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Dan Wetzel
Bret Bielema brought the farm to the Hogs. Is Arkansas set for an SEC breakthrough?…
Bret Bielema brought the farm to the Hogs. Is Arkansas ready for an SEC breakthrough?…
Awaiting announcement of South Park's three week suspension
Today in bizarrely-timed, completely avoidable, self-inflicted Jameis Winston drama:…
Tony Stewart will not be charged in death of fellow racer. "No basis," per district attorney.
RT @jeff_gluck Tony Stewart grand jury decision will be announced today at 3 p.m.
20 worst places to watch college football:… "a place that sound[s] like a piece of ladies active wear"
Podcast: @DanWolken on Michigan, Jameis, Arkansas and the Misery Index:…
Podcast: @DanWolken on Michigan, Jameis, Arkansas and the Misery Index:…
Of course RT @Warchant: Jimbo explained why Jameis won't be doing weekly press conferences anymore. Trying to give more time for academics
SEC suspended Miss State center Dillon Day one game for stomping incident at LSU. Out for A&M game
Greg Mattison downplays sideline argument w Hoke. "You ought to see us when we used to wrestle each other." Actually OK without that visual
The way you could tell that Onion story was an Onion story is it said I was shopping at fancy place like Trader Joe's.
RT @BryantSchoenle Via @TheOnion Dan Wetzel stuck in checkout line with talkative cashier.
Arkansas grabbed a verbal today from 4-star TE Will Gragg. Bieliema has cleaned up on instate recruiting thus far, essential for the Hogs
Why do the refs blow a play like that dead? No danger to players during a scoop and run. Let it finish then sort it out
Overwhelmingly Americans hate Washington spin politics, yet NFL, BCS and others work with Washington advisors then are stunned by backlash
RT @Deadspin: The political-messaging huckster behind Roger Goodell's disastrous performance:
Detroit LB Stephen Tulloch is out for season with torn ACL suffered while celebrating. A Lions injury is there ever was one.
Here's a small sample of Rabedeaux's writing [and thus humor and life perspective]:
Jason Rabedeaux, ex- college hoops coach died today in Vietnam, age 49. Great guy, free spirit and never met a coach who was a better writer
What sport? RT @KyleBogie: Hoke says he thought the team came out ready to play.
Oct. 4 in Mississippi: Texas A&M at Miss State, Alabama at Ole Miss.
Is Gordon Gee running FSU yet? "I'm just hopeful Jameis doesn't suspend me."
It's like Jameis came out and was like, "what, you were serious about that suspension?"
Story is so bizarre RT @TMitrosilis: The look on Jimbo Fisher's face when he sees Jameis Winston in full uniform
Jameis Winston full game suspension comes via late night release signed by interim president Garnett Stokes and AD Stan Wilcox. Telling
FSU announces Jameis Winston is suspended for the ENTIRE game against Clemson.
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Not often Bill Snyder (rocking the BW3 Bowl windbreaker) is the sharpest, most stylishly dressed coach.
Watching UK-UF replay. Gators may not be what they were but neither is Kentucky. Cats are good and on the rise
Not sure Jameis deserved any penalty, but this is a good column RT @DanWolken Winston still has all the power
Gloria Allred held a press conference ripping Roger Goodell. I predict Goodell's favorables will rise.
Txt from NFL scout on Jameis Winston: "he keeps filling up the 'recurring stupidity' column."
Vikings have re-deactivated Adrian Peterson. Reversal was inevitable, no way to know what else out there, coming next.
College Football Podcast with @ChrisVernonShow. It quickly goes off the rails:…
Tense days for Tony Stewart, as case heads to grand jury, where just 12 of 23 needed to indict:…
There's no actual insight so sounds right RT @scnole1998: @DanWetzel @ChrisVernonShow your podcasts are always guaranteed to make me chuckle
Penn State fans trying to organize a "Joe-Out" for UMass game h/t @jackpatt10…
Congratulations to Mike MacDonald, Godfather of Buffalo hoops, and new head coach of D-II Daemen College:…
Agree with this RT @drewmagary Here's me yammering about the Peterson scandal:…
Vikings blindly back Adrian Peterson even as common sense says there is more ugly stories…
All these years later, Darren Sproles takes a star turn on Chip Kelly's Eagles:…
Nine years coming, Darren Sproles takes a star turn on Chip Kelly's Eagles:…
Common sense says there are more ugly Adrian Peterson stories. Yet the Vikings blindly backed him anyway. Column:…
RT @SeifertESPN Radisson suspends its corporate sponsorship of Vikings.…
Here's the new Adrian Peterson child abuse allegation story from @KHOU…
RT @WojYahooNBA: End's coming for NBA's veteran stars in USA Basketball, which is little more than a Duke facade.
Sometimes Cutler makes it look so easy. Then there are the other times.
San Diego time of possession was 42:15 today. Limited Seattle to just 40 plays. Ridiculous.