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David Spade
comedymovies 2,147,828 followers
Hey @katienolan i cant believe im this close. Even tho you'll win im hanging in there. #fuckjordy
@DavidSpade Just watched your Comedy Central special " My Fake Problems". It was one of the best specials I have seen in a long time.
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Uh oh. Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and Angelina are all heading to Italy. You know what that means.. a new Planet Hollywood opening! Alright!
Me with peeps outside chicago before my show. #bk4life. #futuretatoo
Legendary photo! A few guys I look up to in comedy @chrisrock @AdamSandler @DavidSpade and my hero Chris Farley :)
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Hey Minneapolis I'll see you tomorrow. Check this out for a good cause. I'll be at @GilletteChildrn annual benefit:
Hey anybody that missed My Fake Problems it's airing again on @ComedyCentral today @ 1am (technically Saturday)
Watch me get the shit kicked out of me again on Fantasy Football Uncensored at 7 pm ET / 4 pm PT on FS1.
It’s here! @EW has an exclusive first look at the hilarious @DavidSpade guest starring on #TheGoldbergs!…
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. @katienolan i dont see how i can win this week but i will try every dirty trick in the book. i lost to @BrodyismeFriend so im gun to head
Shout out to Anahi Alvarez and Naomi Martinez of Texas. Nice move this week. Congrats to Lillian Skinner! 👑. Very cool.
A cat watching me on theellenshow
We did it! 🎉🎉🎈. (Ps. umbrella looking like a dick is
Tune In to @FOXSports1 in 20 minutes to see my dramatic comeback in fantasy football from last weeks beating #FFUncensored
Next stop on stand up tour hammond Indiana next friday the 26th. Cruise by and watch. Or pay and bail. 😃
Hey @JayGlazer should i start Doug Martin this week or Woody from toy story? Both a bit creaky. #FFUncensored @FOXSports1
Hey @BrodyismeFriend i heard u have your eye on @DarrenSproles . Im going to try and snake him. #scram #FFUncensored @FOXSports1
This is how i slept last night. But im in Denver and ready for comedy works tonight. Aaaoooo! #tuna.
Dropped Doug Martin today in fantasy 3 mins before kickoff. Thx to @JayGlazer tipoff. Grabbed Colston who didnt do JACK SHIT. @FOXSports1
I like when the show Bones has actual bones in it. #finally #worthlessinfo
Old days on SNL. Directing promos in the black turtleneck I brought out from Arizona because I was in…
I think ellen is on now on west coast and fantasy football show is on fox sports 1 right now. 🎉🎉🎈🎈🎈
With gorj @RondaRousey and danawhiteufc at event last nite. Would like to see Ronda in an elevator…
Im on theellenshow today with the ' apparently' kid. He was hi- sterical. Ps. This was 4 seconds…
This is what its like walking out on theellenshow. They are great and then i sit down and all my jokes…
Kick ass cloud blocking moon last night. Looked cool as f. No filter. Coyotes were like that cloud…
Im really rolling craps on Tinder. But its just lunch, right? She seems sweet.
Went crazy in vegas last night. Woke up and was like wheres my fucking dollar twenty five?? #blackout.
Fantasy football show on fox sports one right now on west coast! 1230 east coast. Turn it on mofo! 🏈🏈🏈
Watch our fantasy football show tonight on Fox sports 1.jerryferrara @brodieismyfriend. @unbreakablepc…
Want to ask @JayGlazer, @DavidSpade, @katienolan or anyone else on Fantasy Football Uncensored a question?! Tweet it NOW w/#FFUncensored!
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Thanks to biloxi. Great crowd. Ps laptop is still on da fritz. White rice didnt do jack shit. Pouring rice-a-roni on it now.
@DavidSpade We saw your comedy special. Never saw you outside sitcom. Luv u. So genuine. Laughed our asses off. Thank you! Needed that.
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Gig in biloxi tonight and drenched dirt coke on my laptop. Buried it in this pile of rice. Is it…
Looking forward to a rare club appearance by @DavidSpade this Sept. Don't miss your chance to catch him LIVE
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Come see me doing jokes on next tour stop. @ipbiloxi mississippi. @BrettFarve_4 are u down there?
Thank you Portland for a great show! ( sort of thanking myself).
Rare old shot with Phil Hartman. I learned alot from him he was the best character guy they had. Solid…
Repost of draft night from dumbo realnickswardson watch fantasy football draft today on fox. 11am…
The new poster for wicked tuna looks like the expendables. With @unbreakablepc as lead rod man. #🍣
A fantasy football show unlike any other! Fantasy Football Uncensored starring @JayGlazer & @DavidSpade. GET PUMPED…
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Check our new show fantasy football uncensored this sun on fox 2 pm eastern 11 am in LA. watch 8 idiots try to look like they know shit
Your uber driver is arriving now.