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Danny Sullivan
Get What's New/What Works at SMX Social Media Marketing by @Marketingland
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FX is airing the first season of @MarriedFX and @YTWFX again. Catch them. They're great.
Tim Cook throwing shade w. class : "I think it's a skirmish" (on companies resisting Apple Pay) -- #wsjdlive
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Imagine A Twitter Where You Followed Interests Rather Than Users by @dannysullivan
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There's not only a R*dskins Facts account on Twitter to back that name but it's pushing promoted tweets
Facebook Maintains Social Login Dominance, Slips Slightly In Mobile by @MartinBeck
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Twitter Shows Strong Q3 Revenue But User Growth Slows by @MartinBeck
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Optimizing Organic Search For The Holidays With CTR Studies On Tableau by @nxfxcom
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Why Did Google’s Pigeon Poop All Over Big Local Brands? by @localseoguide
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Twitter No Longer Supporting Its Google Glassware App? by @amygesenhues
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Twitpic Photos Will Live On After Twitter Agrees To Take Over Archive by @MartinBeck
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Facebook Is Still A Runaway Winner In Social Referral Traffic Race by @MartinBeck
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Amy Poehler answering questions on Twitter right now. @twittermedia live tweeting them. My #AskAmy question would be, will you join Twitter?
Twitter drops from 12 to 20 as top web property in one month. Why? Some offsite traffic like embeds no longer counted…
Interesting — here's a case where iCloud helped a woman realize a cop stole her nude photos off a seized phone…
Google Webmaster Guidelines Updated To Warn About Blocking CSS & JavaScript Files by @rustybrick
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Twitter comScore Ranking Plunges As iOS Syndicated Traffic Excluded by @gsterling
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SMX Social Media Session Preview: TV & How The Second Screen Is Connecting Fans & Brands…
Google doesvindeed know what another page knows a slurve to be
I am Groot (pumpkin) - my @Guardians Halloween is ready :)
10 Reasons You'll Want To Attend Our #SMX Social Media Conference Next Month
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Halloween came early in the pancakes my wife made this morning :)
Wait. Wait. Woah. I don't have Battlestar Galactica on Amazon Prime? What, I'm supposed to dig out my DVDs and dust them off? Frack that.
Wait. Wait. Woah. Netflix no longer has Battlestar Galactica? Thank goodness for Amazon Prime.
Wow. I guess the Giants go to 11
Like this drink, Real Housewives of Santa Ana at @PlaygroundDTSA
I need to look more closely at my auto correct. Also Skype > SwiftKey I'm finding & switching back
Google Wallet users have had to ensure Verizon blocking that for years. Maybe now with Apple Pay such protectionism won't be tolerated
Is dumb CVS blocks Apple Pay to protect own wallet. If course it blocks Google Wallet, but no one cares about that…
Daddy, how did you survive the CVS closes Apple pay crisis. Well, child, I had to get out my credit card, the HORROR…
So that Google App ad with the koala is generally true though now source different
Weekend Review: What CMOs Need To Know About Google's New Structured Snippets by @dannysullivan
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That iPhone 6 Plus you're waiting for might be stuck in worst congestion Ports of LA & Long Beach have had in decade…
IE do we need people learning Klingon? Use Navajo or another language with fewer speakers & maybe you help give it new life.
Story on decline of Navajo speakers -- always wish SF shows would use declining languages rather than make some up...
Saturdays are so like the best days.
I'm happy to announce we've reached an agreement with Twitter to give them More here:…
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Digital Media Director for @LAKings sets up for a real social media slap shot of a keynote at @smx Social:
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Air New Zealand Releases Sequel To Popular Hobbit-Themed Safety Video…
Oh dear, the Halloween candy came early this year
Surface saves the day in How To Get Away With Murder in an amazing four person handoff
Have to be crazy to buy these AT&T international plans for the iPad 2. Just use a local SIM…
iPad Air 2 perfectly happy when I slotted my AT&T phone SIM in it; iPad SIM in phone stuck on "searching," doesn't bring up plan options