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Dan Howell
this was the weirdest thing i think i've ever experienced…
iggy azalea in the booty video be like
new gaming video! me and phil attempt to play Portal 2 Co-op BLINDFOLDED… warning: may induce unhealthy stress levels
tonight's gaming channel video literally made me cry while editing prepare yourselves for tears of joy and frustration
*phone buzzes in pocket* ~sudden wave of fear and anxiety~
i'm doing a live show! you can stare at me as i uncomfortably waffle for an hour! yay!
taking 50 selfies in front of everyone on an underground platform was mortifying but necessary for the good lighting
don't worry i'm not bald (yet)
time for an overdue haircut to sort this bird's nest out
It's back!! MY TUMBLR TAG 2 ft. @danisnotonfire Plz retweet for <3 ^-^
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the new video we uploaded last night containing said leaderboard… (DanAndPhilCRAFTS pls subscribe)
i just realised how freakishly gigantic and weird phil's hand looks in his picture for the dan vs phil leaderboard
new gaming video! our first HEAD TO HEAD BATTLE in Mortal Kombat contains strong violence and possibly language (soz)
just putting the finishing touches to our second gaming video! should be up in about an hour 😁👾
trending facebook comments for 'kanye west' from people who obvs just read the clickbait circlejerk headlines make me welcome the apocalypse
i should spend more time on tumblr i think just looking at cool pictures you vibe with helps to reaffirm your identity
make sure you all subscribe to our new channel to see the next video!… we hope you liked the first one (/^▽^)/
hahah thank you for everyone tweeting #DanAndPhilGAMES i'm so incredibly excited to show you more videos! THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING
it's official. we have a joint gaming channel - DanAndPhilGAMES! here's our first video:… MONKEYING AROUND 👦🎮🙇 pls RT
I can reveal it is NOT a synchronised swimming club #wtfisprojectx 🏊 9PM
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are you ready? our secret project (that @AmazingPhil for some reason code named 'project x') will be revealed in 2 HOURS! #wtfisprojectx
wanna know essential dan and phil facts like my fear of trees and phil's cereal stealing habit? watch ma new vid yo!…
wtf why is it cold now have you ever heard of 'TRANSITION' nature smh
i was naked and vulnerable in the shower listening to songs on shuffle and it started playing the new U2 album i feel so violated by apple
but no seriously tyvm <3
holy cow i just hit 4,000,000 subscribers. that's more than puerto rico! TAKE THAT PUERTO RICO
i put myself through so much unneccessary stress trying to find relevant emoji for each new video tweet
NEW VIDEO Who's more likely to - Dan or Phil?… 👬❓❔ (live at VidCon o0o scary) pls retweet!
who fancies seeing @AmazingPhil and i put our friendship to the test which may or may not end with PHYSICAL EMBRACING? new video incoming!
i'm doing a live show right now! come stare at me waffling uncomfortably and adjusting my hair 👀
aw who wants to get an apple watch and swap heartbeats with me you can feel how dangerously fast it beats every time i climb the stairs
wow what a great mug it's so stylish AND comfortable to sip from i swear it even makes the drink taste better
it's so beautiful i love it and i hope you like it and the things we have so far
after A YEAR of working on it, our brand new worldwide Dan and Phil Shop is finally here! check it out - 👕🌍
it's time for the our first guest on the INTERNET TAKEOVER - @thetomska watch it here: and give him some support!
i'm worried this will combine into cannibalism
i'm so hungry right now i'm actually angry this is a new sensation
if #1DFireproof is an example of the rest of their album i would be excited for pleasant acoustic guitars even if there's no BANGING SINGLE
sorry lewis didn't see you there he was too busy mmmblocking out the rosberg
sat in my pyjamas at midday watching formula 1 and i'm even having a ROAST DINNER later. ah sundays i have missed you.
i decided to make a spontaneous 1am bag of microwave popcorn and now i am filled with kernels and regret
i can almost see what the jigsaw of my life that was previously in pieces in a plastic bag is turning out to be thank you for your patience
thought it'd be fun to lock myself in the bathroom and sing along to my karaoke playlist but ultimately left feeling sad because i cant sing
new addition to the list of foods i used to hate but now suddenly love: MELONS
flying lotus ft. kendrick was everything i wanted it to be… 👌
so i have just discovered the joys of 'hair chalk' what do you think of purple?
i am doing a live show RIGHT NOW come lurk w/ me!