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I need a twitter rant from @KidDooley πŸ™Š that'll make me happy.
Retweeted by Tomoki
When somebody not replying to ya text u gonna hit up they instagram and strategically like a photo of they dog to let em know u waiting
All I want for Christmas is a girl who not a hoe
When a dude is whipped he gonna sell his soul and both his kidneys to get what his girlfriend want this Christmas
If ya girl say she don't want anything for Christmas it's a trap
Gotta fall in love with one of those girls where ya fridge look empty but she go in there and pull out a 3 course meal
I guess love is when u know someone well enough not to just know the good in them but see the bad in them and still feel the same way
Don't tell me what I want to hear tell me what I need to hear I already got enough fake people knocking on my door
Crazy how jealous females will call a girl with big boobs a hoe for just wearing a normal T-shirt just cuz her chest look like a surfboard
Nothing more depressing than putting ya cologne on only to find out ya plans for the night get cancelled, u just sitting alone smelling good
Crazy how you can be turned off a girl by her choice in men
I wish I was one of those dudes who knew what they wanted to do as soon as school finished, 2 years later I still dunno what the fuck I want
missing your daily tweets, Twitter ain't the same @KidDooley
Retweeted by Tomoki
In 2014 if u tell ya girlfriend "pick me or instagram" u gonna be single and double tapping her pictures with ya tears
Guys only like girls who spend time in the kitchen not cuz we sexist but cuz she can't text other dudes with them oven gloves on
U can have a good girl who annoy u from time to time cuz she care or a hoe who don't care what u do, shit is up to u
Don't waste time taking about making moves on her just do it
If a female get Ebola she should get a ticket straight to Malia, bitches have been saying for years what happens in malia stays in malia
Hate when girls put so much product in their hair and when u run ya fingers thru her hair shit feel like stale candy floss
All I could ever need
@KidDooley why haven't you tweeted today? Ruining my life
Retweeted by Tomoki
When a female crying and tryna tell u what happened at the same time it sound like she rapping japanese underwater
Waiting for ya shift to finish like
Female at the bar telling me she slept with 42 dudes I don't think I even caught 42 pokemon as a kid
β€œ@NoWomanIsRight: Only time you should listen to a female advice is when she say the food is hot you might want to let it cool Down” LOOOOL
Hate this cold weather, when the wind blows that cold wind go thru ya shirt straight into ya soul
Ya girl hit u with that "we need to talk" shit and u already thinking about the hundred things u done wrong u hope she ain't know about
Back in BBM days when females was mad at u they'd make their statuses song lyrics to let u know that u fucked up
Crazy how when u alone and bout to go to sleep all that shit u held deep down gonna creep out the dark into ya mind and keep u up all night
Nothing wrong with clubbing every Friday, the only problem is are u the life of the party or the hoe of the party
U need to find a female who can go days without male attention and still survive
😭�@KidDooleyey: I guess they call em bad bitches cuz she bad at everything except looking good”
Retweeted by Tomoki
It a turn off when a female idolise Kim K, buy her clothes, play her games... So your aspiration in life is to be a gold digging hoe too huh
β€œ@ameeradaboh: If Channing Tatum was my roommate I'd rape him... #sorrynotsorry” Your mother must be proud
Females can say "omg he's so hot Id rape him" but a man make a joke about rape he gonna be on sky news wearing a turtle neck & apologising
I guess they call em bad bitches cuz she bad at everything except looking good
Eminem been made a whole song about rape on relapse and now yall wanna cry cuz he insulted some Australian bitch who think she ghetto
When females are crying and try to talk at the same time shit be more confusing than tryna understand what Sean Paul be sayin
When u see a girl wearing this u know she get freaky in the bedroom
Play fighting only cute when the girl smaller than u, a big bitch start doing that shit u gotta RKO her across the dishwasher
when she like u she gonna try act and talk like u, shit not funny but u wanna get that ass so u be laughing anyway
I love Irish folks lol they make working in a bar a little less painful πŸ˜„
When people who use android see u using an iPhone they gonna transform into a lawyer and give u speeches & evidence on why androids better
I been watching so much anime lately I got confused when I saw Japanese people talking earlier and there wasn't any subtitles
@KidDooley is just toooo much for me to handle πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Retweeted by Tomoki
When u sending a risky text u be concentrating and proof reading that shit more than u would an essay on a final exam
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚@KidDooleyDooley: 2014 been the year of the hoe I'll try for true love again in 2015”
Retweeted by Tomoki
Plot twist: girl who got "taken" in her bio actually been kidnapped