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David Spade
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@DavidSpade David Spade Calls Out NFL Star For Killing His Fantasy Football Team And It’s Hilarious --…"
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This is how realnickswardson gets paid for his dumb stand up gigs. ( obv repost fuckjerry )
For halloween ill go to nicks show dressed as shilo from grandmas boy. When @NickSwardson does his crummy jokes ill scream my lines.
Ona side note im killing it in my foozball league. @NickSwardson @jerrycferrara @JayGlazer ( putting names kills whispy jokes btw)
Cut to @NickSwardson digging thru pockets
No shade trades @NickSwardson and @jerrycferrara But i would put tom brady on the block for a bottle of vodka and half a vicodin.
Maybe we should do some shady trades @NickSwardson To counter act The help @DavidSpade @BrodyismeFriend get from @JayGlazer and @NFLonFOX
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@NickSwardson: @jerrycferrara haha. I'm pulling for you. Just beat the creeps @DavidSpade and @BrodyismeFriend” I lost to both.
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This is the lineup the first time I performed at @ImprovComedyLA in 1988. Rick Rockwell was the pop in.
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Late last night after show , slightly buzzed i thought these towels looks like a horse head. Ill waste…
Im watching the trained professionals on 'The Doctors' tackle the biggest problem in America. Next…
Major #tbt action. Early pix with my first "LA photographer". We really "pushed the boundries". Got me…
They give all the Phoenix palm trees the kid and play haircut. Not sure why. Late in the game for that…
@DavidSpade great show on Saturday here in Vegas. You are amazing and so was Ray. Nice of you to do a Q&A after too. Thanks for the laughs
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Shows this weekend in the northeast come on by Atlantic City on Fri: and Niagara Falls on Sat:
One of the funniest comedian's I've ever heard is @DavidSpade, who was a joy to work with on Maui. HILARIOUS Guy!
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@DavidSpade's my fake problems is so damn good. if you haven't seen it, see it here get that shit. fuckin' hilarious.
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Caught @DavidSpade's My Fake Problems comedy special and he fucking killed it the entire hour. More please. Thank you.
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Watching Florida state game before show with Ray Romano. miragelv
@DavidSpade "You touch the wall and come back. That's all you need." Freakin' hilarious. #MyFakeProblems
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Watching @DavidSpade on Comedy Central right now and he's fucking killing it. Never seen him do stand up before.
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I might be shitfaced but goddamn is @DavidSpade funny.
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Hey squad try and watch my stand up special on @ComedyCentral at 1:30am PT/10:30pm ET tonight or 11:00pm PT/8:00pm ET tomorrow night
Ray Romano and @DavidSpade join forces @TheMirageLV this Friday & Saturday. Tickets are still available here:!
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Watch @katienolan Nolan start shit wih my crummy team on Fantasy Football Uncensored 8pm ET, 5pm PT on @FOXSportrs1
Hey if anyone is in Vegas this weekend come zone out during my set and watch Ray Romano kill @TheMirageLV Tix here:
Tommy Boys: Farley, Spade, Me. (Rick Krim photo-bombing). MTV Movie Awards June 1993. @DavidSpade @…
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90's SNL special on VH1 has me falling more and more in love with @DavidSpade
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Fantasy Football Uncensored airs today on Fox Sports 1 at 7pm ET / 4pm PT. Heres a clip with @genevievemorton
This truck has it all backwards. I bet he feels like an asshole. Everyone on the freeway is…
Hey anyone near Ontario, CA come to the @OntarioImprov tomorrow night & wed night. Link for tix:
Thanks @lalalauuren for ruining your cover. mirage hotel october 17 and 18 with ray romano. Come watch…
#fbf trying on shoes in Boston last year. Doing a 'bit'. Got hard laughs from staff that wanted me to…
Is anyone really stealing this ratty little tree? Lock that shit up yo
#ffuncensored starts in under an hour on @FOXSports1 guest appearance by @genevievemorton . Also watch me get my ass kicked week 4
an old bit i did from SNL about the ebola virus…
Hey @katienolan no one saw these patriots falling apart. I m praying they get -5 points. #miracles #ffuncensored
Driving in chicago and i see this Britney Spears knock off. Sort of looks like her right?
Hey @katienolan i cant believe im this close. Even tho you'll win im hanging in there. #fuckjordy
@DavidSpade Just watched your Comedy Central special " My Fake Problems". It was one of the best specials I have seen in a long time.
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Uh oh. Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and Angelina are all heading to Italy. You know what that means.. a new Planet Hollywood opening! Alright!