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Danny Sullivan
Au revoir, @obrien — long-time Silicon Valley tech reporter is off to France & files his exit interview on SV
ICYMI: @google Now Offers Alternative Flights On Delayed Or Cancelled Flights
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'Game of Thrones,' the most pirated TV show, is still getting downloaded like crazy 2 months after the season finale
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Search Marketers Tear Into Google Over AdWords Exact Match Change by @mattmcgee
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ComScore: Yahoo Bounces Back From All-Time Low In Search Share via @sengineland
Telegraph “Forgets” Its Own Stories Documenting Google “Right To Be Forgotten” Removals by @dannysullivan
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Global Smartphone Shipments Pass 300 Million In Q2; Android Extends Lead In Market Share… via @Marketingland
And @Telegraph just removed third story about Google removing its stories it just tweeted… what's going on @Telegraph
Odd @Telegraph has removed two stories about Google removing two Telegraph stories. Now my head hurts.
Meanwhile, elsewhere in Missouri, the cops break out ... the dance moves…
Retweeted plenty of rough pictures out of Ferguson. Glad to be retweeting this one now.
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Some citizens believe it's "us vs. them" when it comes to the cops. Some cops think the same. That was last night. Tonight it's just "us"
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The new head of the Ferguson response is marching WITH the protesters and suddenly military weapons aren't needed.
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The @AETV channel is releasing two games that aim to enliven history for children:
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Yesterday, my Twitter feed was flooded with #Ferguson -- as usually is the case for real-time news. Facebook? I didn't even look.
Some snapshots of my Twitter & Facebook feeds with #Ferguson posts. Generally, far more on Twitter but FB has some
Farewell ‘Pure’ Exact Match, AdWords Will Soon Require All Campaigns To Use Close Variants
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How Retailers Can Leverage Mobile To Boost Holiday Sales… via @Marketingland
Don't Call the Police "Militarized." The Military Is Better Than This.…
Not sure lack of #Ferguson on Facebook vs Twitter @zeynep writes about due to filtering but more Twitter real-time…
SeaWorld stock falls 33% as orca controversy hurts attendance… - good