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World Economic Forum
Could a remote-controlled live mouse revolutionise #neuroscience? #wef
Has your country become more or less competitive since last year? Find out at midnight CET #gcr14
Don't miss a thing during our Annual Meeting of the New Champions - join our Facebook event page now #amnc14
Who should govern global trade? #wef report on mega-regional trade deals:
How did #Dubai recover from the global crisis? A creative take on #urban planning: @JLLNews
Inequality is rising. Or is it? A crucial factor being overlooked: #wef @equalitytrust
What is the one thing you could do to cut your carbon emissions? @motherboard #climatechange
20-30bn things will connect to the net by 2020. Why that's just the start #techpioneers #IoT
How competitive is your economy? 2014 Global Competitiveness Report out Wednesday #gcr14
From online immortality to visual boom, here are 10 key trends that are shaping #socialmedia:
What's behind the recent slowdown in developed economies? @WSJ #wef #economics #GDP
More than 80% of people are religious. What is the role of faith in the world? #wef
The world's 100 biggest cities generate 40% of output. Our video on urban megatrends @McKinsey
What are mega-regional trade pacts? Two are reshaping the global economy. #TPP #TTIP #wef
ICYMI: How innovative are you? 3 questions to get you started @Inc #techpioneers #innovation
30% of Indian programmers are women. In US, it's only 21%. Here's why @WIRED @TechTarget
How would a hoverbike change your commute? @Reuters video:
Fracking reduces the cost of energy in the US – is cheaper energy from shale gas a good thing?
ICYMI: Why do poorer countries like #China lend to richer countries like the #US? #economics
8/10 EU jobs are created by smaller firms. The secret of start-up success #wef
World youth #unemployment is at 25%. How can developing countries create #jobs ? #wef
What does success mean to you? Five ways to be successful in a globalized world: @eskimon
ICMYI: Can you build an economy around Gross National Happiness? @tricyclemag @HuffingtonPost
ICYMI: 14 ways technology will change the world by 2020 #wef #techpioneers
Could smart travel fire up the tourism industry? Read our report on faster, better travelling
1 in 4 has a mental health problem. Could nourishing the brain help? @UNSDSN #mentalhealth
Is Mexico really the world's happiest country? New study questions global happiness rankings:
High enrolment, low completion: is online education working? @WIRED @Harvard #wef