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Dan Howell
this just happened i don't know how to feel @nickjonas
the @BBCR1 teen awards have begun! you can watch it here: 👦🎤👨✨
i've just been told who we're presenting the 'Best British Vlogger' award with .. ACTUAL NICK JONAS wtf i'm not okay
we've arrived at our special dan and phil studio for the teen awards! READY TO POUNCE ON SOME POPSTARS
why am i browsing /r/nosleep at 2am somebody hold me
having my first ever bento box experience WHAT FUN PRESENTATION 🍱✨
sending that tweet took another 3% WHAt AM I DOING
i'm out shopping then socialising and won't be home for hours but my phone is on 17% battery. the anxiety begins.
stepping out of a hot shower on a cold day is the hardest and bravest thing a person can do if you can do that believe you can do anything
having another poster signing marathon with @amazingphil! yay i can't feel my hands
oh my god the Pokémon ORAS demo THIS GAME IS SO BEAUTIFUL
afraid to express criticism online or consider murdering people that don't like your fav band? this video may help:…
i am no longer going to live in fear of violence in response to a vague opinion on personal preference in entertainment!!1
new danisnotonfire video! i finally decided to express some opinions ..ON OPINIONS… pls retweet ty 👦💬
new danisnotonfire video tonight and i can tell you it's very OPINIONATED #spoilers
😁 it's@tyleroakleyy on our Internet Takeover tonight! You can watch and listen starting 9PM!
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according to imdb i played 'Courtroom Seargant' in a movie called 'Courageous' ..guess i must've sleepacted that one
i'm imagining lewis tuning his team radio to the classical music station and just enjoying a pleasant afternoon drive #RussianGP
thank you all so much for your support during this difficult time #eightyearsofdanisnotonfire
@danisnotonfire #EIGHTYEARSOFDANISNOTONFIRE i cant believe you have eighty ears you should probably get that checked out
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thanks to everyone for some reason celebrating the 8th anniversary of me making a youtube channel that matched my myspace name when i was 15
my creativity seems to come in short intense bursts at all once i think i will call them 'writingasms'
spent the morning watching industrial dance party videos on youtube. who wants to buy a gas mask and some neon hair extensions wth me??
new Sims 4 with Dan and Phil! DIL'S FIRST DAY OF LIFE… we would make terrible, terrible omnipotent deities.
oh shit it left a mark on my face and i'm about to film a video i look like a vampire
look i managed to get a petri dish to stick to my face by inhaling all the air
TIME FOR THE #GBBOfinal! all the extreme emotions of a reality show final combined with the danger that my stomach might digest itself
more Bishi Bashi with Dan and Phil!… and this time ..THERE'S BEANS
i'm doing a live show!!1 click here for an intimate experience with me in my bedroom
we've officially reached the time of year where it's wrong to complain how cold your house is if you're not wearing socks
So much fun doing the radio show again :D thanks for live tweeting my first experience with nipple tassels
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it's time for DAN AND PHIL back on our Internet Takeover ~ watch us live right now! 👦👨🎥📻🎶
dan and phil are back on radio 1 tonight at 9pm! I AM SO EXCITED
i'm a very mature gamer and a great sportsman online
🎉⭐️🎈 Wohoo Dan and Phil Games hit 500,000 subscribers! THANK YOU!! Come join us if you haven’t 💃👾⚡️
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new gaming Dan vs. Phil and this week it was MY TURN TO CHOOSE! Halo 3 -…
unsuccessful piñata selfie from my camera roll
two new iamamiwhoami videos in one day?? we are not worthy… (thin is amazing)
yes i'm watching shiba inu videos at 2am stop judging me
holy shit this is the most terrifying thing i've ever seen…
wait is that a 'Z' on a triple letter score?? uhoh @AmazingPhil how are you ever going to take this back
i just rekt phil at scrabble with a savage 38 for 'cloned' on a triple word score
i would be a terrible architect and/or interior designer
new Sims 4 video continuing the adventure's of 'Dil Howlter'! - WE MAKE A HOUSE