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Darren Criss
How is @WALKTHEMOONband not one of the biggest bands in the world? #ShutUpAndDance should be a #1 single right now.
What calms nerves after being menaced by zombies&vampires&dudes with chainsaws? @Cinnabon. @benjpasek #UniversalHHN
What calms your nerves after being menaced by zombies, vampires, and dudes with chainsaws? Easy. @Cinnabon, bro. @benjpasek #UniversalHHN
Thanks @HorrorNights at @UniStudios for showin me & @benjpasek a good ol' fashioned scary-fun time! #UniversalHHN
Ah, the good ol’ Dalton Days... @hrhchriscolfer #tbt? Courtesy of our mastermind Director of Photography @JOAQUINSEDILLO
Ah, the good ol’ Dalton Days... @chriscolfer #tbt? Courtesy of our mastermind Director of Photography @JOAQUINSEDILLO
Dammit I'm the last to know EVERYTHING. Was so psyched to stop by my favorite shop in LA only to find it closed 9 months ago @dannymasterson
… Honestly, really hoping this is exactly who I get to see, @Tha_Los. Don’t let me down. "Curse your dopeness, Vibe!”
& For those of you that don’t know who Cisco Ramon is, let’s just say I have high hopes & good Vibes for @Tha_Los ... @CW_TheFlash #TheFlash
And what's cooler, my @umich bro and fellow @TeamStarKid collaborator @Tha_Los premieres tonight as Cisco Ramon too! @CW_TheFlash #TheFlash
... What a story. Could not be happier for my boy @grantgust, aka The Flash himself, premiering TONIGHT at 8/7c @CW_TheFlash #TheFlash
A poetic name for how fast this guy moved from the dancing shoes of a Jet, to the blazer of a Warbler, and now the threads of a DC superhero
Guess what I’m about to tweet a lot about? Hint:
Alright guys, another twitter spree is on the way… it’s a big day for some pals of mine…
Big fan of @petedavidson. Kid's a star, and only gettin started. Look forward to seeing him do more and more #SNL
Breaking Bad & Doctor Who fans unite! 5 minutes til @GracepointFOX premiere, 9/8c on FOX tonight- that's right I got love for my #FoxFamily
Pop a nickel in it and dance with me. Hell, have a few quarters. Word to @Chromeo "Old 45's" & i see ya, @HAIMtheband
Obviously, I'm biased, but I'd have to agree: @themotley #Cyprus Thanks as always, @GQMagazine !
and last but not least, big congrats to my bestest pal @dylan_saunders and his angelic voice on his debut #Confluence
Of course, shoutout to @MiaVonGlitz & @MadMoonRiot crushin @BrunoMars GORILLA -free EP, donations go to @adoptthearts
Why Britt has 1 of the best voices in rocknroll of the past 20 years- “Inside Out” @spoontheband ha Dave digs it too
And @brittdaniel continues to be my personal patron saint of rocknroll cool. He sang “I Me Mine.” I instantly turned into a 15 year old girl
Never thought I'd see @BrandonFlowers split a mic with @alyankovic .
admittedly not for everyone, but I'm that demo that LOVED "BAD BOYS" was my fave of the show @becbenit @kylemooney
but now there's @becbenit & @kylemooney. glad to see their brand of humor making it to SNL and happy for their success since Good Neighbor.
My fave sketches are always the last on SNL- the subversive gambles that Lorne somehow approves of- ie THE FALCONER, POTATO CHIP @OrvilleIV
Shoutout to my pal Bob Joles aka Mr Nesmith & PLANET SHEEN, entire show on DVD now. Well done, sir!
Consider it an act of trying to save myself from myself- more importantly saving all of YOU from me. anyway, some thoughts from the weekend:
and btw i'm about to tweet a lot of stuff... this is why i don't do it often- there's just too much to say all the time...
HOORAY! New PTA trailer for INHERENT VICE! Makes me either wanna totally quit the biz or work a million times harder.
Late gleevening with the lads @chordoverstreet @hitchmichael #Glee
AH YES. Got into my car and @mcgregor_ewan's cut of "Your Song" from Moulin Rouge had JUST started. Needless to say the drive was pretty rad
sweet jam. "200%" by Akdong Musician. produced & written entirely by 18-year-old Chan-hyuk Lee Chan-hyuk. Respect.
oh so it's not bad enough I gotta get my teeth cleaned, I also gotta watch this doof the whole time?! #lifeispain
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As a late nod to one of the coolest men alive's birthday weekend, I give you a 26-year-old Bill Murray's SNL apology
shoutout to @larouxofficial playing tonight in LA at @themusicboxla . new record is a lots of fun
sweet. a good ol fashioned, don't-take-keanu's-dog movie. i'm down. #JohnWick
Trying to step up my game when hanging with the world's coolest kid #alonsomateo @byLuisaFerE #justbecause
Trying to step up my game when hanging with the world's coolest kid #alonsomateo ... @luisafere #fakeroyals #justbecause
Great show @CHVRCHES. Lads, seeya at the tables, Lass- seeya chattin with the lovely ol ladies at the cutest slot machines available. Bravo!