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World Economic Forum
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Are poor countries catching up, after lagging behind for so long? @ricardo_hausman @IMFNews
Why is it so important to teach your children patience? @NBCNews #wef #psychology
Technology is not about hype. It's about real innovation. Who will be new #wef #techpioneers?
How can central bankers avoid another financial crisis? @TheEconomist #wef #banking
#WEF hosts a meeting on global Internet governance on Aug 28. More info at… #NETmundial
We've renamed our Twitter accounts! Here’s why Thanks for continuing to follow us.
Dads who do housework have daughters who choose more ambitious careers @WSJ @FiveThirtyEight
Welcome Susan Hockfield, Klaus Kleinfeld, Jack Ma, Jim Hagemann Snabe to #wef Foundation Board
Could hollowing out of the middle class undermine democracy in rich countries? @BrankoMilan
Could a game make you a better investor? Leaders and thinkers took part in a #wef simulation:
"It's the lack of upward mobility, not #inequality, that's the core problem" @RichardHaass @BW
It spans 45% of the earth, is rich in resources, and used as a rubbish dump @AndresVelasco
Amid panic about the spread of #Ebola, what can be done to address the cause? @Reuters #wef
Life after the dollar? What makes a currency globally dominant: @IMFNews #wef #usdollar #yuan
How can the 'African Lion' economies emulate the success of the Asian Tigers? @IMFNews #africa
“Brussels is damned if it does, and damned if it doesn’t.” #wef
Why UK female bosses earn 35% less than men – and what could be done about it @guardian #wef