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Dan Howell
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my dream house would ideally have koi carp ponds underneath glass floors and also the walls and also the ceilings
@danisnotonfire the hamster was you from the future who was sent back to teach you that lesson so you could fulfill your destiny
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apparently 'Suki' means 'love' in Japanese and 'bitches' in Polish. i think this represents the relationship we had well
so what're your theories on my hamster? radioactive? a human mind in an animal body like the fish in american dad? (…)
sometimes i feel like social media has totally ruined society by giving ignorant people a very well connected voice (ironic bc it's my life)
did you see my new video last night?!… it's like the shawshank redemption but about a hamster (and no morgan freeman)
goodbye forever until i have watched it. (this evening)
there is only one force in this universe that can stop me from going on the internet and that is fear of Game of Thrones spoilers
seeing lorde tyler katy perry and haim dancing on stage with pharrell felt like watching the cool kids birthday party through the window
NEW VIDEO -… the story of how a hamster taught me the meaning of freedom and how to truly live. please retweet! 🐹
so who'd like a new video?! i feel a DANECDOTE of epic and life changing proportions on the horizon.
radio show time ☺ am live come watch it here and keep me company! please i am so alone (joking) (kind of)
so a radio show AND a new danisnotonfire video tonight. sunday more like FUNDAY am i right?? haha!!1
i'm in a transitional period at the moment. like a metapod! except i'd preferably evolve into something cool like a charizard.
wow who has seen the lemonhope episode of adventure time because that was like so profound princess bubblegum had me crying at the end there
i'm sorry that last tweet didn't make any sense but it came from a place of truth and desparation
do enough people on the internet appreciate dane dehaan like does he have stalkers and a fanbase because he deserves them in a good way
sometimes i think it's weird that i'm wearing suits in half of my instagrams but then i remember it's because i never leave the house
at the amazing spider-man 2 premiere with @kickthepj and @iamjackhoward! do we look snazzy enough?
i have just discovered QuizUp and spent the last three hours destroying people with my superior Pokémon knowledge
also i am now home alone for a week so whenever i tweet presume i'm doing it naked
hoovering my apartment and listening to the name game on repeat…
the real question is where are Enrique Iglesias and Pharrell's horcruxes and who will stop them if they become evil