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Sean Plott
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Want to get some insight from a pro-streamer? Check out this 3 part @xsplit interview with @day9tv \o/…
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I wish there was a way to be able to say "gg" to the enemy team in Heroes!
I think only today am I really realizing how needed a break is. I've been too tired this weekend to do anything but watch Twitch streams!
As a reminder, no regular shows this week as I'm taking 3 weeks off. Dark souls 2 will still be streamed on Fridays :).
Grats to the folks who qualified for #WCS! Pumped to see @nonyTV play! He generally bested me in the BW days.…
I'm a dummy! There is no @AHGLtv cast for tonight! Playoffs have begun! In the future, we'll be doing combo-casting for the playoff matches
I'm no expert, but TSM should probably Dark Shrine here
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NorCal regional final day, LCS finals and SL9! It's a good day to be an eSports fan. It's also a bad day to have 1 monitor.
i just qualified MLG aswell !! so happy ! now WCS, MLG, and Lonestar Clash is coming !! i'll see you guys soon ok?
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Well played @TeamSoloMid !! Excited to watch Semifinal 2!! #LCS
Locke, consumer of worlds and feet.
Really impressed by #LCS commentator's ability to parse so much information during team fights and communicate it quickly and clearly.
19:00 CET NiP vs Virtus Pro - Final Copenhagen Games 2014… via @Twitch
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Today begins with achievement. 3 double doubles from in-n-out. For my face. I can't wait to get home and weigh in prenoms #CheatestDay
After 3 minutes of smelling, Locke collapses for a quick nap at the vet clinic
Saturday morning, during which Locke melts hearts at the vet
I think I need to make a competing site called "geddit" where you get banned if you don't get it.
Tristan has acquired puppy! So many puppy photos incoming
Guacamelee! is a great platformer. Very fun to control and quick to beat! Definitely recommend (and it's on steam!)
Back from lunch! It's time to beat Guacamelee! :D…