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Christian A. Braun
Facebook’s latest algorithm tweak affects tons of brands. Here’s what you should know:
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Oh cool cops can't search your mobile phone now...... Thanks for giving us some of our freedom back. 👌
In landmark case, Supreme Court unanimously rules that police officers need warrants to search cellphones upon arrest
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Every Dad fears the moment you realize your son is gay when he says "Dad I wanna play soccer" #worstnightmare #WorldCup2014
#TBT Puerto Rico.... #carribean #puertorico
June 12 and I'm seriously cold. Wth
Votto is back in the lineup.... But I fear it may be too late to turn this season around. #RedLegs
15-year-old makes $100,000 on Bitcoin, launches startup
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Time Warner Blows... I wish I could have Direct TV back.
Yeah.....I'm gonna go buy this. This itch is unbearable. It's time. #SeaRay…
So proud of @carol_jackson84 for getting a good job right out of college! She's so smart. 😊
Clearly someone hacked my account. Sorry bout it. Please ignore any stupidity until further notified. 😩