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David Smith
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To serve others look outside of self.
Skills Ontario with my bro at H.B. Beal today
When you are able to inspire others through a gift you poses that is a blessed moment. #KeepOnInspiring
To see you high and lifted up. Shining in the light of your glory. Pour out your power and love.
Thanks for the nomination @nichogallarza I nominate @conradbanas @bekalee45 and @michellelsmith1
Oh hey @amandaalynchh ;) #tbt you'll probably want this taken off but I thought I'd have my fun :p
Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends and throwback to when @codyer and I went to the mall #tbt #thanksgiving
Anyone else have their power out?
Stress test at #WesterToronto caption will follow just had to post something for the gram. And no Iā€¦
I'm going for a stress test! "Oh that must be stressful!" #HappyThursday
Doctor's appointment soon. #PrayForMe
Gotta show love to a guy I've known since he was little.... J/k he's always been tall! lol God bless fam! Keep doing it big @nolan12narain
God knows it's not easy, do your best in life.
Please forgive my tardiness. #SaturdayBibleReading
Yup! We made it! #LibertyUniversity #CFAW @takeflighttyrelle
e fam šŸ˜šŸ˜‰
Me: "is that Channing Tatum?" Dad and Brother: "Yup!" Gotta love th
I remember getting this hat the first time we went on a trip! I will never forget the times we had and the impression left on me by one of the most loving people I have ever known. We recently just lost a dear family friend, to the news of which my sister said: "I feel like crying but I imagine she
A relationship is so much better when all feelings are mutual.
Today is kiss and make up day.
My sis is such a beaut! You can be my #wcw any day, including today! #Family #Love
Great presentation from @TrentUAmanda
On days where you can't see the sun, you realize you miss it.
Staying up late and feeling a mix of satisfaction and fatigue in the morning. #TheStudentGrind
Mom: "Beer tastes bad!" Dad: "DONT LIE TO THEM!" Lol I love my parents! #FamTingz
These dudes tryna explain why we should take a selfie with his plastic frame. #NoDice
If you're going to lean over my table and converse at least speak English! Hope they're not hating! #PeopleAtTimmies.
Helping random strangers know they forgot to take the tag off their clothes, that's me though #GSD #IWontChange
Dear Tim Hortons, you can expect a complaint very soon. Screaming toddlers and barely filled doughnuts are not cool.
When it's real the groundwork took years of preparation. Success isn't overnight. 13k on IG, still not famous yet. #GSD
Sometimes you have to go numb to everything, refocus, then you can take on anything. #GSD
In new situations ask yourself: "What does this have for me?" #ComeExpecting #GSD
Watching the sunrise should be nice though šŸ‘Œ
Morning field trips! šŸ˜
I had to. Long explanation to accompany photo will come later cuz well... ITS LATE! And I have a trip soon! Welcome to Instagram bro! Everyone should definitely give my brother @smithnathanael a follow! I see greatness when I look at this man I've known since he was just a young boy! (Guess I gave
The world is my playground and heaven is my bedroom. #ChildMindset #GSD #Love #Basketball #Playground #MySZN