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David Otunga
Protein crazy carnivores have descended upon Vegas for #MrOlympia2014. My protein: Ribs, Lamb chops, brisket, and turkey leg.
@1heamus1: @DavidOtunga Follow please follow me I've watched Olympus has fallen” I said Mr. Olympia, not Olympus has fallen. SMH.
And Mr. Olympia weekend has begun...
@DavidOtunga 'the call' is one of the best films I've ever watched!
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He plays football with his friends at school, so he came home and wanted to practice! I'm proud of his work ethic!
@miniello434: @DavidOtunga you'r my favorite actor :)” Thanks and you're my favorite fan!
@DotsonMichelle: @DavidOtunga @IAMJHUD Didn't want to interrupt your movie night. Did you enjoy @NoGoodDeedMovie?” Thank you. It was great!
Birthday weekend continued with incognito date night @NoGoodDeedMovie. Highly recommended! Congrats @willpowerpacker
Happy Birthday @IAMJHUD! Wake up, it's time for your party! I'm going to wear my finest birthday suit for u... What?
@RobinMeade: Bet ur son loves that! MT @DavidOtunga: Is it strange I let son wear costumes to school?” He sure does!
Is it strange that I let my son wear costumes to school? Or that I wear costumes to drop him off & pick him up? He told me the other kids said I'm the coolest dad.
@robertmcnaught: @DavidOtunga I've lost 4 stone and benching 110kg and leg pressing 400 pounds .” Awesome progress! Keep it up!
He said he worked hard on the monkey bars at school & needed his protein. Seriously. Then caught "the itis" #FatherSonSteakNight
Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right. - Henry Ford.
David Otunga sings "And I'm Telling You" on "Lopez Tonight" @DavidOtunga Just a throwback. You weren't back tho.
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Just got done watching #TheCall featuring @DavidOtunga. I strongly suggest u watch it! David Follows us & u should 2!
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We got 276 followers and we would love to see atleast 900 or more... We are proud members of supporting our idol @DavidOtunga. RETWEET
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CALLIN' all @DavidOtunga Fans to follow this SOON to be Rocking "FANSITE" David himself follow us and his fans should, as well! #DavidOtunga
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NEW FANSITE "COMING SOON" --Follow this soon to be rocking fansite! @DavidOtunga Follows us and you should, too! Retweet! #TheCall is good!
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Haven't had a chance to watch it yet so snuggled up watching #WWE #TheCall staring the talented @DavidOtunga @WWE #Exciting
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Just watched The Call (the one with @DavidOtunga in) and it was Epic. The best film WWE studios have been apart of. And that ending wow 9/10
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And it continues... J's of the day are Jordan 6's Sport Blue. I had the same ones when they were originally released. #CoolKid
@Chicago_History: Still own Peppers Water Bed? @SteveDahlShow @WaddleandSilvy @IAMJHUD @DavidOtunga @BillRancic” My parents did until 2003
@RMHpov: @DavidOtunga @JohnCena wants to sue. I think there's a certain @WWE Harvard lawyer he should contact...” My retainer fee is high💰💵
@Hybridstaind: @DavidOtunga Hope all is going well man and you had a great Labor Day weekend!” Great shot!
Another day of school, another new pair of Jordans. Tee Tee restocked us!
Met @DavidOtunga today at Chipotle. What a great day to work!!! #WWE #Chipotle @ Chipotle Mexican Grill
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@WWEDylanS: Just to show I'm a loyal fan, I'm going to change my pic to @DavidOtunga and he doesn't need to follow me.” Reverse psych works
Mini-Me, Medium-Me, and Me #AllAboutMusclesInMyFamily
Popeye was onto something with this spinach! I'm about to have fivearms instead of forearms. #BlutoBetterLookOut
Little David is too fresh in his Air Jordan 3 Sport Blue Retros. Thanks Tee Tee! #ImJealousOfHisShoeGame
@BashHussain: @DavidOtunga - I just don't build deltoids.. what exercises can you recommend? #AskOtunga” Military press & dumbbell raises
Today's National Dog Day and poor Dreamgirl is recovering on her big day. She's getting lots of attention though.
Spider-man from head to toe... Even his draws. Of course my outfit matches, just with bigger draws. Same size shirt though.
I nominated @IAMJHUD for the ALS #IceBucketChallenge and she nominated @WendyWilliams Your move Wendy!