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Dan Howell
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the flower lady asked me who they are for and i said 'just myself i'm going to put them by my computer' .. i must have looked so alone
i decided to buy some roses because they are pretty and they smell nice
i want to hire someone to live in my spare bedroom as a p.a/cleaner/cook/editor/multiplayer gaming companion/therapist any volunteers?
may have accidentally insulted all of my youtuber friends filming a video with @PointlessBlog + @AmazingPhil let's hope they forgive me
there is nothing more distressing than when your phone vibrates or you see a notification and it disappears what was it YOU WILL NEVER KNOW
HELLO I AM DOING A LIVE SHOW RIGHT NOW - come hang out and ask me stuff and stuff if you want
apparently my grandparents went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel but don't know who Wes Anderson is thought it was 'rubbish and daft'
my grandma has finally learned how to use the iPad that she got for christmas and she keeps trying to FaceTime me at 6am 😞
having food on the 31st floor of 'The Shard' wow much height very building
i currently think niall is the sexiest member of 1d
hope you all had a fun day of praising/blazing 😇🐣🍁
dang that radio show was awesome thanks for tweeting and calling and sending videos! hope you had fun (we did)
RADIO SHOW TIME - we're going to do Egg Roulette live on camera and play 'is Phil smarter than a 16 year old'
i'm justifying eating an entire bag of mini eggs as being 'festive' yay easter
nico rosberg and lewis hamilton are my brotp
what is the Sun's favourite pick-up line? 'hey babe you look like you need some VITAMIN D! *thrusts*'
guys guys i just thought of a joke do you want to hear it
i just laughed so hard i cried and burst all the blood vessels in my face
my dream house would ideally have koi carp ponds underneath glass floors and also the walls and also the ceilings
@danisnotonfire the hamster was you from the future who was sent back to teach you that lesson so you could fulfill your destiny
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apparently 'Suki' means 'love' in Japanese and 'bitches' in Polish. i think this represents the relationship we had well
so what're your theories on my hamster? radioactive? a human mind in an animal body like the fish in american dad? (…)
sometimes i feel like social media has totally ruined society by giving ignorant people a very well connected voice (ironic bc it's my life)
did you see my new video last night?!… it's like the shawshank redemption but about a hamster (and no morgan freeman)