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Danny Sullivan
Google Quick Answer Fail: NSFW Advice On “How To Eat Sushi” by @dannysullivan
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Sponsored opinion content from Russia on @Telegraph turns up in Google News without disclosure
Report: HTTPS URLs Have No Discernible Ranking Benefit In Google Currently by @rustybrick
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Content Marketing: What To Measure Beyond Sales & Leads by @lieblink
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Ending the last day of summer with a @Guardians tune :)
Because Newport Beach. Odd. The valet never parks my Escape in these spots :)
Watched Transcendence. It could have been worse. If I were an AI, that 2 hours of boredom would have felt like 2000 years.
"100 CPS is quite fast, my friend" -- I'm really enjoying @HaltAMC
Good piece on the many worries w/Burger King purchase of Canada's iconic Tim Horton's donut/coffee chain… via @dceiver
Alex Vause, or her twin, was my waitress tonight. She was just as thrilled to be doing that job as you'd expect Alex Vause to be :)
Weekend Review: @Pinterest Launches Analytics Upgrade; It's Available Today To All Business Accounts
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The Burning Man photos look great. Except for all that pollution. But it's OK, I'm sure there's some type of offset going on :)
Embrace Burns - a few hours ago the first major piece of art here burned... @burningman
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Dear Google: putting movie listings into search carousel sucks, hard to see what's playing where at a glance. In face, nothing is good there
I could really use on of those Cubanos from @ChefTheFilm about now. Also, see the film!
I can confirm saying "Xbox load Battlefield no wait scratch that load Titanfall" works. I found that pretty impressive.
He dusts off the Titanfall disk and begins the weekend joining the kids....
My 9-part profile was written over 2 months: Seeing Through the Illusion: Understanding Apple’s Mastery of the Media…
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Pay Per What? Choosing Pricing Models In Digital Advertising by @kohkiyamaguchi
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.@Toyota's dynamic creative ads use location to identify qualified audiences:
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2014: A Facebook Odyssey. AKA when Facebook won't let you go… via @wexler
ALS Association pulls trademark application for term 'ice bucket challenge'
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Twitter Tests Desktop Trends Box That Displays Details About Each Trend by @MartinBeck
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Only a few hours left to save with SMX East early bird rates!
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Sometimes I ignore @MagicRecs just because I like to be different and not told what to do.
Making edit to our Definitive Guide To Google Authorship (@rickdejarnette's great resource is an innocent victim)
Google Brings Analytics To Chrome Toolbar For AdSense And Other Google Publishers by @GinnyMarvin
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It’s Over: The Rise & Fall Of Google Authorship For Search Results… via @sengineland
Has anyone made a parody @RT_com account yet? Reading the spin from the real account is funny enough, but it could go to a whole new level
Oldest is traumatized his driving instructor corrected his "windscreen wiper" to "windshield wiper" & told him to speak American :)
Obama wore a tan suit while talking about Ukraine, and political Twitter promptly went nuts.
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And you may find yourself in a beautiful Oval Office...
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I wish there was Tinder for crickets, so the one making so much noise in my house would have a better way to attract a mate.
Google has an automated flying drone program called Project Wing to deliver stuff. What could go wrong?…
ALS Association looks to trademark the term 'ice bucket challenge"
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Mutt Lynch bar sign: "Becoming an adult was the stupidest thing I ever did"
Don't forget. Early bird rate expires this week for our @smx East event. 50+ sessions for search & digital marketers
It’s Over: The Rise & Fall Of Google Authorship For Search Results… big deal, including further divorce from Google+
The Obama press conference on Ukraine and Russia is still going on here…
Judging from my Twitter feed, anything important Obama is saying about Ukraine is being lost among chatter about his suit.
It’s Now Possible To Tag A Facebook Page From A Third-Party Platform by @MartinBeck
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Survey: More People Trust Google Than The U.S. Gov’t by @gsterling
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Is it Labor Day weekend yet? Can we just declare it so now?