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"@Poochda63: This bitch" LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL 😭😭😭😭
RT "@Darkboi_LDB: girls who force being sexy on snapchat, listening to music while playing with ur hair, we laugh at u..It looks ridiculous"
Follow me on instagram if u wanna I'll get u back
Girls who do beauty courses gotta stop uploading pictures of their grandma's freshly pedicured feet u gonna catch an unfollow for that
Steps back onto the timeline like
If ya girls texts u out the blue "u know what's funny" just turn off ya phone dawg and say u lost signal I guarantee it's not gonna be funny
Stopping letting instagram know how much u love ur mother by posting lame ass pics she ain't even see, start showing her everyday instead
I can't stop laughing LOOOOOL homie launched that dove like he was playing a game of angry birds 😭😭😭�
"@Iowkeypapi: When your grandma finds out you haven't ate anything and you tryna leave the crib" 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭
Eyebrows don't matter but they also kinda do, I mean if you got that Ed edd and eddy monobrow then step back bitch otherwise it cool
"@aheroamongmen: She look like u gotta sign a deal with da devil to fuck" Nice ass but she got da face of a tadpole
"@topsfrsh_: no better feeling than making your Mum smile ❀️❀️." Salute man this is beautiful
"@NoWomanIsRight: If she say I can't wait to spring or summer" all that hoeness is boiling inside of her" 😭😭😭😭😭😭
@KidDooley your tweets kill me 😩
Retweeted by L
A female who dress up like a hoe and show everything off usually got nothing else to show. Her personality missing like her self respect
Girls who got brothers usually got better personalities than those who don't, she wanna play Mario kart with u instead of play with her hair
If dudes dissing you and hit you with that "it's just banter" as an excuse u gotta hit em back with "it's just a black eye"
Dawg people in england will tell u they spitroasted ya girlfriend and when u get pissed they gonna say it's just banter like everything cool
If i catch my girl textin other dudes on her iPhone 6 I'll go Crocodile Dundee on her ass, bend da phone into a boomerang and kill everybody
"@drewskeeeet: When u came too quick the first time and ur trying to explain why she should let u hit again" 😭😭😭😭😭
I hate when people tell me its part of life experience to fall in love and get ya heart broke. Oh so like taking heroine and going to rehab?
Guilty of retweeting half of @KidDooley 's account. Sorry not sorry. Sometimes it just flows out and one tweet just isn't enough
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RT "@iDntWearCondoms: Stop chasing people who don't wanna be caught"
Trust me on this one dude, she'll swear she loves you but don't believe it, she gonna be telling some other dude the same thing in 5 years
Funny how after a break up ya ex will try and get u jealous by being a hoe, shit makes it so much easier to move on. We laughing over here
No point in tryna bring up the past with females, once a chick has moved on she moved on, she ain't ever gon think of u in that way again
Crazy how a person who means alot to you now is probably gonna mean nothing in five years
Females needa stop tracing around their lips with lipstick tryna make they lips look bigger, u look like miss potato from toy story
Bitches nowadays tryna make they lips look bigger by putting lipstick around they lips, kiss her hard enough half her lip come off lol
Ok so ur eyebrows are on point and ur ass is fat but can it pay the electricity bill? No point looking good if I can't see u bitch
girls who tweet "men in suits 😍" are basic as fuck. She gon think declan look good in a suit even tho he going to court for slapping his mum
U wanna piss one of these English people off all u gotta do is call football soccer and they ready to kill u
Feel like doing a Kanye and saying Mulan and Tarzan had the best soundtracks of all time. Fuck frozen
Girl get her heart broke by one man she spam posting on instagram and twitter about how she hate all men, bitch what we do?
If she more worried about who pictures u liking instead of worrying bout helping u pay those bills then she not the one
I can deeply appreciate a girl who got a good taste in music, I'll talk with her all day bout it and u won't catch me yawning
Tarzan still has the best Disney soundtrack, y'all think that frozen let it go shit is amazing well then I think u deaf
Avoid those chicks who make a big scene when u like another girls photo, unless she naked fuck off with that petty shit. Grow up bitch
"@DaRealTinTin: "@ImJonDuhh: My ex keeps callin. Smh" this is hilarious" 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
"@NawRob: What happened to the era of women who only fucked men they loved?" They died in WW2
"@lwtftdimple: why does iggy look like julius caesar" 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Red head girls are rare, everybody been with a brunette, a blonde.. Maybe even a ginger. But a redhead? They the limited edition
β€œ@KidDooley: Ginger girls give the best blowjobs, since they got no soul they gonna try steal yours by sucking it out ya dingaling” my god 😭
Retweeted by L
Good girls gon let u know they got a man in the first 10 minutes.. U say u love nandos & she gon say "omg me & my bf went there on Friday"
Ginger people try and hide they true hair colour by dyeing it but u can still see the steam rising from they head in da winter, cant fool me
That new drake mixtape is good... But not I wanna phone my ex crying at 2am kinda good...Imma wait for the next album
RT "@NikoWavy: If a nigga think he can take yo girl you gotta wish him luck. That's how certain she should make you feel."
Meeting good girls getting harder, u meet a really nice girl these days u already thinking in the back of ya mind "I bet she got a man"