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David Vonderhaar
. @DavidVonderhaar We showed Captain Obvious what you said about @z0mgItsHutch and he wanted us to pass this along
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Congrats to all my football loving Internet friends in Seattle. I’d say that was fun to watch but … no.
It’s not that I care if the Colts win as much as the joy I get when the Patriots lose. Indiana just flipped a table.
Poor soul. You should overreact! RT @TheJMAN0623: @DavidVonderhaar is on my Xbox 360 dashboard. I’m not sure how to react to that.
@DavidVonderhaar Appreciate you including the temperature in Celsius for us communists.
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I’m not afraid of the #PolarVortex. It’s 59F/15C here at 8:30 pm, but you have my sympathies. Also: I may or may not wearing pants.
*facepalm* RT @OpTicDi3seL: HA! Silly ginger, why you fumble???? #SDvsCIN
I was the Cincinnati punter in 1997-1998. Then I broke my leg and that was the end of my NFL career. #truestory
Who-dey! (Leave me alone, I am originally from Cincinnati.)
63 hours & 4 AA batteries later; 100% AC4: Black Flag. Sad @AshrafAIsmail did not magically appear & shake my hand.…
Happy New Year and so forth. Have any strange new year traditions? I grill. THUG LIFE.
I am SO addicted to AC4: Black Flag. XBOX, WHY DID YOU MAKE ME KILL THIS POOR ORCA.…
In college, I got a month supply of Mac-n-Cheese cleverly packed in a box that looked like a high-end stereo reciever. Scumbag dad.
Merry Christmas, all. I think of you often. What was the best, worse gift you ever got? +
.@Gerritzen gave me $100 and called me sir. Our relationship is improving.
Day 3 log. I've raided a cache of medical supplies, but I can no longer read the labels.
This way we don’t have to hear about how Dallas is “America’s Team” anymore.
Maybe Texas will finally succeed from the union in celebration when they win this game.
Home sweet home, but have been stuck on the tarmac for a long time because POTUS.