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David Papp
Microsoft at Gamescom: DLNA returns, white Xbox One, live TV streaming coming this year
Creating Swirly Bokeh with the Helios 44-2 lens
#ITMatters : How To Photograph Milky Looking Waterfalls and Rivers
Mobile phones could be charged using sound
[QUIRKY] Answer to the Friday Puzzle….
Pen that Scans and Draws in Millions of Colors Finally Arrives on Kickstarter
Desperate Iraqi Minorities Flee ISIS Attacks
2015 Key Bathroom Trends
[VIRALVIDEO] Girl Invents Way To Make Bio-Plastic From Banana Peels
15 awesome startups based on the Airbnb model
[LIFEHACKER] Use an Alternative Keyboard Layout on a Mac Login Screen for Security
IRL: A week with the thinnest phone on the market
[MOZ] Experiment: We Removed a Major Website from Google Search, for Science
#ITMatters : iOS vs Android? AppStore vs Google Play? Show me the numbers!
How Pittsburgh Airport Will Frack for Gas Under Active Runways
Live @ SMX East: What SEOs Should Be Doing With Mobile
The US economy just hung up a giant “help wanted ” sign
Apple 's Swift falls back to earth after initial surge
Fifteen new vulnerabilities reported during router hacking contest
The 3 ways the Internet of things will unfold
Female hackers join forces
#ITMatters : 6 Million Space Bars Pressed Every Second Around the Globe
[SLASHDOT] Sniffing Out Billions In US Currency Smuggled Across the Border To Mexico
Daily Report: Silicon Valley Hotel Puts Robotic Bellhop to the Test
Manchester United Bans Fans From Using iPads, Tablets to Snap Photos During Games
#ITMatters : Growing Bits, Bytes, and Backups
I liked a @YouTube video LEGO® FUSION - Watch how LEGO® bricks come to life
Transport your Lego creations to the virtual world with Lego Fusion
4 Ways You Can Be Happy For Someone Experiencing Good Times When You’re Experiencing Hard Times
For those of you who missed me on the radio this morning:… #FreshMornings
Square killed prototype credit card due to legal hurdles and fear it would alienate partners (Austin Carr/Fast Com
App review: Sleep Cycle
Retrofit leaves one plane to fly into U.S. East Coast storms
Reinvented: The Sims Gain Some Social Intelligence
RelayRides Adds $10 Million From Trinity And Looks To Expand Peer-To-Peer Airport Rentals
Apple suppliers begin production of new iPad tablets: Bloomberg
Hear me clarify today the Facebook Messenger app permissions scare with @danirohs @patstaron on @925FreshFM #FreshMornings
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Technology and Social Media Daily is out!…
#ITMatters : How to set-up your own WordPress blog in under 3 minutes! Follow step-by-step instructions, very easy!
[SETH] A kick in the asterisk
Crave Ep. 169: Water balloon tech nearing 1 million dollars in crowdfunding
NASA Mars test called success despite torn chute
Khmer Rouge diary: 'Everyone works like animals'
Hacking group wants to play nice with automakers
[CNET] Win World War Z on this mean green 'survival bike'
#ITMatters : Get Your Twitter Account Moving and Gain Followers, Automatically Update Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn
Gemalto to buy U.S. data protection firm SafeNet for $890 million
Judge rejects $324.5 million settlement over Apple, Google hiring