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David Choi
Don't care what you think @McDonalds at 12am is always a great idea. #livealittle
If I had access to a nuclear missile, I'd point it at my printer and fire. Then reload, and shoot again. 20 times.
I don't really curse on social media but you should see me in the studio.
On my last record, "Rollercoaster" was written and recorded two weeks before mastering. #lastminuteadditions
Recording a new song...let's see if this makes the album. Will this be number 11?
More than half of my new record has been mixed!! After mixing, then comes mastering. Then voilà. A record.
Great chatting with you all! Glad I was able to be real with you and tell you what's going on! Let's do it again soon :)
I want to do a live chat like I used to back then. Where can I live video stream for free and invite you all?
Does anyone in the USA stay up as late as I do? 1am-5am?
I'm excited to see Dumb & Dumber 2
Do people even listen through songs all the way anymore?
Check my Twitter @davidchoimusic to listen to an EDM track I made for fun last night.
I made an EDM track last night just for fun…
Here's an EDM track I made called "EDM For Monkeys". FYI, this will not be on my album -…
Ok finished the EDM track. I titled it "EDM For Monkeys". Will upload shortly.
I will attempt to create an edm track. Here I go.
I have a surprise for all you on @Snapchat
Trust me, there are days when I want to quit everything and tell the world everything that goes on. Then go into hiding on a remote island.
Some don't get better as human beings. Just worse. There needs to be a class or something for people who have some level of popularity.
I've seen so many people change after experiencing a little bit of fame. Egos blow up like balloons. Fascinating to watch.
How would you like my album served?
With every mix I'm getting from @danielholter, it's one step closer to a beard free face. #newalbum
Had a great time at the @netkal summit today! #netkal #2014 #zynga #hq #wordswithfriends
Who owns a record player?
@davidchoimusic David! Happy ONE YEAR anniversary to your "Roller Coaster" music video!!!
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Bay Bridge looking good
Uploaded a video yesterday if you missed it -…
SF just for the weekend.
아빠라면 기억해야 할 일곱 가지 키워드 출처 : 네이버 [네이버 스토리]…
New video uploaded. Live performance of my song "Heaven's Ease" -…
New video of me performing an old original of mine "Heaven's Ease" on YouTube. Just me and my camera. Check out my bio for link.
Uploading a new video performance of one of my older original songs.
I play way too much Clash of Clans.
Congrats to my buddy @chestersee for landing a spot on Broadway! -…
냉면 Naengmyun is good. 갈비 galbi beef is good too. Eating is fun. This was a good meal.
Okay, I guess my early were not deceiving me! What is @davidchoimusic's "Won't Even Start" doing on a Hawaiian music station?
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Few things satisfy me as deeply as switching on all my tube gear each morning at the studio. More @davidchoimusic mixes today. Stoked.
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13 weeks ago I said I wasn't going to shave until the release of my album. Well today I'm bending the rules. I'm shaving when I finish my album. The album is being mixed right now so it's almost done. But I can very well change the rules again. Who knows, I may not even shave it. Maybe I'll shave it
Death may be the greatest of all human blessings. - Socrates maybe...
Thanks guys, I'm going to shake it off...shake it off. Goodnight! And let me know if you win the Bali trip! :)
Read a comment & it made me angry. I could take the high road & not respond, but sometimes, it just feels satisfying to reply back to idiots
Pepper when he was just a baby. #miniatureschnauzer
Rest in peace grandpa. He passed away yesterday. He was 94. He was always laughing and it was really infectious. Very endearing. Jolly. I believe that's one of the reasons he lived so damn long. Grandpa had a farm growing up and was a tailor by trade. My uncle once told me a story of when he and my
Lost both grandparents on my mom's side and grandpa on my dad's side all this year. Go hug your grandparents.
RIP grandpa. I'm sooo sad you're gone.