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Dan Howell
youtube radio bbc artists 1,350,921 followers
if you missed the last radio show it was a good one!… why not listen as you commute or stop yourself being productive
i am live on camera! you have my undivided attention or at least until i find something on the desk to hold awkwardly
i am gone do a live show in 10 mins! lurk about if you feel you need some hot waffle in your life
do you ever think how weird cereal is like we spoon little chunks of sugary wheat into our mouths from a bowl of cow's nipple juice
dan and phil super professional presenters totally ready to host an event with 3000 people 😬
it's hard to forget sometimes that there's more to the universe than young girls being fans of cute boys but it's actually pretty big
i've been listening to a youtube playlist of elevator music while browsing for two hours and i feel a bit weird
oh my god i just went into a bank to use an atm and said 'thank you' out loud when i took the money everyone looked at me
life changing… i've been crying for 5 minutes
having one of those days where i feel like my head's filled with fog and everything's like huh 😑💭❓
i have a particularly strange existence
'boyhood' was great i give it a strong existential crisis/10
the more time passes the more i realise the name game in ahs was probably the highlight of my existence so far
a cobweb just fell from the ceiling onto my face as i was reading a book and the noise i made was inhuman
my problem is i do so many things and like so many things that i'm not particularly good at anything and don't particularly fit in anywhere
if ur in the mood for animals, balls, a bucket of ice and decapitation then make sure you check out my new video!…
the people at my favourite café have started to recognise me and make small talk when i order ..well looks like i'm never going there again
owls are really weird but they are also cool
i would like to apologise what for i have done to @AmazingPhil and request an apology from @kickthepj
i think by this point my dignity has gone so low it has passed through the other side of the earth's core and tunnelled up to australia
two animals, two bungee cords and one bowl of cereal. only one will survive. this is THE EXTINCTION RACE… pls RT! 🐯🐲
it began with a lion, followed by a dinosaur. then came the great race over water. coming to danisnotonfire tomorrow.. THE EXTINCTION RACE!
so as you may have seen everyones favourite cereal advertisers asked me to do a challenge! it may be THE MOST ridiculous video ive ever made