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Wow RIP Cilla Black - that was unexpected
Doesn't look like the world wants me to sleep so here I am LMAO
Night all. I think 5am is a little late to say night but meh lol.
So the media player in Windows 10 wont play back my FRAPS or DXTORY recordings :(
Might have some update screenshots later of the map.
So adding a custom texture can cause World At War to crash while compiling #Annoying
This is the fun part. Adding all the little details into the map.
I'm not going to put out the building process until ole @GUNNS4HIRE and @meatwagon22 have had a go - not giving anything away #hehe
So I have recorded the building process of the map and all I need to do now is fix lighting and add detail - I wont record much of that
Anyone else get an e-mail from @YouTubeGaming regarding early access?
Going to be ordering a pair of glasses online. I had my eye test and have been told its cheaper online to get a new pair.
Ohh is that the time. Damn I need to get to bed lol
Ok all zoning is done now on the map. Now to place down all the weapons.
Just as a general question but how long would you feel was right for a speed build video - bare in mind it will be a series of videos
Almost sorted all the zones in the map. Big thanks to @ZCTxCHAOSx for his help.
Right just have to spam @WorldGoonSquad skype then I am off to bed :D
OMG my mind is melting LMAO
Possibility this map might be finished this weekend. Dont hold me to it but things seem to be going well
Just got to make them feel lived in then its time to start with the zoning again and hopefully I wont mess that up.
Ok so have the rooms all set up. The maps not as big as I thought it might be but I have put so much blood and sweat into it I dont care :)
I know its supposed to be summer but I am all ready to put the heating on :(
Dammit I cant redeem the Ronin mask for XP ARGHHH
Just seen the loading screen artwork for my custom zombie map as created by @lightsp33dhero and its freaking amazing
Question for @Chaosxsilencer - its the FREE Legendary headpiece for XBOX only?
Humongous thankyou to @ZCTxCHAOSx for his help getting the map working
Thank you #AdvancedWarfare - not played in a while - log in today to find I have to REDOWNLOAD all the DLC for no reason :(
Good morning you awesome people of the interwebs (stole that off @KenBurtonUK lol)
Now @deadislandgame Riptide has finished time to start Escape Dead Island. Waiting for thumb from @lightsp33dhero so will make a temp one
Just released Episode 2 of DaZZCraft and just rendered out Episode 3 :)
So looking forward to some solo gaming from @GUNNS4HIRE - let the rage commence
Going to chill in my Minecraft world for a bit and get a few things sorted for next recording.
Did anyone notice in the latest #AdvancedWarfare trailer the stinger thingy locked on faster than it does in game?
Oh dear @BTCare are we going through this again. Internet drops at least 7 times a day yet our @TalkTalkCare line has never disconnected
Suns shining so I think we might as well have some hotdogs and jacket potatoes done on the BBQ
Right time to step away and get some food cooking. Kids are getting a little loud which normally means they are hungry LMAO
Ok twitter - you seem to be playing ball now - I no longer hate you
Working on getting the zones in this map working. Little trickier than I thought but its not too bad.
Ok I give up Twitter - gonna upload this image to @ChallengeOTDead LOL - Twitter is sucky today
Anyone having problems adding images to tweets atm?
Right time for bed. Those still awake have a good night and I will see you tomorrow
Just spent the last 2 hours playing Escape @deadislandgame - only meant to record 1 episode but ended up doing 5 LMAO
Heading up to bed real soon
That moment when you forget DXTORY is running and you find out you have been recording Tweetdeck for the last 8 hours LMAO
Whoops forgot to release a video today - 1 minute lol
Ok not gonna lie - I like the look of the last DLC for #AdvancedWarfare
Recorded the second episode of DaZZCraft last night - still unsure how many episodes I want to put out a week.
So I ended the first DaZZCraft stuck out in the middle of nowhere. Gonna jump ingame ans save a few hours afind a place to call home.

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