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David Smith
These dudes tryna explain why we should take a selfie with his plastic frame. #NoDice
If you're going to lean over my table and converse at least speak English! Hope they're not hating! #PeopleAtTimmies.
Helping random strangers know they forgot to take the tag off their clothes, that's me though #GSD #IWontChange
Dear Tim Hortons, you can expect a complaint very soon. Screaming toddlers and barely filled doughnuts are not cool.
When it's real the groundwork took years of preparation. Success isn't overnight. 13k on IG, still not famous yet. #GSD
Sometimes you have to go numb to everything, refocus, then you can take on anything. #GSD
In new situations ask yourself: "What does this have for me?" #ComeExpecting #GSD
Watching the sunrise should be nice though šŸ‘Œ
Morning field trips! šŸ˜
I had to. Long explanation to accompany photo will come later cuz well... ITS LATE! And I have a trip soon! Welcome to Instagram bro! Everyone should definitely give my brother @smithnathanael a follow! I see greatness when I look at this man I've known since he was just a young boy! (Guess I gave
The world is my playground and heaven is my bedroom. #ChildMindset #GSD #Love #Basketball #Playground #MySZN
My beautiful sister @michellelsmith1 all dressed up, doing her bride's made things! Awesome wedding!!! #JasAndSunny2014 #sister #love #Wedding #WeddingSZN #wcw
I could only ever be with someone who's like me in the right ways. Period. #WeddingThoughts
Time to go and sleep! It was fun! Thank you so much! #JasAndSunny2014
Getting fed around my normal late night snack time #JasAndSunny2014 SecondDinner
Y'all know what's up with the money dance and light up hats! #JasAndSunny2014 #ThrowingHundreds
But for real I wanna be dancing like them grandmas when I'm that old #JasAndSunny2014
When all the dudes start dancing in the last 10 minutes #JasAndSunny2014
When grandmas out there cutting up RUGS!!! #JasAndSunny2014
This ain't even the wedding yet! The pre game is pure!
Y'all getting ready for your "parties" I'm out here getting ready to turn up for real. #GSD
At the Toronto General Hospital with my parents! So after going to rehab for the first time they decide that I should be followed by a doctor! And apparently the doctor I was originally referred to had a year long wait, some might find that referral suspicious... Pray for me y'all! Ball is starting
First appointment at Toronto General Hospital. #GSD #GGM
At the pre game with my boy Matty Knight! šŸˆšŸˆ
Bus driver: "TGIT - Thank God It's Thursday!" #DayMade
"It's not about what you can get from this world it's about what you can give to it." -TP #Inspiration
When you recognize the issue and feel you cannot change it, it's an addiction. Work to form good habits.
"No matter what you do I will still love you." ~ Jesus #MorningWords #GSD
Shout out to the ones who didn't change when things did.
When I walk into a class and get treated to a full hot breakfast >> #TGIF
Apparently I had a blood transfusion
Almost game time. SJC vs. North Park @ Gretzky.
When the whole tim Hortons staff has to figure out how to make my drink #FunTimes
Throwback to when @laurendumitru found me at the Paris fair after not seeing me for three years #AwesomeFriend #NumberOneFan #Throwback #Paris #Fair #Latergram #tbt
Well time for school. God bless and have a great day! :-)
Even if we're not mishearing God we can still read his word to grow closer to him and correct that sin we don't see.
Incase we find ourselves mishearing God we an read his word to get a reality check.
It's interesting how profound a statement that is. The Bible is God speaking to you in a clear way; on paper.
Reading my devotional something stuck out to me. It said the Bible has the ability to point out and correct sin.
(Yesterday's) #SaturdayBibleReading