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Darren Rowse
Was having breakfast and looked down to find this little guy watching me eat.
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No trick or treaters in sight at our place tonight. Do we have a reputation or something?
Results from this afternoon's backyard iPhone wildlife safari shoot
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Thanks everyone for a great #DadChat. Must run now, ironically to finish my day's work! :-)
Final Thought: keep juggling. It's not easy but the struggle to balance life/work is worth it! I'm grateful my dad wrestled with it #DadChat
A writing technique I often do is to write in cafes and pick a person in the cafe to write my post to - helps me personalise it #DadChat
Ask me any question - I'm game! #DadChat
I am much more productive on days I take an hour off for lunch and use half of it to go for a brisk walk #DadChat
I also tend to let my family determine when we talk when I'm away. Sometimes a poorly timed skype call distrupts their flow #DadChat
When I’m travelling we communicate through SMS and Skype. We don’t Skype every day, time zones are tough - but every few days #DadChat
<< I have another friend who leaves the house, walks around the block and then comes in and ‘goes to work’ to help him get into it. #DadChat
I have a friend who puts a tie on when he’s ‘going to work’ so his family knows. Helps him get in a working mindset too #DadChat
<< interestingly my boys now use a 'door policy' when they are doing Lego and don't want to be disturbed :-) #DadChat
<< Our ‘door policy’: When my office door’s closed I’m working and need space. When my doors open I’m working but can be disturbed #DadChat
For me the key to working at home is communication. My family know the times I work - there’s also a ‘door policy’ #DadChat
< We hear many messages about avoiding work or that work is hard - I want my kids to know work is something that can bring real joy #DadChat
On modelling work ethic: I want my kids to see that work is important. Not something to be avoided. Something that can be enjoyed. #DadChat
We didn’t have TV for many years growing up. I turned out ok - although miss many pop culture references at dinner parties :-) #DadChat
We have 1 TV in the house. While at times that means robust discussions on what gets watched I’m happy. Bedrooms are for sleeping #DadChat
Another is that my family know there are some times I always work. A simple signal of that boundary for us is my office door closed #DadChat
Boundaries are really about protecting our priorities. An example would be that I don’t work on weekends - it’s family time #DadChat
if I'm missing questions... sorry #DadChat
<< Also including others in discussing priorities/time can help them come along for the ride - much easier that way #DadChat
<< The other key for me is COMMUNICATION. Tell those around you what your priorities are and how you’re allocating time #DadChat
<< Plus: allocate time on weekends, vacations etc ahead of time. Knowing what time is for what priority is important #DadChat
<< In my life that means setting aside times of my day for different focus. 7-9am=family 9-5pm=work 5-7.30pm=family etc #DadChat
<< Having a great family life doesn’t just happen any more than having a great business just happens - both take time #DadChat
<< Once you know your priorities/goals in different areas of life it is important to allocate time accordingly #DadChat
I think a key to work/life balance is to identify what is important to you - priorities/goals are a big key for me. #DadChat
Our culture tells us ‘we can have it all’. The problem is that chasing ‘it all’ often means we end up with nothing much of anything #DadChat
<< The problem is that the tools don’t change the fact we still have a choice with how we spend our time #DadChat
There are certainly plenty of tools that promise to help us organise ourselves and get healthy in different areas #DadChat
< Having said that, work isn’t everything. While good, if it becomes an obsession at expense of other important stuff we hit issues #DadChat
I sometimes wonder if 'work' get a bum wrap. Personally I see it as a wonderful part of life - something that brings me joy! #DadChat
Some struggle with work/life balance b/c they dislike work. Not all have luxury of choice in this but it can be an area to address #DadChat
Let me start by saying I’m not an expert at work/life balance. Just juggling like everyone else! #DadChat
Please excuse my prolific tweeting for the next hour - I'm co-hosting #DadChat. We're talking work/life balance - please join in!
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Tomorrow! RT @mpax1: The Ultimate Quest - Balancing #Work and #Family - with Darren Rowse aka @problogger at #DadChat
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Someone should invent a coffee delivery system that is triggered by motion sensors that pick up when your kids wake up.
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