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U dudes come up with da most stupid compliments these days. Oh "she slays", slays what? Beasts in runescape? Whats her username then
With nice evenings like these it kinda makes me wanna stroll around outside with someone and just talk shit for ages
I don't think I can ever learn to trust anybody who got a kik account
I love @KidDooley 's tweets!!! 😭❤️❤️
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It don't matter if u clean ya whole body with a toothbrush when u go into the London underground u come out u feeling dirty as fuck
When it comes to men shopping however we treat it like a COD mission. Get in. Get out. Minimal casualty to the wallet and we happy
I think females are the only kind of species that can go shopping in a mall for 4 hours and still say "I see nothing"
I wonder if these girls on insta sucking their bellies in while they lying down on bed and naming it "progress" really think we that dumb
Don't really care if it's summer outside the wind is still colder than my ex heart I'm happy just catching this laptop tan playing runescape
Why is it right after ya workout u feel like the sexiest person alive but 4 hours later it feel like someone ripped ya soul away from u
Legit starting a YouTube channel in August, I find twitter really dull and repetitive now. 180 characters ain't enough to express yourself.
if ya girl favorites ur tweet it's cuz she's gathering data to use against u in the future, it's not cuz she actually likes the tweet
So the cost of your self respect is a tube of lipstick? Loooooool I'm logging off…
Gyal said 'house, car, job. If you don't have 2 of 3 you can't be bae' A fat dead ting you kna, you don't even have health. Health is free
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U will not ruin Breast for me with your feminist mumbo jumbo…
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They say when u reach 21 theres a 80% chance that u already met ur wife LOOOOOOL I might as well just end it now I don't want that life
The easiest way to break up with ya girlfriend nowadays is to leave ya phone unlocked on the bed when u go shower and leave the rest to God
It's like the younger generation are determined to grow old alone.
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Females will forget a formula they learnt 3 days ago for their exam but will be able to recite the text u sent to Patricia 3 years ago
Pretending to be emotionless is lame, there are too many beautiful things in this world to act like you don't care at all
Intelligence on a woman is attractive, it'll only grow with time. Looks are important too but they will only fade.
Don't let your despair in having your feelings hurt by someone you care about make you do things you usually wouldn't.
I respect anyone who stands up for their beliefs, I'd lose more respect for a person who just agreed with others for the sake of acceptance
Dunno how people read books on a kindle..there's just something about it that lacks character
In the beginning females will tell u they love how funny u are but 4 months later she yelling at u and saying "u think everything is a joke"
"Wow man I met this girl the other day she had such amazing eyebrows I think this could be something" said no man with a pair fucking ever
I feel like I'm maturing at a person, girl on my FB posted a pic of herself pregnant and I wrote congratulations instead of blocking her
U think she's amazing until u actually get her, once u got her the excitement in chasing her goes away and u realise u never did love her
Weird how the talking phase before the relationship is more exciting than the actual thing, you'd think it'd be the other way around
Appreciate the chicks that let u back into their life no matter how long its been since u talked to em
Im fucking dying lol 😂😂😂�…zvJO8G
I used to love nandos but now whenever I hear some cunt with a Kim Jong Un haircut next to me call it cheeky I suddenly lose my appetite
when u bought some new clothes u be accidentally on purpose walking into the wrong lecture halls to show dem girls what u made of
I just want to do something for you
You can't say u like skinny girls without these feminists and feminazis pointing a gun at ya head nowadays
If a dude thinks he can take ya girl u gotta wish him luck. That's how certain she should make you feel
It cost £0.00 to be a decent person u know
When a girl with a nice ass walk by and ya girl catch u mid-peek
U ever ask a girl if she single yet and when she say no u get pissed at her boyfriend cuz it seems like he's being selfish ?
When feminist try to spread their opinion to me
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I guess it doesn't matter how many girls think of u as an asshole, in the end u only end up being sweet to one anyway
U know it's ok sometimes to put ya phone down and tell ya boyfriend about how he upsets u rather than telling Twitter. Bitch we don't care
Don't get people who get into loads of relationships and say it's for the experience like they making a damn CV for they future marriage
Japan is so beautiful. And I ain't just talking bout the women.
Liking the pics of her doing shit like playing with her dog waffles and not pics of her poking her ass out to show her I'm different

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