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Daniel Gruchy
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Feeling very happy with myself; the chicken strips on my tyres have ceased to exist #KneeDown
@GavinFree @DanielGruchy. Doing an assignment on slow motion for my cinematography class, when I see you guys mentioned in the instructions!
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Saw this 8 second clip years ago, still makes me laugh… "We're cycling at the moment" #Schadenfreude
Thanks for all the bday wishes people, but I'm not sure how you knew it was my birthday. Thanks for the walking stick too, whoever that was
@GavinFree @DanielGruchy @daveyjay1985 If you want to get him back, maybe he could throw up some suggestions?
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Xbox One is a slow, buggy, unreliable, useless piece of annoying shit. It refuses to make anything easy.
I mean if you don't have a good internet connection it literally kicks you out even if you're playing alone in the middle of a mission #WHY?
I mean, why does it have to be online all the time?! I just want to sink into a game on my own without other twats 'waving' a eachother
Enjoying the #DestinyBeta a lot so far, but is it just me who thinks it's annoying having random people in the game all the time?
Is it just me who thinks the Xbox one is a huge, good looking, smelly turd?
Saying goodbye to Austin again, RTX was decent, and got some savage filming done for #TheSlowMoGuys Already looking forward to next time
Thanks @megturney for having me over, even if I did feed your dog beef jerky, cat food, slim Jim, grapes and Parmesan by accident #Sowwy
@GavinFree @DanielGruchy I suspect he's not gonna look so smug after you've subjected him to whatever plans you've concocted for him.
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Time for our biannual slow mo guys shoot. @DanielGruchy's naturally smug face frames this picture nicely.
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May have revealed too much about myself at the #RTX podcast. May have.
Having a cheeky IN-N-OUT burger for lunch before heading back to #RTX long queue in here #BetterBeWorthIt
Gavs new kitten making it very hard for me to get any sleep #TooCuteTooBeAnnoyedAt
Just landed in Austin for #RTX and shooting #SlowMoGuys. Gonna play some video games too I think.
I've got a code for the Destiny beta download this July. Is this like Titanfall where they gave them out to everyone on earth? #WantToGloat
"@marktcullen and I think that's on the new Dreamliner... Enjoy those electronic window blinds :-)" #Score
Button on the front of my boxers keeps undoing itself, very annoying #UnintentionalCommando
Heathrow-Austin direct @BritishAirways flight is going to be a lifesaver on my way to #RTX this week, saves 5+ hours in Dallas #FreeBoozeToo
Pretty excited about going to do a 'learn to wheelie' course on my motorbike soon, is there a better day out?! #BalanceThatThrottle
Anyone else get an irrational feeling of badassery when walking off a travelator without breaking stride or looking down? #ThatGuyMustBeAPro
I HATE it when decent songs get ruined by being used in annoying adverts. E.g 'Santigold- Disparate Youth' in the Direct Line advert #Twats
Got back from Tenerife on sunday, just found out @SophieT from #GoT is going today, looks like i picked the wrong week to go :(
Pretty excited for #RTX Hope to see you all there
I know this is late, but I'm getting GoT withdrawals, can't believe it's over, such a long wait. Can i be cryogenically frozen please?
I want food. Can someone get some for me? Please. We can be friends.
Gin and tonic is my new favourite drink. Don't get how I've not liked it before. #GreaterThanTheSumOfItsParts
they were playing Slow Mo Guys videos in a nightclub in Glasgow last night, weird! @GavinFree @DanielGruchy
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@DanielGruchy I made this life sized creeper made of paper! I think would awesome if you were to blow it up!!
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For anyone who feels like giving me shit/hates me, join in; there's a Facebook page my mates set up #CyberBullying…
My mates made a pretty funny Facebook page, like it, join the banter; either roast or defend me #WeHateDanGruchy…
Some maths geeks worked out that without swapsies, the Panini World Cup sticker book would cost £450 to complete #GotGotNEED
Poor Rick Mayall #Sad For me, he was most memorable for voicing the pigs in 'Hogs of War'. Fucking loved that shit.
So badly want to go on a motorbike trip to the Alps, would be immense, but none of my mates ride bikes :( #LonelyRider
Just found out 6 people who've appeared in GoT, are, or have been porn stars. At least 2 having major roles #MakesForBetterNudeScenes
Cant believe how much banter I'm getting on twitter for the cross eyed girlfriends thing #CheersGav
We've now got over 4 million subscribers! If you're one of them, fucking top job, you're a legend #Milestone
In Newcastle tonight, anyone got any ideas where to go? #jamieHornsStagDoo
@GavinFree @DanielGruchy I was nerding it up and listening to a Bill Nye podcast and he plugged your GE video @ 8:00…
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