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Guess I better feed the Army - imagine cooking for 9 people daily #FamilyIsAwesome
Everyone needs to calm down and remember - tomorrow is Friday <3
Garden was about 6 inches under grass and I have just strimmed the whole thing. Needless to say my back is sore and my right arm is shaking
Downloading Minecraft on PS4
This is an ungodly hour. Yup the school runs are real.
I think I might start collecting the Minecraft Lego
Sniper wannabes in #Dropzone make me laugh - when I single handedly crush them playing #PTFO they try to tell me KD is better than WL
I love the music from @jinglepunks - awesome app from @Fullscreen
Lets put #PulpFiction on in the background
Kids are finally asleep so time to sit down and make some models
Ive a feeling that @WorldGoonSquad is gonna make me pay for my lazy day at sons birthday - I feel that secret whip he has might come out
So we have a power cut and when its back it take me 3 hours to realize Skype wasnt on LMAO
So I found out that either the sleeping tablets I took last night don't agree with me or I am coming down with something.
Big happy birthday to my son who now hit double digits at the age of 10. Can't wait to see how his cake turns out by @StaceyOnUTube
Thats 4 #KalmsNight tablets taken - apparently it takes 30 - 60 minutes so I think I will go read a book in bed and annoy @StaceyOnUTube
Not sleeping again - so playing CoD till I get tired
Time for bed me thinks
I dont know what it is about Zombie films. But I can watch ANY - no matter how low budget they were and still enjoy them.
...and I am back. Did you miss me?
Going to lay in a dark room for a while till my vision comes back lol
Just been followed by the god that is @tobor68
Today feels like one of those days you just wanna curl up in a corner and cry. Not liking it at all.
Nope all out. Note to self - order pills to knock me out. Lol.
Wonder if we still have those sleeping 4ablets in the cupboard.
Really annoyed with myself for not bring able to sleep. Heads filled with cap that I know not to be true but my mind likes to screw with me
Guess I'm not sleeping tonight. Time to read some #DoctprSleep by Stephen King and let @StaceyOnUTube enjoy the bed space she loves.
Did @lootcrate announce Septembers theme yet?
Is Killzone any good on PS4? Seen it for £15 and tempted
Wow is PS4 still under maintenence :(
Time to go soak these old bones.
OMG its almost midnight. Can't believe I have been working on this model so long.
I need a rebrand
Should have my first Monthly C4D Minecraft pack ready for the 1st September
So just downloaded #Unturned to see if its as fun as @GUNNS4HIRE and @meatwagon22 make it to be. Cant argue as its FREE yay
Been making this model for aday and a bit and with @GUNNS4HIRE input it looks awesome
Oh I am good - I know its big headed - but I just am
Hope BT can wait till after midnight for us to pay the phone bill - be a pain if they cut us of today lol
Going to be annoying the family by play #Muse pretty much all day
Ok tea is made and its time to sit down and get some models completed and made.
Today is... well... today is just today - no more to say.
I have to say the only reason I go for a @lootcrate is the @FunkoPOPvinyl - if theres a month now without one I skip and grab 3 figures