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Dan Benjamin
What’s the preferred way for listeners to share links for a show these days? Subreddit?
Here’s the Mic Technique video I made a week ago. Hope it helps!
$46 away from a daily 5-min news show.
@danbenjamin @5by5 these are the 5by5 mugs, but to give them to you would be to throw them away.
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One of the best podcasters in the business. I'm supporting @danbenjamin Dan Benjamin @Patreon…
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For those asking, the @5by5 delivery system can also delivery tea (warm or cold).
New 5by5 mugs coming soon. @ 5by5 Studios
We are $108 away from you getting a daily 5-minute geek/news update podcast from @5by5.
Number of times I've downloaded the app when prompted to download the app while browsing on iOS: 0
The new @5by5 video bumper, animated by Eden Soto, audio by @guttercast.…
Fully scalable iOS device vector drawings for Sketch, all free -
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My favorite thing in Yosemite? The power menu item.…
The best part of @gritshow is hearing @danbenjamin be sincerely overjoyed for people who changed their lives for the better.
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So close … I’m tempted to record the episode just in case.
@danbenjamin Awesome! I'll hit the sub button. Genuinely changed my career based on Quit. Thanks 👍
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@danbenjamin not sure if you're kidding, but the images are right here - installed yesterday…
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Is there a way to get beta access to Android 5 to try out on my Nexus 7?
We are $235 away from bringing back The News, a daily 5 min geek news update. Today's script is ready 😅 Please RT
@danbenjamin Collection of Batman Art for Mondo's "75 Years of Batman" Art Show
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Did we lose the ability to have box-style Messages in Yosemite?
Tomorrow I'll either do a video on pre-amps or something else? What do you want? Tell me here:
Jim Carrey mocks Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln Ads on SNL, gives Uber a shoutout. // @ryangraves @travisk
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Just posted a photo @ UT Turtle Pond
Ok, itch scratched. Add Gravatar Images to OS X Contacts:… (First actual Swift code I’ve written)
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For those who aren't supporting me and @5by5 on patreon, what's something you'd like to see us do? What would make it worth it for you?
A handful of people asked me to do my next video about pre amps and compressors, so that's next. What would you like afterwards?
Friday night iPad Air 2 unboxing under the supervision of @danbenjamin and @haddiebird on iPad Air uno, as you do.
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