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Danny DeVito
comedyactor 3,180,483 followers
#Trollfoot #onedirection #everybody wants to steal my girl "Are they gonna do what I think they're gonna do?"
"Everybody Wants to Steal My Girl!" #onedirection
Come on Berserk, I mean Barack, don't go starting another donnybrook ... you'll be sorrrrryyyyyy
It's Always Smokin In Philadelphia!
#Trollfoot Dressing up to watch "The Strain" tonight!!!!
That's all we need, another misinformed woman named Rice! GOTENU! ouch, she was born on November 17th!
Come on they canceled Kirstie! Fools!
Watch these Doc's & you're pants are gonna fit! @GMOOMGfilm! DVD & iTunes! #GMOOMG… Fed Up
Down The Morning Line public theater
The Strain... Scarwwweeee!
Sheldon Mopes: "When my brothers and I played cowboys and Indians, I was always the Chinese railroad worker".
14 Journalist jailed in Egypt... convicted of Journalism?
Aesop a slave and storyteller in ancient Greece who lived from 620-560 BC. Check out... "Bundle of Sticks"...molto interessante...
Basmati?...Okay I'll take it...with the hot red stuff on top and a little bit of the spinach thing... that's it...
Basmati? I don't think so...
Check out "Fed Up"
Ohhhhh concussions as a youngster? Ahhhh....
"The Dance of Reality" Fantastic Jodorowsky!!!
Check out "Fed Up" this carefully!
A beautiful Day! Just had a car to car conversation with Sidney Poitier on Sunset Blvd.
Go to the movies! "Fed Up" Check it out... Don't stop at the candy counter!!!
Nice Harvey. With a good family ready to nurture Jane already at hand, this should be a no brainer for Ms. Katz to allow. Do it Ms. Katz.