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Danny Sullivan
Under recommended SF books, Google Play really really thinks I should read @scalz (and I have, and you should)
Dear iOS 8. If I put a space after a word to separate it from a :) stop taking the damn space out and turning it into this:)
Are Games & Lyrics Sites Google Panda 4.1′s Biggest Losers? by @rustybrick
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If you're in NYC for #advertisingweek & think search indeed important, come to @smx -- even got special pass for you…
Yep, Advertising Week really changed. 10 years ago did nothing about search marketing when big; today still doesn't…
I buy more books& pay more for less rights to them than ever. Yeah Amazon's killing books…
Walking NYC with Android Wear navigation on my wrist. Works fairly OK
Google now offering SEO advice in public parks
Hard-sell advertising messages don't cut it nowadays. Take a tip from @JanVJensen:
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The Weather Channel doing crazy "We've got you covered" promo
Sheryl Sandberg & Katie Couric On Thriving Amidst Seismic Platform Shifts by @MartinBeck
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I wish my NFC chip in my smartphone would talk to those annoying video displays in NYC cabs to automatically turn them off
Nice visiting @mikegrehan at @Acronym_Media and what a view from 65th floor of Empire State Building
Hungry for some tasty conference coverage? Follow along with @GinnyMarvin & @mattmcgee today at #awxi & @MartinBeck at #iabmixx.
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Google Beefs Up Mobile Ad Offerings With New Formats & Ad Creator Tools by @GinnyMarvin
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Facebook Atlas: think of it like Facebook putting ads across the web like AdSense without having its own inventory…
Infographic: Requiem For Orkut As Google Pulls The Plug by @Marketingland
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Facebook Launches Atlas, Extending Ad Serving Reach Across The Web… via @Marketingland
This is what an Ello fail whale looks like
Watching @LastWeekTonight taping live was awesome. Be sure to catch the show tonight, great as always.
Says @iamjohnoliver if he could be dictator of any country it would be Wales, as they've already subjugated themselves :)
Good morning NYC. Sadly it's still night in my head. Time for day sleeping.
Kindle Fire ability to download streaming video for offline playback's awesome. Amazon should stress it more. My binge of The Wire continues
Hello @VirginAmerica it's been awhile. It's so pretty and purple :)
Weekend Review: A Gmail "Support" Service You'll Want To Avoid [AUDIO] by @dannysullivan
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I thought Galaxy Gear smartwatches were terrible. But amazingly, Android Wear ones are making them seem good.
All too often, you want to reference some major media exec on Twitter & they don't even have an account at all. Like not having a biz card
Personally, I don't care if so many NYT staffers have inactive Twitter accounts.… At least I can reference them…
Google Marks How Big Its Grown With Animated 16th Birthday Logo by @amygesenhues
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Up Close: #Ello, The New Social Network That Is So Hot Right Now by @MartinBeck
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Moto 360 arrived. So far makes nice clock for the nightstand. We'll see how it works as smartwatch after it charges
Spent the afternoon with The Tech Guy, @leolaporte All my problems are solved! Except for the hat.
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Basically avoid Disney during Halloween. Disneyland closes at 7pm; crowds head to California Adventure which isn't staffed to handle it
California Adventure Ferris Wheel & Crescent Moon
That time at dinner when son tells you interesting thing he learned about bees. & not in school but from @Oatmeal :)…
Disneyland has the best arcade next to Space Mountain. Classics that work; only a quarter.
Triangle. Diamond. Square. Circle. Buzz Lightyear targets in order of highest to least. Live it. Learn it. Love it
The film @voguemagazine acclaims is “Brilliant” is now playing in LA, NY, SF! Find showtimes:
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Google Contracts Forcing Search, Apps On Android Partners — Report by @gsterling
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BTW did anyone start a Twitter account for Cyrus's hair? #Scandal
Step-by-step recreating @panzer Disneyland iPhone 6 test :)
Halloween is over a month away yet Disneyland is full of people in costumes crazy.
Lufthansa Spreads Campaign Across Social Media With ‘Selfie Ad Unit’ by @stevehall
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Say Hello To Ello: A New Social Network That Really Hates Advertising…
Seriously any new social network where you have to build people to follow from scratch, you find @Scobleizer who's the pathfinder