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Sean Plott
gaming starcraft 177,655 followers
YES. Just found a Beatmania machine in the CBD. @day9tv @CallMeTasteless
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Like those graphics for #MostlyWalking ? They were concepted and designed by DayKnights @LadyLefice and @FFA71A !!! Yeah!!! :D
I think @Twitch should begin sorting streams by genre of music that they play. It's interactive Pandora with games running.
I absolutely adored doing #MostlyWalking this evening! I have a feedback thread up on for any feedback you have!!!
Guys, Old lamps for New
Mostly Walking preshow music has begun! Show is live in 10 minutes…
In 15 minutes, the most anticipated web series in the universe will begin. #MostlyWalking Episode 1…
Also, the show I've been trying to launch for half a year is FINALLY tonight! #MostlyWalking with @ndef @funwithbill…
Nothing says fuck yeah Monday like an awesome playtest. Yesssssssssssssssss!!!
RT @funwithbill: #MostlyWalking kicks off on Monday evening! @ndef @day9tv @funwithbill 2 getha 4 eva THE METADATING BOYS ARE BACK
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TONIGHT! MT .@day9tv: "The hosts of #MetaDating rejoin to begin their show on Adventure Games: #MostlyWalking". .@ndef .@funwithbill
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I love hanging out with these guys again. #tomorrow RT @funwithbill: "3 out of 10 sandwiches make it to my plate." - @day9tv
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@day9tv the drunken defender strikes again
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A little sad there's no Funday tomorrow, but I'm super excited for Mostly Walking! @day9tv
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Lost another game thanks to the "random rearranging characters" bug. Grrrrrrr
I don't know if you watch @summit1g, but I watch @summit1g
My last tweet is possibly the most idiotic thing I've ever tweeted. Please examine it closely before I fix.
I don't know if you watch @summit1g, but I watch @summit1g
Thanks all for the wonderful support, kind words, and HYPE for this #NationWars finals match GO
All has been resolved! We are live again
Ah! Modem was not displaying information correctly. Seems not to be DDoS. Just standard Internet death. Trying to resolve.
Upon investigation I'm getting signal fine from modem... Appears to be DDoS