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Danny Sullivan
Jon Stewart does science on @TheDailyShow, teaching the idiots in Congress why melting ice can make sea levels rise.
The "this app is tracking your location" reminder notifications in iOS are pretty cool.
Tragedy today when an iPhone 6 Plus fell over today and crushed a small dog....
Psst, pass the word: the phone call is back
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Thomas' English Muffins are not crumpets. So now I'm figuring James & David aren't English. #MDLLA
With the major Jewish holidays upcoming, BBR Saatchi & Saatchi has created an amusing app for a worthy cause.
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LA to get helicopter noise complaint system with FAA. That needs to be for all of SoCal…
Will Google Arbitrage Ever Stop?… -- Amazing that Google still continues to allow this.
LISTEN: A Gmail "Support" Service You'll Want To Avoid by @dannysullivan
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So what's the best way to share an audio recording these days?
Emojew App Has Fun With Emoticons And Encourages Charitable Donations To Food Bank by @stevehall
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Study Shows CTRs A False Metric For Mobile Ad Performance by @gsterling
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The @HeforShe campaign asks men to take simple pledge to support gender equality. C'mon men sign up #HeForShe
Wonder if Google will make a "no knowledge graph" meta tag for those who don't want it mixed with their own listings…
Google Structured Snippets Officially Live In Search Results by @rustybrick
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Our @smx East show hits NYC next week with over 50+ sessions for search and digital marketers. Book this week to save
A side-by-side comparison of the iPhone 6 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S5
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I'm Man #11,421 for #HeForShe -- love to see 1 million in one day. Or 10 million. Come on men!…
Sad first comment on this @EmWatson #HeForShe post is abusive. Sadder it's 4-step multi-field form process to report
Wonderful men out there. I'm launching a campaign - #heforshe. Support the women in ur lives and sign up here now! ❤️
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Wow still line for iPhone 6 at Apple Store in Fashion Island. Kind of want to walk past all clueless like oh I want one if those new phones
Could they be more teenage girls in Maze Runner? Only if I went to Mockingjay, I believe.
Episode 4 of Season 2 of The Wire should have been called "We're getting the band back together." My binge continues...
It's amazing how nice the iPhone is when scaled up to Android size.
Moving after death letter on living life & enjoying it all…
Twitter app on iPhone 6 Plus is buggy. If click photo & rotate to landscape, only fills half the screen like this...
Happy with everything about the new phone except mirror selfies. #6plus
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The iPhone 6 Plus is nice because it can double as a sun visor, temporary bus shelter, cricket bat....
Was thinking iPhone 6 Plus was too big. But iPhone 6 feels small compared to Galaxy S5 I'm used to. And now Plus feels good, not too big
The disaster zone that is the iPhone 6 case area at BestBuy
Commencing all-important cargo shorts comfort test of iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus...
Google+ Is No Longer A Requirement For Creating A Google Account… via @Marketingland
Dom Joly demonstrates what you'll be seeing as all those iPhone 6 Pluses hit the streets
Set emergency Medical ID to show on lock screen of my iPhone. I feel more secure now.
Holding the iPhone 6 is like holding a stick of butter. It's damn slippery!
Wow the new Twitter profiles in iOS 8 are nice!
If the iPhone 6 Plus means one less person tries to use their iPad as a camera, it will have all been worth it
I keep reloading @speckproducts iPhone 6 page hoping wallet case I want magically appears in stock. Doing same with @OtterBox. It's a race!
Why is Twitter like the last app to update on my iPhone 6 migration. A conspiracy? :)
I can't get over the fact that the iPhone 6 from T-Mobile also works with AT&T & Verizon SIMs. It's like a use-any-carrier dream come true.
Nope. Gmail on the iPhone 6 Plus doesn't do a preview panel in landscape mode. I'm sure that will change soon.
Google+ Is No Longer A Requirement For Creating A Google Account by @MartinBeck
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