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Daniel Gruchy
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@itsryface @DanielGruchy There are TONS of non-slutty costumes. Please.
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For Halloween I might dress up as a cloud, then start handing out U2 albums and pictures of naked celebrities
@DanielGruchy I don't know, people were pretty offended by my "Slutty Jesus" To be fair that was on Christmas not Halloween.
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@DanielGruchy plus if the girl chooses to wear it, she obvious feels good about her body, so fucking good for her! Go girl!
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@DanielGruchy plus it's only once a year and a good excuse to dress slutty.
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Don't understand the logic of people complain about girls 'Halloween' costumes just being slutty. It's fucking awesome.
There's a #SlowMoGuys level on @Rovio's new game #RETRY. @GavinFree & I are actually in a game. Bloody mental
New #SlowMoGuys video! This hurt. Girls, don't be scared to admit if you get a mild lady boner over the #SexyWhale
Is it just me being an old man or is the @Spotify app very frustrating and clumsy? #JustLetMePlayTheDamnSongIWant
Was hungry at last night so I got up & ate a buttload of cheese & biscuits. Didn't even have nightmares! #NailedIt
Spending the weekend in London and having to see you everywhere. Fuck sake. @DanielGruchy
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Had 7 hours sleep in the last 3 days, I'm sure i will die at some point if i carry on like this #Hallucinating
Don't mind me, just driving my bus around with a smug face. I never want to travel by any other mode of transport
literally making a trip to London just to see @GavinFree and @DanielGruchy on busses and shit.
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IT HAPPENED! Serious social media conference at posh London venue & who's the case study?! @GavinFree & @DanielGruchy
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My mate @maxbayley is a freelance French translator #LeJealous. Get in touch with him to make use of his sexy languidge skillz #GirlsLoveIt
I'm ending this visit to England with a very proud feeling.
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@megturney forgive young @DanielGruchy for he knew not what he did. Now he will not stray from the house that Jobs built. He is home.
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Anyone in London got an unlocked 128GB space grey iPhone 6 they can sell me today? #Desperate
At a studio today & 1 of the boys from @mcbusted left their 'bicep firming gel' behind from before, who's is it? I feel I should return it
Just had possibly the worst ever piss stream. Opened up & it was like a sprinkler setting on a hose, alles über der platz #SitDownWeeTime
For the 1st time in my life I'm sat in seat 1A on a plane, gonna board last, Stroll on, sit down & then get off first at the other end #Mint
Fucking love a good mocha @DefineIdeal. Although I can't help feeling like it should be called 'choffee' instead #LetsMakeItHappen #Choffee
Hung over. Need moisture. If anyone brings me a coffee we will be friends.
Tempted to go out on the piss tonight, shouldn't really but fuck it, my liver will forgive me
Joe Hart has been so shit tonight
So happy to have been tweeted by a chocolate bar. I have been forgiven and exonerated for my monstrous crimes against @KITKAT and humanity.
@DazWright96 @DanielGruchy Don't worry Daniel. We know that some people just can't wait the extra seconds to enjoy their KITKAT! ;-)
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Is it weird that I don't bother breaking apart a @KITKAT before eating it? I just start scranning on it immediately from one end.
Check out mine & @GavinFree's new trailer… This is also the advert showing on TV in the UK for those who cant see it
i nearly had a heart attack the slow mo guys have an interactable ad on imdb @GavinFree @DanielGruchy
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We loved it! RT @GavinFree: So cool to meet people you've seen on TV your whole life. Thanks for having us
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Love that people tweet they feel proud of us for appearing on TV in adverts & shows & stuff, you guys were there from the beginning #RealMVP
Been asked 'How did the vlog start?' for an interview. Definitely not a vlog, it's just us pissing about with expensive kit that isn't ours!