceyOnUTube has a midwife appointment
Right all done. Time for bed. See you all in a few hours
Good news is the map is almost done. I think tomorrow will be the last day working on it then it just needs testing.
Few more things to do then its off to bed.
Major thank you to @Gunoftruth for all the help today - even though the mystery isnt solved the sheer effort was 110%
Anyone know what this 5gb update for #AdvancedWarfare for us PS4 users is?

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