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David Spade
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@DavidSpade's my fake problems is so damn good. if you haven't seen it, see it here get that shit. fuckin' hilarious.
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Caught @DavidSpade's My Fake Problems comedy special and he fucking killed it the entire hour. More please. Thank you.
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Watching Florida state game before show with Ray Romano. miragelv
@DavidSpade "You touch the wall and come back. That's all you need." Freakin' hilarious. #MyFakeProblems
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Watching @DavidSpade on Comedy Central right now and he's fucking killing it. Never seen him do stand up before.
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I might be shitfaced but goddamn is @DavidSpade funny.
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Hey squad try and watch my stand up special on @ComedyCentral at 1:30am PT/10:30pm ET tonight or 11:00pm PT/8:00pm ET tomorrow night
Ray Romano and @DavidSpade join forces @TheMirageLV this Friday & Saturday. Tickets are still available here:!
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Watch @katienolan Nolan start shit wih my crummy team on Fantasy Football Uncensored 8pm ET, 5pm PT on @FOXSportrs1
Hey if anyone is in Vegas this weekend come zone out during my set and watch Ray Romano kill @TheMirageLV Tix here:
Tommy Boys: Farley, Spade, Me. (Rick Krim photo-bombing). MTV Movie Awards June 1993. @DavidSpade @…
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90's SNL special on VH1 has me falling more and more in love with @DavidSpade
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Fantasy Football Uncensored airs today on Fox Sports 1 at 7pm ET / 4pm PT. Heres a clip with @genevievemorton
This truck has it all backwards. I bet he feels like an asshole. Everyone on the freeway is…
Hey anyone near Ontario, CA come to the @OntarioImprov tomorrow night & wed night. Link for tix:
Thanks @lalalauuren for ruining your cover. mirage hotel october 17 and 18 with ray romano. Come watch…
#fbf trying on shoes in Boston last year. Doing a 'bit'. Got hard laughs from staff that wanted me to…
Is anyone really stealing this ratty little tree? Lock that shit up yo
#ffuncensored starts in under an hour on @FOXSports1 guest appearance by @genevievemorton . Also watch me get my ass kicked week 4
an old bit i did from SNL about the ebola virus…
Hey @katienolan no one saw these patriots falling apart. I m praying they get -5 points. #miracles #ffuncensored
Driving in chicago and i see this Britney Spears knock off. Sort of looks like her right?
Hey @katienolan i cant believe im this close. Even tho you'll win im hanging in there. #fuckjordy
@DavidSpade Just watched your Comedy Central special " My Fake Problems". It was one of the best specials I have seen in a long time.
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Uh oh. Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and Angelina are all heading to Italy. You know what that means.. a new Planet Hollywood opening! Alright!
Me with peeps outside chicago before my show. #bk4life. #futuretatoo
Legendary photo! A few guys I look up to in comedy @chrisrock @AdamSandler @DavidSpade and my hero Chris Farley :)
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Hey Minneapolis I'll see you tomorrow. Check this out for a good cause. I'll be at @GilletteChildrn annual benefit:
Hey anybody that missed My Fake Problems it's airing again on @ComedyCentral today @ 1am (technically Saturday)
Watch me get the shit kicked out of me again on Fantasy Football Uncensored at 7 pm ET / 4 pm PT on FS1.
It’s here! @EW has an exclusive first look at the hilarious @DavidSpade guest starring on #TheGoldbergs!…
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. @katienolan i dont see how i can win this week but i will try every dirty trick in the book. i lost to @BrodyismeFriend so im gun to head
Shout out to Anahi Alvarez and Naomi Martinez of Texas. Nice move this week. Congrats to Lillian Skinner! 👑. Very cool.
A cat watching me on theellenshow
We did it! 🎉🎉🎈. (Ps. umbrella looking like a dick is
Tune In to @FOXSports1 in 20 minutes to see my dramatic comeback in fantasy football from last weeks beating #FFUncensored
Next stop on stand up tour hammond Indiana next friday the 26th. Cruise by and watch. Or pay and bail. 😃
Hey @JayGlazer should i start Doug Martin this week or Woody from toy story? Both a bit creaky. #FFUncensored @FOXSports1
Hey @BrodyismeFriend i heard u have your eye on @DarrenSproles . Im going to try and snake him. #scram #FFUncensored @FOXSports1
This is how i slept last night. But im in Denver and ready for comedy works tonight. Aaaoooo! #tuna.
Dropped Doug Martin today in fantasy 3 mins before kickoff. Thx to @JayGlazer tipoff. Grabbed Colston who didnt do JACK SHIT. @FOXSports1