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Danny Sullivan
I've managed to stay Inbox Zero longer than I thought these past 3 days. Now having stress about trying to maintain it rather than reach it
@dannysullivan In 2013, Android sold 121 million tablets (62%) vs 70 million iPads (36%), according to @Gartner_inc so cumulatively bigger!
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Someday the cloud's going to get angry over all the crap we're storing in it and rain it all back down on us. Fear that day.
Suppose if we have hit peak iPad, that's probably a problem for Apple like Mt Everest not getting taller versus the Android tablet foothills
I have no idea if we've hit "peak iPad." I really don't. But let's not let that get in the way of discussing it!…
Now that Facebook's gone from earning so little off mobile to so much, waiting for inevitable critics to worry it's too dependent on mobile
Phew! Vox filling that important gap between regular news & BuzzFeed: explains Shakespeare's sex jokes…
Nothing will get net neutrality restored like candidates thinking some of their cash has to be spent to ensure their free speech is fast
FCC to kill net neutrality.… So when US campaign sites have tech problems, blame it on failure to pay net tax…
“We’re Very Proud” Says Cook After Apple Posts Q2 Revenue Earnings Of $45.6 Billion by @amygesenhues
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An EVA selfie. The space suit makes it very difficult to get a good selfie. I tried several today.
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Facebook Passes 1 Billion Mobile Users, Beats Expectations With $2.5 Billion In Revenue by @MartinBeck
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How To Get Your Content Linked To From Top-Tier Websites by @matthewbarby
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Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Email Spam, happy birthday to you! 20 yrs old today…
See where your job ranks in terms of the gender pay gap! (My very first @UpshotNYT story + chart):…
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Adobe Report: Facebook’s Ad Business Is Showing Continued Growth by @MartinBeck
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Oops I forgot the link to Death Emails Google by @ciroccotweets in my earlier tweet. Here it is: go read!…
This is great: how to read a NY Times report on a drone strike…
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Death would like to get on Twitter. He's so fun! From the must-read, "Death Emails Google" by @ciroccotweets
Social Experiment Calls Attention to Homeless… & wow, a tear-jerker when the reveal happens. Really makes you think.
Apparently @RealRobinWright is on my flight. No sign off Francis. Of course he has his own ride :)
Even the security belt bins at JFK Terminal 7 have @Yahoo Advertising ads