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minecraft animation 2,477 followers
Worse night sleep ever - stomach was so painful :(
Something is not agreeig with me tummy and is making it feel like someone sitch the toilet paper for sand paper #Ouchie
Never knew slugs liked cat biscuits
Three hour video condensed into 5 mins #Winning
So not only am I already followed by the original and never replaceable @MinnesotaBurns I am now followed by a wanna fake @MinnesotaBums
I feel dirty staring at this Ogres loin cloth
Have listened to the new Weird Al Album about 4 times so far today while working on this Ogre :)
There was so much detail in the head - the rest should be easy - thos squeezing this in one video might be a task :)
Might be taking a lot on with this model - just need to prepare before I start.
Going to try my best to get a new video up today.
Just completed #CoDGhosts for the second time - this time on PS4 - lets go trophy hunting.
Did I hear right that @WorldGoonSquad is away this weekend?
These back spasms I get cause so much danger to me and sometimes those around as they are unexpected and drop me to the ground in seconds.
So I just step out of Bath. Decide to shave. Mid shave I have a painful back spasm and end up slicing my lip with the blade. Not nice.
Watching #HoueOfCards after a STRONG recommendation from @WorldGoonSquad
I need some @KontrolFreek for my #PS4 - any suggestions out there what ones to go for? @Chaosxsilencer
Have to say I am really enjoying a little bit of #CoDGhosts on PS4
When @YouAlwaysWin hits #1millsubs I think @GUNNS4HIRE and @meatwagon22 should both wear Superman / Spiderman onesies
Going to make a short intro for @ClinicCraft to go with a couple of my videos <3
OMG why does @MrPointyHead look so familiar to me
Any requests for todays Minecraft C4D model build?
The difference between sharing work on @redstonewire and @PlanetMinecraft is on PlanetMineCraft people actually respond <3
So @The_SilviaKid send me a message on PS4 - I dont know what the f*ck to do LMAO
I may not buy Destiny for the Multiplayer but the Single Player looks and plays amazing