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Night awesome people. Spent 14 hours on tomorrow's #YouAlwaysWin animation and still have a busy day tomorrow ahead of me. Hope you like it.
I plan on building a custom Zombie map for @GUNNS4HIRE and @meatwagon22 but WILL NOT GIVE THEM ANY SPOILERS till its ready
Sorry @WorldGoonSquad I have to stop to eat - can you unchain my feet so I can leave the desk?
Might need to grab some painkillers. Feeling a bad headache coming on. Wont allow it to happen - not right now
How do I get a desktop wallpaper to stretch over two screens?
Right lets find a good 80's radio station
Could someone confirm that the D-Sub connection IS just a standard VGA connection on a monitor?
Blue Yeti or Blue Snowball? Opinions and is more expensive better?
So this weekend will see me making a bunch of models for an upcoming #YouAlwaysWin Original animation
OMG this animation render right now make @GUNNS4HIRE look like a stoner LMFAO
Right section of animation is now rendering which gives me a few hours to sort a few things out.
I am planning on pulling an all nighter tonight. So looks like @StaceyOnUTube may have to do the morning school run <3
Let us know your favourite #DumbAndDumber moment and we may animate it #YAWAnimated RT @GUNNS4HIRE @meatwagon22 @WorldGoonSquad
There is a single solitary fly in the ktchen and its annoying the heck out of me - GO AWAY!!!
Three nice looking free games for PS4 this month. Kids will love Driveclub and Spelunky
I dont like spiders
Right I feel better now. Fibre ordered and will be ready next Thursday. Lets make the best of a bad situation.
Just found out the actual house number & it wasnt what were were looking at. Rather the smaller 1 on the end. This may be a blessing.
Right - going to cheer myself up and order Fibre. At least we can enjoy good internet while being stuck here.
OMFG they have taken the house off the list for the second time and we are now not getting it. Why offer us the house in the first place.
And with that I will let my PC continue to work and prepare myself for a FULL day of animating tomorrow - good night you awesome people
And I realize the grammer in the last tweet was off but I have been working 14 hours today so its allowed.
So I am working on a scene with @meatwagon22 and am replaying it - @StaceyOnUTube says it reminds her of a kids toy going off over and over
Just had word from @Vibox that my second PC will be ready soon. Will be nice to have an extra machine to handle rendering.
Watching #Misfits for the unknown time again while working on this Saturdays @YouAlwaysWin animation. :)
So when can we order a #LiefWithNiels cup @GUNNS4HIRE ? I need something for my coffee when watching the blogs.
Going to be a good few late nights getting my latest animation ready for @YouAlwaysWin this weekend but enjoying every second.
Looks like we are going to have at least a fortnights overlapping rent to pay - need to find an extra £300 to cover it :(
Cooking up a vegetable lasagne for dinner tonight
The greatest torture device made is the phone - WHY WONT YOU RING!!!!!!!!!
OMG Holy Timeline Takeover from @OptimusMagnum LMAO
OMG just opened the washing machine door - it looked empty and just flooded the kitchen
Ok so went out to see the house and area - its PERFECT - @StaceyOnUTube and I are in love with it. Now we just need that definate YES
Do any of the Samsung phones offer wireless charging?
If all goes well we could be talking daily walks along the beach. Sounds too perfect.
Ok so until we know whats going on I have had to stop my @lootcrate subscription just in case we are not here when its ready
OMG after seeing what @WorldGoonSquad has come up with for this weeks animation on @YouAlwaysWin I am going to have to REALLY up my game
So after all the reveals so far - do I plan on buying Advanced Warfare on release.... No
So was talking to @WorldGoonSquad about KVM switches. Anyone had any experience with dual monitor ones?
What the members of the Call Of Duty call boosting the Destiny crowd label it "Farming" and declare it alright LMAO.
So because Destiny players cant get kills easy by grinding they are all crying. LMAO and they said it would be a CoD killer LMFAO
New PC from the awesome guys at @Vibox will be with me soon.
Well today went really well. She didnt think we have a problem getting the house but we have to wait a few days for a definitive answer.
Morning guys. Bricking it bright now waiting for this housing interviewer to turn up. Longest 30 minutes ever.
If this move is successful we get to upgrade to fibre so I plan on streaming most nights when the house is nice and quiet
Tomorrow may be 1 of the most important days for our family. We find out whether we get offered a larger house or not. So worried right now.
OMG I am so stressed out about tomorrow morning in regards to this interview for the a new house ARGHHHHH
Just got my last @lootcrate through the post - time to subscribe to @NerdBlock Horror
Did @lootcrate fix it so all the mystry funkos were Firefly?
now onto day 2 of trying to sort out schools for the kids when we move