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Real ladies ain't even argue in public, they just give u one deathstare that turn u into stone
When ur girlfriend dump u and she wearing no makeup gotta be the most heartless shit ever, she don't care u getting dumped by an ugly person
If I walk in on my girl cheating she better not be sucking dick cause I got no problem with chewing a live grenade while we all in the room
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U ask where ur GF is she say "out" next thing she uploading pics to IG of her and Tyrone u crying in the mirror like drake in Marvin's room
😂😂😂@DooIeyooIey cracks me up every time 😂😂😂
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Dis bitch half naked in her avi tweetin bout "girls find out everything in the end" but still cant find her father to teach her self respect
How can u bitches tweet "girls find out everything in the end" but still be struggling to find ur self respect?
@DooIey leave us Tyrone's alone man 😂😂😂
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The words "Cringy" and "Thirsty" need to be removed from the world, they fucked up the game for us nice guys
Bitches tell u that "ur cringey" for being nice but what's really cringey is how u can't get a man to love u for more than one night
U tell a girl she got nice eyes she gonna tell u "ur cringey" but if u compliment her eyebrows she start smiling so hard it hurt her face
U compliment a bitches' eyebrows nowadays she start thinking u the one looool
Since my nephew played "Chocolate" in Charlie & the chocolate factory he thinks he's Kanye West Lmao
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Some of y'all really be taking twitter serious, I'm just here for the jokes b
Ya white girlfriend squat too much she gon develop strong legs to walk out ya life and an ass so fat she leave u for Tyrone in South London
Bitches so heartless man, u could ask her out to dinner and she gonna just say yes cuz she hungry, not cuz she like u loooool
Females voted equality but still tweet bout wanting a man to text first? Go moan to ya 50 cats bout y men should text 1st cuz we don't care
I swear my gf send one more snapchat of her in half naked in a sunbed Im gon roast her alive in one like that scene from final destination
Drake needs to drop So Far Gone Part 2 so I can sing the whole album outside my ex's window
Girls break up with u in they head two weeks before they even do it, the minute she stop annoying u thats when she dont give a fuck no more
Sick day in London with Andy, was awesome to see my boy @danny_boyy_ again! London a 8/10 now 😄
The prettiest girls give the scariest deathstares, ugly people don't really give scary deathstares cuz we used to em being scary and ugly
Of course Oscar Pistorius is guilty, every man wanna kill their girlfriend every now and then, but he sponsored by nike so he just did it
When ya GF screenshots evidence of u commentin on other girls pics u jus break down crying like Oscar Pistorius and act like u didnt mean to