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New Avengers trailer is AWESOME
Fibre may still be an option - BT hadnt even put us down to Infinity 1 yet.
Lets just hope we get the opportunity to move soon.
Sorry @Jamies_Universe but you had me in stitches with that last episode :)
Ok now my hands are burning from the Deep Heat cream LMAO
Love how they use RED as a colour for pain medication packaging - blue would be alot calmer
Worldedit in Single Player is awesome - why did no one tell me of this
Ok so this evening is going to be relaxed as I am building custom building for my upcoming modpack. #AlwaysLookingForHelp
Five games I want in the next couple of months are CoD AW, GTAV, Walking Dead S1&2, WWE 2015 and Dead Island 2
Enjoying some annoying back spasms at the moment - oh how I have missed these #NOT
Jessica Lange singing Life on Mars was great
Is there any plans for @ClickerHeroes coming to android?
#StaceyDroppedHerPhone - room went silent. Harvey farted. Phone is fine. Harvet farted again.
Blasting out @absoluteradio 80's while cooking a fry up
Nope its still half what we used to get #sadface
Its gone midnight so its technically tomorrow so I wonder if a speed test is too much lol
OMG I am so leet - I just worked out how to create a mod pack on Technic Launcher LMAO
The Samsung S5 is nice but a little annoying having to move a flap to put the charger in.
Putting together a mod pack is actually quite fun till two mods conflict and just say NO . Making a survival themed one with mods i like
Laughing at @StaceyOnUTube trying to setup her phone.
So sad to hear about Lynda Bellingham
Get your suggestions in for what #DumbAndDumber moment from @meatwagon22 and @GUNNS4HIRE you would like to see animated for 1st November
Had a call from @BTCare line is with the faults department & I think they said they would contact me in a week or few days time with update
Minecraft quicksand can just go away please lol
I feel the urge to try my hand at making some crumpets now. Maybe some halloween themed ones :)
So @StaceyOnUTube is almost camping at the letter box waiting for her new phone to arrive #ChristmasHasComeearly
So impressed with #TheWalkingDead tonight. Really did the comics storyline justice.
Anyone out there know why when I walk around a world in Minecraft my game feels like it freezes for a second?
Watching #TheWalkingDead before I head off to bed
Sorry that last tweet was because I was watching @meatwagon22 latest #7DaysToDie video where he talks about who he follows
I think @meatwagon22 needs to follow me so I can spam his timeline with how manic it is to be me <3
Going to add some more mods to my minecraft pack in case @BTCare fix our Infinity and allow me to finally stream
Hello out there
Ok spent the last 3 hours listening Pitbull while working :)
Going top busy for a few hours so if I dont respond straight away I apologize
Todays dinner will be mainly - whatever is at the bottom of the freezer as shopping is here tomorrow lol #BitsAndBobsDay
Does anyone else find they end up using Sundays just to blitz clean the house?
Everyone cane relax - I am here now - its sunday so its officially Chillday
I'm watching #RudeTube with @StaceyOnUTube - what r u doing?
Someone invited me into there borderlands game and I was instant dying lol
Going to upgrade my keyboard and mouse in order to play more PC games #BorderlandsPreSequel has opened my eyes
Playing some Borderlands Pre Sequel
I really need to work on this secret animated video with special @VegasJamie vocals soon - its been sitting around for months #BusyBusy
Working on next #YouAlwausWin animation so let me know your favourite #DumbAndDumber moments
Getting used to my new S5. So much faster than my old Galaxy S
I pulled an all nighter as I didnt want to let @GUNNS4HIRE and @WorldGoonSquad down but there WILL BE AN ANIMATION on #YouAlwaysWin today <3