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Dan Peterson
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If we can't find/develop US soccer talent, maybe they can: Are European giants exploiting US soccer or improving it?
If Brain Training Won’t Help the Elderly, What Will?… via @BrainBlogger
How Video Games Can Improve Your Kids' Hand-Eye Coordination… #YouthSports #Learning
Nanobots in Your Brain Could Be the Future of Learning - a prediction from Nicholas Negroponte:… via @bigthink
What Happens To Our Brains When We Exercise And How It Makes Us Happier…
Hormone and gene therapies for anxiety and PTSD could be on the way - Can Fear Be Erased?…
How subliminal messages boost endurance - "What Is Fatigue?"… via @NewYorker and @sweatscience
Andrew Wiggins named NBA Western Conference Rookie of the Month!..Check his vert through the lens of sports science
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How do you get #inthezone? Hear how elite NBA shooter Kyle Korver found his focus.
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Just 15 miles/week of running lowers risk of getting Alzheimer's by 40% - via Alex Hutchinson @sweatscience
35 Secrets of Brilliant Coaches How many of these can u consistently tick off at daily practice? How can u improve?
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An Unplayed Guitar - Will Sappington on plugging in and making a difference.
Another gem from @Scienceofsport: A strategic and tactical talent management perspective: The viable athlete…
"Shivering in the cold actually cranks up your metabolism even better than some exercise"
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For Overweight Teens, Is Aerobic or Resistance Exercise Better? | T... via @teamsnap
Fantastic breakdown of Pep Guardiola's tactics at Bayern Munich by @liviubird for SI's Inside the SuperClubs
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Data analytics are playing an increasingly important role in sports — on and off the field #dataanalytics #sport
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The Neuroscience of Knowing Without Knowing | Psychology Today…
Routledge Handbook of Sport Expertise - coming April 2015 Lots of great contributions.…
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What Kind of Mind Games Will It Take to Run a 2-Hour Marathon?… via @thescienceofus
St Mary's is the perfect academy for youngsters at the Southampton dream factory | via @Telegraph
Deliberate practice explains 21% of variance in music achievement, 18% in sports, 4% in education:…
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See the future of online education while learning about neuroscience - via @mindhacksblog
What Neuro-revolution? The Public Find Brain Science Irrelevant and Anxiety-provoking -… #brain #cognitivescience
fMRI scans show distinct patterns of brain activity in elite athletes: Meditation used to reach peak performance
The Sky is the Limit – Altitude Training -… via @metrifit
"Willpower is like a muscle" - Concentrate! How to tame a wandering mind -…
New study from Dr Paul Maruff: Research Shows BDNF Slows Cognitive Decline In Preclinical Alzheimer’s Disease… #EndAlz
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Foo Fighters celebrates American music - CBS News…
100,000 people are already living with neural implants: Can we build a better brain? via @verge
How Far Fitness Has Fallen: The Fit List via @outsidemagazine
Kids, don't try this at home... unless you're related to @Coco_Lamela
A dog, a GoPro and 35 second run to happiness: Run Walter, RUN!!:
Research Links Cognitive Impairment With Work Productivity In MDD Patients… #MajorDepressiveDisorder #Depression
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Soccer's growing concussion problem... just ask @TaylorTwellman - "The Cost of the Header"… via @NewYorker
Neil Peart's latest post, "Science Island" where he covers his soulscape in The Laurentian Mountains of Quebec:…
"Watching Michael Phelps return to swimming was like worrying a loose tooth with your tongue" Phelps Takes Step Away
Three win Nobel prize in medicine for finding brain's GPS, which helps understand Alzheimer's disease:… #EndALZ
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Injured athletes need help while away from their sport - Metrifit's latest article #sportpsychology #sportsinjury
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Athleticism vs. Skill: Changing the eternal American sporting debate via @TopDrawerSoccer