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Sean Plott
gamingstarcraft 181,231 followers
Hey ENTIRE WORLD. Wanna work with me at @artillery as a game designer on a next-gen RTS? We're hiring!…
The FINAL episode of #Spellslingers Season 2! In which I battle against @Esper_FD !…
In Atlas, you'll pay for units and upgrades at the end of the game. If you don't have enough money, it hurts your credit rating #innovation
Show canceled tonight! Sincerest apologies for the recent lack of shows. My illness is still lingering so taking another day off!
@day9tv Maintenance is over for Minecraft and Team Fortress 2 servers! Prophunt is still being worked! Please retweet for max dissemination!
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Massive respect to people who dare to pull the plug on something that's not up to their standard. @mikemorhaime…
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Best part about being at home sick? #WCS is on! I love both players, but I always gotta root @TeamLiquidPro !
rough games for @Liquid_MaNa in the first bo3. time to focus on pvp now! mana vs @NrSWelmu coming up next #WCS
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Name another company that could have spent this much time and money on a game ... and then walked away?… That's power.
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Oh my god so sick nooooo. The nerd flu descends. I sound like a lazy demon.
May NyQuil de-flu me in a single night. Lets DO THIS. Our NyQuil, who art in bottles, hallowed by thy greenness.
It's been a while since we did a show, but we're back! Live w/ da preshow! Yahoo!
After a long afternoon nap, I now set up for #mostlywalking where @ndef @funwithbill and I will play THE DIG!…
The next #MostlyWalking series begins tonight with THE DIG! @ndef @funwithbill. haven't added it to calendar yet since I've been traveling
Few things make me happier than meeting a parent who supports their child's gaming. It's such a perfect hobby for a kid to have.
En route to airport. Oh god feel so sick noooo I caught an eSports flu
Sean still here after the show talking at lengrg with every fan who waited. @day9tv has the passion. @redbullESPORTS
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@day9tv - It is so rad that you take the time to talk with all of your adoring fans! You're just fab! #BattleGrounds
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How is bomber that good at TvT? This is domination wow.
I've never seen such a fast snap back in momentum #BattleGrounds
WHAT THE ????? Bombers widow mine the TRAITOR! Slayed his own Medivac
My brain still Aaaaaaaaaaa those Medivacs aaaaaaahhhhhhh #BattleGrounds
DC #BattleGrounds audience! Tweet photos from the finals today and I'll choose my favorite for a special prize.
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Is it gonna be 3-0 3-0 back to back!? Bomber and Cure are looking incredible! #BattleGrounds
Im at rehearsal SO excited for day 2 to begin!!! Polt v Bomber & Trap v Cure! DUUWUWUWU #BattleGrounds
I've never seen anything like this series #Battlegrounds
Oh sweet @AcerScarlett makes my heart go pitty pat! #BattleGrounds
Trap and bomber advance in group A! Who will be top 2 in group B? Scarlett, Parting, Cure, Polt!! #BattleGrounds ^____^
With monstrous focus and orchestrated attacks, @JinAirsOs defeats DRG 2-0 and eliminates him from the tournament!
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Who's gonna pull through in final game? @JinAirsOs or Trap?? #BattleGrounds
After a game one SCV pull win from Bomber, @XMGToD demands that the poll for "most imba race" be reinstated
Apparently @day9tv, famous for winning world’s first #MTGKTK prerelease, is hosting some kind of Red Bull festival.
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Day 1 of Redbull Battlegrounds DC is live -
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