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Dan Howell
my arms and neck are feeling the repercussions of playing Age of Mythology in bed on my laptop for 12 consecutive hours
It's here! THINGS I THOUGHT WERE TRUE THAT ARE NOT TRUE 3!… Plz Retweet for true <3
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phil just literally lunged at me and knocked me over because i was about to put a pair of new shoes on the table
congrats to @AmazingPhil for hitting two PHILLION subscribers!! 🙇🏆 haha ..that was terrible. i'll let myself out.
have you seen my video with @tyleroakley?! finally together and more sexual/inappropriate than we could have dreamed…
i'm doing a live show! come hang out with me if you wish 👦💻 〰 👥👥👤
what exactly are 'suggested pokes' on facebook why these particular people what are you trying to do
obligatory YAAASSSSSS JESSICA LANGE for her Emmy last night iconic performance as always
#NewTylerAndDanVideo 👦👱 (don't show your grandma) Dan And Tyler Being Offensive…bi pls retweet!
SUPRISE 😱 i am uploading a video tonight! with a very 'special guest' (it may be slightly offensive😁)
the time has come. the last ever sunday night dan and phil radio show. *gets out box of tissues* - watch it here now!
well i know where i'm gonna spend the next two hours
we have some extremely cool and exciting radio show news!!… 👦👨📻
getting silently stared at by strangers as i attempted to peel the tshirt off my sticky sun-creamy body was definitely highlight of my day
i could be out clubbing on holiday but instead me and my friends have decided to play 'the cube' using objects from my hotel room
you are all collectively miss trunchbull
if you find kids annoying you have no soul they're so innocent and carefree
so did you guys see me and @AmazingPhil in @ashens' new video?… my face felt violated
the mediterranean is so beautiful! every sea view is like mama mia who wants to burst into song with me
just realised i'd been listening to 'jenny from the block' 11 times in a row because spotify was playing the search results for the song
reading facebook comments from people who have been succesfully trolled by articles from The Onion gives me life
mheyguyshavmumyouseenmyknewvideom?? ihoeyoulikedtit!…
NEW VIDEO! the latest reason why dan's a fail that truly ruins my life on a daily basis:… i mumble. pls retweet 👦
after 7 hours my new video is crowning from the vagina of the hotel internet PREPARE YOURSELVES
i was 13 and going through my 'random' phase when i made my accounts. i've committed to it now. #explainyourusername
taking that obnoxious selfie required 74 attempts that might be a personal record
going on holiday requires snazzy new sunglasses😎
who stole the sofa was it dan and phil WHO KNOWS
#tbt the time i accidentally followed someone on twitter
me deciding what i'm doing with my life feels like trying to catch flying spaghetti inside my mind with a butterfly net without it escaping
imagine if the word challenge was banned from youtube for a year WHAT WOULD ALL THE VIDEOS BE CALLED
i am live on camera right now come be thrilled 👦💻 〰 📱👩💤
live show in 10 mins be there or be◻
i'm loving the rain at the moment. i think i much prefer looking out of the window and feeling gloomy to being warm and uncomfortably moist.
does anyone have any sticky tape
so my camera just fell off the tripod. oops
reading the letters people gave me is so heart warming! perhaps next time i'm feeling stuck i should read a few to inspire me :)
le dan and phil radio show begins WATCH IT HERE - or i'll cry
watch me @AmazingPhil and @SprinkleofGlitr on @Joe_Sugg's bed!!… (whispering) (we're pretty terrible at it)
i just saw a woman get hit in the face by a flying tesco bag and i think she saw me laughing i feel bad
you can battle as cosplay pikachu wtf amazing… #hoennhype
obligatory crowd selfie
had so much fun meeting people today! i just ate an entire large dominos to recover so i look forward to my pizza hangover
me and @AmazingPhil decided to write each other's descriptions in the Summer in the City annual
you may have seen these new wristbands we brought to SitC! dw these (& MUCH MORE) are available on the internet soon😉
Me + @danisnotonfire are having a photo shoot in my bedroom! He keeps telling me to do a 'sexy smile' but I just look like a serial killer 😬
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