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Danny Sullivan
With Nike killing the FuelBand, I'm calling it. We've hit "peak wearables."…
The term "Glasshole" has made its way into the backdrop of the BBC's popular @haveigotnews celebrity news quiz show.
The pee-tainted water Portland's dumping will be treated before release into the wild. Phew!…
That teenager would have had to pee in Portland's reservoir for 40 days to make the water unsafe… via @GreatDismal
Actually, I do use a FitBit One to track steps on my treadmill desk… working at 2mph is pretty sweet
So I quit the FuelBand (& all the other trackers)… before it quit me
Great scoop by @nickstatt — Nike has abandoned the FuelBand
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Meanwhile @VerizonWireless still thinks I should just go from my $70 month plan to $100 despite paying full price for iPhone 5s. Nightmare.
First @ATT's new mobile share program lowers my monthly bill; next it gives me $100 off new S5 phone out-of-the-blue. I like this new AT&T.
Can't believe Samsung isn't doing a trade-in offer on the Galaxy Gear 1 for the Galaxy Gear 2
My head hurts trying to figure out the whole AT&T Next upgrade plan. Basically, you pay full price for a phone in installments.
Car vs. building at Hertz Car Sales in Pasco. Employee was behind the wheel.
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VIDEO + SLIDESHOW: Why "Going Viral" Means More Than Getting Pageviews… via @Marketingland
Newport Beach Film Festival getting going - #FFTheFilm from @erinscafe looks interesting, two screenings:…
Breaking: Google to fund creation of new super-hero character, Google Glass Guy, able to defeat Google Glass haters with a single wink.
Coke Creates Giant Rainbows To Help South Africa Celebrate 20 Years Of Democracy by @stevehall
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.Guru(s) Galore: New Top-Level Domain Passes 50K Registrations by @mattmcgee
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Facebook Paper 1.1 Rewards Publishers With New Cover Treatments by @MartinBeck
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The biggest problem with all razors right now, of course, is lack of wifi connectivity. How can I shave with an unconnected razor?
I've also been getting along well with @bevel reintroducing me to single blade shaving. Takes longer, but I feel all fancy :)
Part of the problem with the razor industry. The "aging" Mach 3 is a great, fantastic razor…
Gillette’s New Razor Is Everything That’s Wrong With American Innovation
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