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Dave Ramsey
RT @Truth_Broadcast: Dave Ramsey Exposed // Absolutely Awesome. Saturday Night Live skit?
A man with an experience is not at the mercy of a man with an opinion.
Thanks Raleigh for a Sell Out tonight for Legacy Journey Live. @RachelCruze are pumped about being with you.
Without counsel, plans go awry, But in the multitude of counselors they are established. Proverbs 15:22
@Pastorcbrown1: "Why don't oysters give to charity? Because they're shellfish" - Jay Leno”
@ChrisHogan360: RT @DaveRamseyLIVE: We’ve got some really exciting stuff coming up with @ChrisHogan360 ! #DRLIVE
@mikeglenn: Everyone is a teacher of someone. —Wooden”
It is a safety net that needs to be a quickly accessible. #DaveDaily
Hey parents. Follow your kids on Twitter and Facebook. You might be SHOCKED. I am when I I read some of your kids tweets.
Real wealth is the result of character, serving, and vision. These are choices you have today.
He who despises his neighbor sins; But he who has mercy on the poor, happy is he. Proverbs 14:21
@mglock1: @DaveRamsey @RachelCruze @southeastchrist It was awesome seeing you today @southeeastchrist today!!” Thanks
@howielindsey: @DaveRamsey @RachelCruze Thank you for the message this morning. Incredibly powerful.” Thanks
RT @DaveStone920: That bizarre moment when you say thanks & bye to @DaveRamsey & then turn your car on and he is on radio//Thx for having us
Hey Louisville rise and shine after Thunder! @RachelCruze & I are speaking @southeastchrist this AM. Join us. Church is free.
@ChrisHogan360: In Yakima Washington at the Capital Theatre for my Total Money Makeover Live Event!” //Great
@RachelCruze: Thanks again @wojlive! Love being w these talented ppl at this event... @mafeinberg @philwaldrep
Speaking tonight & in moring with @RachelCruze at SouthEast Christin @southeastchrist in Louisville. Join us. Church is Free!!
Teach your kids about money. An eagle that doesnt leave the nest eventually becomes a turkey.
The hand of the diligent will rule, But the lazy man will be put to forced labor. Proverbs 12:24
RT @CharlieDaniels: Ruin a troll's day-ignore him.//Troll = Someone without the anatomical attributes to put their face/name w/ their words.
RT @MikeStewEE: @z_sat is #debtfree! dinner to celebrate, would love a RT from @DaveRamsey !! //Boom!! Sushi!!
RT @jennibuni: amazing night of Financial Peace. Never been so encouraged to make great changes. God bless you, @DaveRamsey //Thanks
You decide the impact. #FreeTipFriday