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minecraft animation 2,431 followers
I am assuming with the lack of tweets from @GUNNS4HIRE in 14hours his old muscles are still aching from all that running away yesterday <3
As soon as I am done with @BTCare I will try and get some work done and get a speedbuild ready for you.
Average wait time with @BTCare is 14mins - ive been waiting 45mins - am I a winner?
48hours is up @BTCare - I will be contacting customer support now - my internet issues have not been fixed as promised
Muggy as heck today :( where's the rain again lol
Just caught up on another 3 episodes of #GameOfThrones and still loving it - only about 6 left I think till caught up
Sat here F5ing my subbox waiting for the @YouAlwaysWin animation cos @WorldGoonSquad is mean and would let me see a preview :(
I needed the sound of moths fluttering so I asked @WorldGoonSquad to open his wallet #BoomBoom
If you are in the Toronto, Canada area now and for the next few hours - follow @GUNNS4HIRE and find him to win $400
So who is currently out in Toronto looking for @GUNNS4HIRE right now - grab me a dog tag!
Why @BTCare can I upload as normal at 90Kb/s yet cant download at 5Kb/s - something is screwed up and I was told speed would improve today
And yes @BTCare thats the Download speed
I think I may have a go at making the "Alpha Yeti" within the new #TwilightForest mod #Minecraft
Going to put together a new rig today - throw your suggestions out there and I may choose to make it <3
Two cracking thunderstorms last night and we have another now. Kids arent topo sure about them but I love the rain and cool weather
Why do people Favourite a tweet they support - RT that and get your friends to support it too.
I give up with some people sometimes #LOL
I just want to say that @WaddleWddle is an absolute legend. Show some love and thanks for my Destiny PS4 code.
Anyone out there wanna hook me up with the PS4 Destiny BETA so I have something to play this Tuesday?
Ask @WorldGoonSquad about the "Poker" dream ;)
I am really excited about this weekends animation on @YouAlwaysWin - love the idea @WorldGoonSquad had <3
The stats shown on @speedtest are not right at all - they say I get 8mb down but the truth is I dont. A true test shows i get 0.5 down atm
I am almost on the old dial-up speeds
OMG the speeds gets worse each time they tell me to test it