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Sean Plott
gamingstarcraft 181,059 followers
I've never seen such a fast snap back in momentum #BattleGrounds
WHAT THE ????? Bombers widow mine the TRAITOR! Slayed his own Medivac
My brain still Aaaaaaaaaaa those Medivacs aaaaaaahhhhhhh #BattleGrounds
DC #BattleGrounds audience! Tweet photos from the finals today and I'll choose my favorite for a special prize.
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Is it gonna be 3-0 3-0 back to back!? Bomber and Cure are looking incredible! #BattleGrounds
Im at rehearsal SO excited for day 2 to begin!!! Polt v Bomber & Trap v Cure! DUUWUWUWU #BattleGrounds
I've never seen anything like this series #Battlegrounds
Oh sweet @AcerScarlett makes my heart go pitty pat! #BattleGrounds
Trap and bomber advance in group A! Who will be top 2 in group B? Scarlett, Parting, Cure, Polt!! #BattleGrounds ^____^
With monstrous focus and orchestrated attacks, @JinAirsOs defeats DRG 2-0 and eliminates him from the tournament!
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Who's gonna pull through in final game? @JinAirsOs or Trap?? #BattleGrounds
After a game one SCV pull win from Bomber, @XMGToD demands that the poll for "most imba race" be reinstated
Apparently @day9tv, famous for winning world’s first #MTGKTK prerelease, is hosting some kind of Red Bull festival.
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Day 1 of Redbull Battlegrounds DC is live -
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10 minutes to go!!! Can't wait! All 8 players have championships, and only 1 can win this weekend! #BattleGrounds
20 minutes until SHOWTIME! !!! Yayayayayayay #BattleGrounds
I've successfully brewed a pot of hot water. Restarting at previous auto save.
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Doors are open! DO NOT MISS THE SHOW OPEN FOR #BattleGrounds - starting in 45 mins!
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@day9tv Maybe when people are suggesting horrible things to each other on twitter, they're actually wishing them all the best?
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With stage shows they say to "break a leg" for good luck. Is "break both legs" better luck? How far can we push this misfortune=luck thing
I'm up and off to @redbullESPORTS #BattleGrounds !!! Who's your pick to win?
Breaking Out is live with the day of @KiF1rE! Check out this Protoss who has the sickest storm drops in the land!
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Off to rehearsal for @redbullESPORTS #BattleGrounds! Woohoo! They're way ahead of schedule. What a bunch of bosses
About to begin the Business of eSports panel! Come by or tune in! Yeah!…
Don't forget to attend/watch online the Business of eSports panel tonight!!! It's in 4 hours…
Holy shit what an awesome flight. @longshotauthor brings the hype
I am so excited for this flight. I get to catch up on my Dresden Files! Yay @longshotauthor !
Now boarding my plane to Washington DC! @redbullESPORTS #Battlegrounds here i come !!!!
In which @lsv and I are powerful wizards, and durdlers…
Ok I'm the worst. No show tonight either. All shows will be back on MONDAY sept 22nd since I'm in DC for Red Bull #Battlegrounds
An @artillery engineer Cihan moved to Turkey, but has mailed a Cihanbot so he can still be in the office
If anyone wants to send us fan art of @day9tv's daughter with her two gloves & purse, we'd appreciate it
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So sorry to do this on such short notice, but there will be NO SHOW tonight. I'm just a bit too tired and have to travel to DC soon >.<
I have landed in SJC!!! YAY! Am home :)