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Have a feeling I am stressing @WorldGoonSquad out a little lol. All is in good hands bud <3 Now time for a nap LMAO
Got a nice busy day tomorrow with a possible all nighter in order to get this animation completed. Loving the challenge.
"Bidding has now closed, property not yet offered" - for the love of god - we know we are in the top 5 - put us out of our misery.
After the last two week work I have a new respect for Lava #justSayin
OMG @OGXRAYZ how dare u upload a video that I found interesting and informative. How dare you teach me something new. #PutItInATweet LMAO
I apologize if I have not been around much. Just have a project thats taking priority right now.
Ring will you. Damn phone just RING!!!!
Just has some AWESOME news but still have to wait for confirmation.
Well a coffee at 11pm may not be a great idea but we are all out of tea
Finally getting to use my Marlin model I made months ago in a project. Feels good.
Going to see what all the fuss is with @MailLace and @GUNNS4HIRE loving #SonOfAnarchy - 5 seasons to watch on Netflix
Playing through #TheLastOfUs for the second time. Awesome game.
Time to leave the machine rendering overnight then carry on tomorrow - deadline is in 5 days. Looking good
It appears @KEEMSTARx is a little tipsy. My Twitter feed just gor interesting. Have a blast dude.
Would anyone be interested in a giveaway for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Legendary Edition on steam?
Congratulations to @RomaniaFun on winning the #BioshockInfinite giveaway. I will be DMing you very soon.
Just got my Iron Man 2 DVD in the post. Just need number 3 but I refuse to pay £10
Old @WorldGoonSquad has been a great help so far with the progress of this animation. Trying not to bother him too much.He needs his sleep.
RIP #RichardKiel - possibly the greatest bond villain aka Jaws
Ohh a nice new 4 bedroom house has just come up. Putting a bid on it tomorrow.
Good monring C4D. I have my coffee and am wide awake. Today we shall get a lot done.
I really hope @Vibox gets back to me soon - I REALLY need that second PC from them.
Ok so my PC needs time to work so will leave it running overnight and crack on again in the morning
Right thats the sets done. I think it needs a few finer details but i can now sit down and start working on the character movements.
Note to self : Dont do animations in small enclosed spaces - give them to @WorldGoonSquad LMAO
So I watched the first two Hobbit films last night back to back as I worked and I have to say they are amazing.
Could murder a cuppa tea right now :)
Taking a break and playing with the members of CreoCraft
Looks like i'll be sticking with my samsung for another year
So Rory can now climb stairs - damn that kid learns fast
I have blisters on my blisters which have formed on the blisters on my hands. Why do they make bunk beds so hard to put up lol
Question my son wants to ask for his homework. "What is Geography?" Answers appreciated. RT @GUNNS4HIRE @meatwagon22 @WorldGoonSquad
Time to build this set. So excited about this one.
After spening a few hours ready the comments I know what I am doing now.
I am thinking of a Survival server with a blend of RPG. Possible quests.
Now what do I do with this 50 slot server? Maybe Enhanced Survival?
Just realized I have a 50 slot minecraft server still active - might have to set something up on it
Morning all. Just have to walk the kids to school then I will be back to crack on with the new day.
Heading up to bed. Message @StaceyOnUTube and tell not to be too late up. She's addicted to her kindle books lol
Going to have to bite the bullet and get a new set of glasses - the scratches on mine are unreal
By work I mean reviewing a lot of videos in order to be able to start work YAY
Time to start work <3
A challenge has been set and I plan to put my heart and soul into it.
|Going to re-upload my brewing stand due to bad editing on my part.
Guess I better feed the Army - imagine cooking for 9 people daily #FamilyIsAwesome
Everyone needs to calm down and remember - tomorrow is Friday <3
Garden was about 6 inches under grass and I have just strimmed the whole thing. Needless to say my back is sore and my right arm is shaking
Downloading Minecraft on PS4