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Dan Howell
mmm last night's doritos
new gaming video ~ me and phil do more BISHI BASHI with each other!!1 why japan why
realised i still had a browser window minimised from the time i considered buying a bonsai tree but got overwhelmed
do you reckon youtube says this when panic! at the disco upload a new music video
new Donkey Kong video with @AmazingPhil!… our friendship put to the test in MINECART MANIA
torrenting an album that i paid for feels weird do i leave it seeding idek
thom yorke just totally beyoncéd us I WAS NOT PREPARED
party update: as usual we just ended up in the corner eating all the food
myself and @AmazingPhil have arrived at the #ZoellaBeauty party! thank you Zoe for forcing me to socialise
myself and @amazingphil have arrived at the #ZoellaBeauty party! thank you Zoe for forcing me to socialise
oh my god my side channel is ugly IT DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A BANNER okay i'll have to sort that out at some point
want to see how annoying 12 year old dan really is?… here is the entire horrifying experience of 'DO NOT CLICK'
MEET 'DIL HOWLTER' -… our first episode of Dan and Phil play The Sims 4!
imagine actually being the queen
phil was trying to 'neatly break up' the polystyrene from something he bought and now the house looks like a bunch of articunos had an orgy
my soul in exchange for another fincher directed millenium trilogy movie
watch my new video to learn about early 00's internet, beaded necklaces and hentai snake!… it will make you LOLZOR
i think i mispronounced 'quinoa' when ordering lunch and a group of women glared at me judgingly look this is why i don't go outside okay
NEW DANISNOTONFIRE VIDEO! i give you a tour of the website i made when i was 12 -… 👶💻 please retweet!
if you're the kind of person that can't look at their past without dying of cringe my new video should come with a health warning
who the hell is this guy? prepare to get to know him a whole lot better in tonight's danisnotonfire video!
this was the weirdest thing i think i've ever experienced…
iggy azalea in the booty video be like
new gaming video! me and phil attempt to play Portal 2 Co-op BLINDFOLDED… warning: may induce unhealthy stress levels
tonight's gaming channel video literally made me cry while editing prepare yourselves for tears of joy and frustration
*phone buzzes in pocket* ~sudden wave of fear and anxiety~
i'm doing a live show! you can stare at me as i uncomfortably waffle for an hour! yay!
taking 50 selfies in front of everyone on an underground platform was mortifying but necessary for the good lighting
don't worry i'm not bald (yet)
time for an overdue haircut to sort this bird's nest out
It's back!! MY TUMBLR TAG 2 ft. @danisnotonfire Plz retweet for <3 ^-^
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the new video we uploaded last night containing said leaderboard… (DanAndPhilCRAFTS pls subscribe)
i just realised how freakishly gigantic and weird phil's hand looks in his picture for the dan vs phil leaderboard
new gaming video! our first HEAD TO HEAD BATTLE in Mortal Kombat contains strong violence and possibly language (soz)
just putting the finishing touches to our second gaming video! should be up in about an hour 😁👾
trending facebook comments for 'kanye west' from people who obvs just read the clickbait circlejerk headlines make me welcome the apocalypse
i should spend more time on tumblr i think just looking at cool pictures you vibe with helps to reaffirm your identity
make sure you all subscribe to our new channel to see the next video!… we hope you liked the first one (/^▽^)/
hahah thank you for everyone tweeting #DanAndPhilGAMES i'm so incredibly excited to show you more videos! THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING
it's official. we have a joint gaming channel - DanAndPhilGAMES! here's our first video:… MONKEYING AROUND 👦🎮🙇 pls RT
I can reveal it is NOT a synchronised swimming club #wtfisprojectx 🏊 9PM
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are you ready? our secret project (that @AmazingPhil for some reason code named 'project x') will be revealed in 2 HOURS! #wtfisprojectx
wanna know essential dan and phil facts like my fear of trees and phil's cereal stealing habit? watch ma new vid yo!…
wtf why is it cold now have you ever heard of 'TRANSITION' nature smh
i was naked and vulnerable in the shower listening to songs on shuffle and it started playing the new U2 album i feel so violated by apple
but no seriously tyvm <3
holy cow i just hit 4,000,000 subscribers. that's more than puerto rico! TAKE THAT PUERTO RICO
i put myself through so much unneccessary stress trying to find relevant emoji for each new video tweet