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Daniel Gruchy
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I would love to tell someone who is using a bidet as a water fountain what it's actual function is #ImagineTheirFace
You can constantly shower/use deodorant to try and negate it. And It's including all your body hair too, You can shave your back yeah.
Would you rather stay where you are now but never fall in love & end up alone, or live under N.Korean regime & find the love of your life?
Does anyone know where is good to go out in Caen? Went out last night and it seemed deserted #MidWeekBooze
Just had wine and mussels for lunch sat outside on Omaha beach in Normandy. Maybe the best way of appreciating the sacrifices made #D-Day
@DanielGruchy Well the Vikings didn't bring back the ugly ones...
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But on the upside, i swear Scandanavian women are comparatively incredibly attractive #NoNeedForBeerGoggles #Contraversial #Discuss #HashTag
Booze, especially wine, is so damn cheap in France. Absolute joke. Brits get taxed to fuck on anything remotely fun #NotAsBadAsScandanavians
@DanielGruchy Live in Destiny. You'd never be in danger cause you'd be booted out of combat zones every time you took a step. #shitservers
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Pokemon is a good choice. If team rocket is the biggest concern you have in life I think you'd be pretty sorted. Plus, fuckin Pokemon!
E.g Sims - what if the player is rubbish or cruel & they remove the toilet. or you go swimming & they remove the ladder, you're fucked.
Some people really haven't though this through. Could poke holes in so many ideas. Other people are utterly mental. Some good choices though
If you could live in 1 video game or film world what would it be? You can't choose who you are but you retain your consciousness #Bored
@DanielGruchy Any man who claims they don't know is a man who hasn't used a public restroom before #AltruisticPiss
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Oh come on guys, surely you know what I'm on about, can't be alone. what's your #HighScore? I should hope girls don't know what I mean...
successfully dislodged all the pubes on the urinal I pissed in a minute ago with 0 splash back. A satisfaction that femmes will never know
An upstanding citizen saw & confronted him about it but the chav scum just completely mugged him off #ShouldCleanItUpWithHisFace
Ref. The hungover poo, glad to hear it's a real thing with many names; Beeriod, after grog bog, alcopoop & beer shit/variations thereof
Dover: Out the window of the coach, Saw chav let his pit bull curl out a huge shit on the pavement and didn't pick it up #Scum
Gipping = Rank, minging, disgusting, awful, just generally horrible, basically not ideal #GruchyThesaurus
In Dover on the way to France, what a lovely town 😕#Gippingg
Was so hungover this morning I was sweating out the booze. Still hung over now. I feel old.
In a controversial and unexpected move I have pre-ordered Sony's Xperia Z3 instead of the iPhone 6. May end up taking it back but we'll see.
I will admit that it would certainly be more enjoyable than eating cinnamon, getting hit in the face, burned etc. @ashe666 @RealityKings
Got tweeted by porn producers @RealityKings wanting to film slowmo bouncing boobs. I mean, I'd love to, sure, but not really 'our thang'.
glad I'm not alone. I can clarify - they are very dark in colour, distinctive smell and unpleasant 'wipe feel'. 6 wipes minimum. Rating 3/10
Wonder what the news is going to report on now that the referendum is over.
Is there such a thing as a 'hangover poo'? I'm convinced there is. The morning after drinking alway results in a specific type of poo.
Stuck my rod out with some #PrimaNocta and Scotland unity bait, got some huge bites. But seriously, well done on the common sense victory.
Well done Scotland, you made the right decision. Love how devastated the yes campaigners are #PrimaNocta
"Put your penis in the disk drive to re calibrate it" if only that worked with women @LoganPomeroy
My #Destiny disc only works in my Xbox about 1 in 10 times I put it in, what the actual fuck. Had to buy it online too. Xbox one is so crap
And they have the option to see who voted what way, but they have to sacrifice something or go through a forfeit to see it
Imagine if at weddings everyone got told they have to vote anonymously yes or no on whether the couple should get married
Wonder if any couples who have met on tinder ever ended up getting married
YouTube's first ever video on Instagram is a Slow Mo Guys clip featuring @GavinFree & @DanielGruchy Check it out:…
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Feeling very happy with myself; the chicken strips on my tyres have ceased to exist #KneeDown
@GavinFree @DanielGruchy. Doing an assignment on slow motion for my cinematography class, when I see you guys mentioned in the instructions!
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Saw this 8 second clip years ago, still makes me laugh… "We're cycling at the moment" #Schadenfreude
Thanks for all the bday wishes people, but I'm not sure how you knew it was my birthday. Thanks for the walking stick too, whoever that was