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You got to drop crackers on the carpet and step on them so yo girl have something vacuum after she take her nap
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Blondes are more wifeable than brunettes, they to dumb to lie whereas brunettes only got black hair cuz of all da dark thoughts in they head
You dudes who say brunettes are better than blondes are delusional
I won't say I was once a good man but I will say I cared. I don't now though
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Chivalry ain't dead, it's just hanging out with wherever being ladylike is
"Sorry I have a girlfriend I can't do that with you" said no guy in magaluf ever
Don't think ya girl asking u questions about a girl is just a coincidence, she most likely caught u doing something u weren't supposed to
Telling me how many people want you ain't gonna make me want you more b
@KidDooley is the realist guy on twitter, could retweet everything he writes! My man has defo lived 200 years +
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Find yourself a girl who a 7 out of 10 who had to learn how to use her personality to attract dudes instead of just her looks
Men would leave their girl for years during WW2 & she'd wait for him, in 2014 if u dont text a bitch for a day she talking to someone new
No girl with titty piercings is a virgin, locate me a girl with titty piercings who a virgin and I'll locate the Malaysian airplane for u
Girls who grew up with brothers have better personalities than the ones who didn't
im a respectful guy... some chicks have sweet boobs... i respect that
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@KidDooley You're absolutely ruthless and I love it!
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Females want their best friends to like her boyfriend as much as she do but then act surprised when she catch Becky sucking her BFs dick
If ya girl takes a pic of her legs in da bathtub with candles & shit u gotta pour oil into da bath and set it on fire to teach her to behave
When u don't reply to ya girls text and ur out she gon have all sorts of crazy shit running thru her mind that u ain't even think of doing
@KidDooley is the best account on twitter😂🙌
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Avoid any girl in Magaluf wearing Air Max at all costs, she only wearing them cuz it easier to jump from man to man and spread her STDS
If a girl calls me "mate" or "bruv" I'll punch in her shoulder everytime I see her since she wanna be a man so bad
Females won't let u talk to other chicks but when u want her to stop talking to other men she hit u with that "but he's my best friend" shit
Ya girl tell u "we need to talk" she gonna just complain about everything u done the past century and how nothing is her fault
When ya girlfriend is pissed off she just texting u essays about what an asshole u are faster than eminem rapped rap god
“Your tweets are disrespectful to our relationship” meanwhile she sending selfies to 8 dudes on snapchat
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