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Dan Howell
it was probably the most terrifying experience of my life but i did it for you - Dan Plays OUTLAST alone in the dark.
my new danisnotonfire video about FEAR!… i filmed and edited it in the dark alone which was traumatic so pls watch it
what is it about comment sections that compell us to keep scrolling down beneath the top comments even if we know how bad it will be
new danisnotonfire video! i reveal MY GREATEST FEAR ..that i kind of don't understand how or why -… pls retweet! ty👦💀
for the night owls among you i will be uploading a spontaneously inspired danisnotonfire video about FEAR ITSELF in an hour or so!
had another one of those dreams where i'm friends with harry styles and feel so happy and warm until i wake up and feel sad y'know the ones
new spo0o0oky gaming video! me and phil download a mysterious file named.. SONIC.EXE 💀🎮🔥
i might order a pizza and offer the delivery extra tip if he stays to keep me company
hmm i really need to pee i should go down to the bath- know what i think i can hold
i'm cold i should get socks from my bedr- .. you know what never mind i don't need socks
i'm scaring the crap out of myself editing tonight's video alone in the dark THIS WHOLE THING WAS A TERRIBLE IDEA
sorry to the girl i just met outside a book shop i totally spat on your face saying hi but you didn't acknowledge it i appreciate it
being home alone means i can rap along to nicki minaj at 2am without anyone judging me
new video! we battle evil robot animals and our own heart rates in - Dan and Phil Play FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S…
grab your headphones and turn off your lights.. because it's time for the first video of spo0o0oky week on DanAndPhilGAMES! 😈🎮💀
are you all watching the suggfest/suggsplosion/suggtastrophy on this week's internet takeover?? #zoeandjoeonradio1
i can't believe our brownie graveyard video was TWO YEARS AGO WTF
our decorating skills may be questionable but these cupcakes are INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS… you should make them 🎃
👻👻 NEW VIDEO! Halloween baking with Dan and…PK Retweet for spooky emojis 👻👻
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flirting fighting and uneaten cake - thing's are getting DRAMATIC in the new Sims with Dan + Phil!… DIL'S WORST ENEMY
uploading a new Sims 4 video! 20 MINUTES OF SOLID DIL HOWLTER ACTION
thanks @ArianaGrande for sending us both a pair of your cat ears😼�
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>tfw when w2c a.p.c x kanye parka but it has real fur :( >want to spunk but not on the mink
today i have been made to wear a 'snood' for the first time and it is very uncomfortable physically and emotionally
phil and i have been very busy making some hilarious and absolutely amazing things for our that you'll see VERY SOON😁
i feel people should stop naming 'gamergate' when discussing this sexism as its unrelated to the exposing of corruption in gaming journalism
hark! i am doing a live show right now but i forgot my own password so i'm doing it on phil's account (no really)
it seems @AmazingPhil has bought another house plant without telling me. i'm starting to worry he has a problem.
man what happened to 'editorial standards' these ignorant clickbait outsourced opinion pieces are the cancer of news establishments
oh look our last radio show is featured on the @BBCiPlayer!… i might tell my grandma
new gaming video! we attempt to beat Tekken 2.. WITH OUR FEET… yep. even by our standards this is a terrible idea.
putting the finishing touches to a new ridiculous gaming handicap video for DanAndPhilGAMES! 👦💻🎮👾 i'll do a live show tomorrow night at 9pm
were doing a teen awards behind-the-scenes special radio show featuring chats with little mix and zalfie! come watch🏆
this just happened i don't know how to feel @nickjonas
the @BBCR1 teen awards have begun! you can watch it here: 👦🎤👨✨
i've just been told who we're presenting the 'Best British Vlogger' award with .. ACTUAL NICK JONAS wtf i'm not okay
we've arrived at our special dan and phil studio for the teen awards! READY TO POUNCE ON SOME POPSTARS
why am i browsing /r/nosleep at 2am somebody hold me
having my first ever bento box experience WHAT FUN PRESENTATION 🍱✨
sending that tweet took another 3% WHAt AM I DOING
i'm out shopping then socialising and won't be home for hours but my phone is on 17% battery. the anxiety begins.
stepping out of a hot shower on a cold day is the hardest and bravest thing a person can do if you can do that believe you can do anything
having another poster signing marathon with @amazingphil! yay i can't feel my hands
oh my god the Pokémon ORAS demo THIS GAME IS SO BEAUTIFUL
afraid to express criticism online or consider murdering people that don't like your fav band? this video may help:…
i am no longer going to live in fear of violence in response to a vague opinion on personal preference in entertainment!!1
new danisnotonfire video! i finally decided to express some opinions ..ON OPINIONS… pls retweet ty 👦💬