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Daniel Padilla ▲
Hater: Why do you love KathNiel? They don't even know you. Me: Why do you hate them? You don't even know them! © - Meryl
" Baby Dj , don't you see? I'm not on drugs , I'm just in love . You're high enough for me 💋�
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Baby Dj , don't you see? I'm not on drugs , I'm just in love . You're high enough for me 💋� - Meryl
Retweet if you're PROUD to be part of this fandom ♥👍 Loud And Proud KathNiel”
@MissEditors: JUST GOT MARRIED #soonplease • Loud And Proud KathNiel Fans
@MissEditors: Retweet if you are part of this KATHNIEL LOUD AND PROUD CROWD.
@MissEditors: "The one who wishes to wear the crown, must bear its weight..." ▬ QUEEN 👑”
@MissEditors: BEAR HUG sabay bulong: "Sorry and I love you Bally"
@MissEditors: TEAM SOCO ON: she wore it last day and he wore it yesterday omyghadddd #fangirlfreakingout
@DanielPadilla pa admin ako dito please? Di ko kayo bibiguin. Chos.
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@SweetForDaniel: Buti pa sa ibang bansa nakakapag gala sila DJ ng walang hassle. Mas clingy sila pag nasa ibang bansa sila 😁😁 - hazel”
guys ano magandang basahin sa watty? yung kn ah :)
Baka sa monday magiging active na ako dito sa twitter world :)
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@SweetForDaniel: Pampa goodvibes sa umaga 😁Gwapo mo brad! 😻 © -”
@Dominic_Rea: Miggy and Me... DJ's House!!!😘 Thank you sa mainit na pagtanggap BFF@Estrada21Karlaa@anamarielizalimm…
I'd love to see Kath & DJ ordering and eating at KFC like normal people knowing that in another country they endorse the restaurant, haha.
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@DanielRocksss: “@Dominic_Rea: Guys, kitakits tayo! Malapit na!😘 @ Residencia De””
Judging from the mens' shoes around them, DJ is just sitting there while Kath goes around & finds shoes for her babe.
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@KNSpikersBOHOL: Power Vote for Kathryn Bernardo :) 100 Most Beautiful Faces In Philippine Showbiz --… ;">
RT sa mga gusto maging admin dito? ;")
Malapit na pala kami mag hire ng bagong admins ;">
Rt sa mga active followers namin :">
RT sa mga Kathniel/Daniel Fan jan! Mag Hire kami pag madaming OL at kung mag ol si admin Meryl :))
Sorry Guys for being inactive :(( Babawi ako! Mag hire kami ng ADMIN Soon ~@Kaiicee