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As you can tell - I dont like spider :(
Sat doing my "business" on the loo when the biggest f*cking spider runs out and up my leg - I SCREAMED LIKE A GIRL
LMAO the comments on the @YouAlwaysWin ROBLOX video are insane - never seen so many misguided people - shows how many ppl can't read LMAO
Is anyone else having problems with @NOWTV on PS4
I wish @CallofDuty #CoDGhosts would give camos and challenges for the secondaries
Watch out @meatwagon22 - you've upset @StaceyOnUTube with not knowing enought about #DoctorWho #JustLettingYouKnow
Due to the low render bitrate required for Vines I need to do a little more experimentation before I start this series
New Minecraft Vine coming up today - just showing off a model I made :)
The weekend is here already - wow that week just flew by
YouTube why you be trolling me
Anyone had any contact with @Vibox in the last 2 weeks?
It looks like my laptop is asking for an early retirement - the hdd seems to be on its way out. Been trying to reinstall fir last few hours
My Sony Vaoi decided to be a pain and is making me re-install evferything on it.
Working away till we have to start the party food :)
Happy 8th birthday to my daughter today. Hope she enjoys her "FROZEN" themed birthday
Time to play #CockneysVsZombies while I finish off this model <3
Wow is it really 3am - damn that time went by so fast and this model still isnt done lol
Considering getting some @SquidGrip for my PS4 pad but have never used them in the past - any feedback from any of my followers?
Just getting kids off to bed then I must help @StaceyOnUTube ice our daughters birthday cake for tomorrow - then its time for some C4D
Sounds like @WorldGoonSquad has plans for me to be working late tonight :)
I have stopped watching any videos that mention Advanced Warfare because I can only watch the reveal so many times
How are we all tonight?
Also working on my #UHC video - just want to make it special as its just a one off lol #DamnNitroAkaTheZombie
Its been 5 days since my last video - been to busy to get anything done - tho I have one for next week