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Sean Plott
gaming starcraft 177,332 followers
And now time to watch some Starbow! :D
WP by Newbee! Really enjoyed watching #TI4 these last 10 days. Totally installing Dota 2 tonight to battle some bots
Man @LuminousInverse and @TobiWanDOTA are such great commentators. Really loving the #TI4 finals!
Just saw Snowpiercer. What a beautiful, intense as all hell movie.
Passing by a public park. The kids' jungle gym is basically a miniature Olympic training facility. Insane athleticism needed to traverse.
The games, production, casting, and hosting at The International is top notch. What a beautiful sight to see. #TI4
At the casino with @TristanDBrand. We've been in line for an hour and haven't played poker yet. Talking about stories instead!!
Blue screen. Back in a sec!
Going live with my first ever playthrough of Age of Mythology!… Hope this puppy is good and that I win multiplayerzz
In traffic almost home!! Lets goooo !!
Thanks, @day9tv and everyone at @GeekandSundry, for having me on #Spellslingers. Great episode, great community:…
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ZvP daily tonight - How soO continues to crush top Protosses. We'll be looking at his ultra/queen/infestor style!…
Phew! All is normal in the world.
Was having a pretty crappy day when suddenly #SPELLSLINGERS CAME BACK! THANK YOU @day9tv & @GeekandSundry! :D
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Oh baby oh baby oh baby. It's @day9tv on this account to talk about #Spellslingers for the next hour!! Spam me with all that dataz
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Calling all NA @StarCraft players! The #BattleGrounds DET Online Qualifier starts in two hours - win your trip now!…
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Spellslingers Season 2 is coming! @GeekandSundry and @day9tv are back with another awesome season of #mtg!…
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What is the German word for American jokes about the German word for something complicated is it 🌀
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