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David Choi
No offense, but I hate people. Love, David.
If you haven't seen my latest cover, here it is! -…
Had a dream I accidentally shaved before my album was done in my sleep. Also pulled a patch of hair off @thewesleychan's shoulder. Means?
Oh I saw Kirsten Dunst today walking out of a meat shop. Pretty cool. Goodnight.
Snapchat - davidchoimusic
I am FULLY aware I have a beard.
No one is so wise to look past the marketing tools of "image" when it comes to music.
New cover of "Shake it Off" by @taylorswift! Check my bio for link!
What does the song "Shake it Off" by Taylor Swift mean? I explain -…
I go on too many dates but I can't make them stay -…
Uploading TWO videos today! One of the videos is featuring all your tweets!
Uploading my @taylorswift13 cover tomorrow PLUS another separate video talking about song! #WDTSM <-- guess what does that #hashtag means!
First 100 baby! Free @chickfila for a year! #first100 #downey #chickfila
I think it would be fun to be the governor of a city. It's like playing Farmville but with real things and people.
(cont)..and so that you can also catch all the secret messages I put in my songs.
I think music should be listened w/ the best quality speakers & headphones so you can catch every nuance & detail of a song.
I'd say MOST people who don't like iPhones are people who have never owned one. #applefanboy
The moon is bright like your butt.
Ran into the amazingly talented @toddyrockstar at @chickfila in Hollywood! Check out his work! #todrickhall #beard
at. He was very kind. He built a fast food chain w/ the customer service of an upscale restaurant. They really serve. I learned from that.
Today I eat @ChickfilA in honor of founder S. Truett Cathy. Met this man couple yrs ago at a @ChickfilA convention I was invited to perform
Happy 추석 Korea! Can someone make me some 미역국?
Thanks guys! If you tweeted, you most likely made the cut :) I'll upload the video this week so make sure you check it out! :)
Send me some tweets about @taylorswift13 and I'll put them in my next video.
Congrats to all the #STREAMY winners! I hope I get an invite next time so I can make use of my suit!
Today I played some music for these beautiful people. #la18 #harvestmoonfestival
My car won't start, I have no food in my fridge, and I'm hungry. :(
I would LOVE to be the person who punishes people who abuse dogs.
I'm seeing a LOT of videos these days of police officers doing not so reasonable things in America. This is not a good thing at all.
Your replies to my last tweet are making me giggle.
So diff socked SNSD shakes wish did sj. <-- closed my eyes and started typing and it autocorrected to this. Your turn!
If you fall in love with a writer you can never die" -truuuuth
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Very productive night. Finished a new song & track. Ignored all texts, messages, & calls until I was done. This one might go on album.
Never bring a mustache to a #beard fight. But really, this will all be gone in probably a few weeks which album!!!
Questioning whether I should keep this edm synth in this new song...I kinda like it. Ok I'll keep it in.
Indonesia!! Can't wait to see all of you. Make sure to get your tickets and re-post retweet this post and get a chance to have dinner with me! #TCIAF @fullcolorparty
That's the price of fame of his status. It's a curse. Hopefully, he'll learn to deal with it. Good thing he has family and friends.
he can't make mistakes & learn from it w/out the world knowing about it. He can't enjoy sitting in a park. He can't go on a walk. No escape.
Bieber. I feel bad for the kid. We all know what it's like to be hated - imagine that multiplied 1000x. Sure he deserves it at times, but
Kickboxing + KBBQ = -0
Just got back from kickboxing class and I feel great. I deserve a feast of kings.
Had salad for lunch. Now I want a greasy pizza.
So soft, so calm, so angry. #wreckingball #mileycyrus #myhero
New song half way done. Yes. I like this one. Definitely on the album.
I can't stop playing @clashofclans #clashofclans