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Dale A Thomson
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I want to take a second to remember the greatest - Tupac Shakur, your music will live on Until The End of Time -
Tupac would have been 43 today.
I got in the car and fancied listening to some Tupac, so put in 1 of his albums on. Crazy that I just noticed it was his Birthday today.
Missed the first half of the Germany/Portugal game but put money on Muller to score 1st and Germany to Win 3-1 & 3-2.
Another day of nice weather, what's going on? Scotland's definitely being spoiled at the moment.
I must admit, I do find any girls who watch and like football sexy.
Add me on #Facebook - let's connect/network over there.
My favourite memory of Thierry Henry is a cracker, far too long to write down though. I might make a post on Facebook about it.
Whose all looking forward to seeing Messi tonight?
Last night an influential man told me to "Keep working, enjoy the journey & when they say it's impossible, then you know you should do it"
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I've Pogba to score 1st and a couple of scores in this match.
Time to watch some more of the World Cup.
Yesterday I fell up the stairs, yes you heard it up the stairs and smacked my hand/wrist. It's still sore, think I'll need to get it checked
If anyone on here is interested in buying my new painting - send an email to - or DM.
I just realised it Father's Day today, lucky I don't need to worry about it. It's one of the days of the year that I don't celebrate.
Woke up to another winning bet, on a bit of a hot streak at the moment. Need to look at today's #worldcup fixtures -
All I can do now is better than I did before 🙏
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I suppose I better get up, got so much to do today.
Odds on the bet I just posted were 31 to 1, fingers crossed it comes in. I've been quite lucky so far with my bets on the World Cup.
Put this bet on before the #WorldCup kicked off - Mexico to win, Spain/Holland, and Uruguay/Costa Rica BTTS. Just need Ivory Coast tonight.
Okay the wait is over people, here's a picture of my newest painting. What do you lot think of it? Let me know -
I might put a picture up of my new painting/canvas today then put it on sale.
So tired right now, I'm blaming the #WorldCup for this.
The #WorldCup would be so much better if Scotland were there.
So what are your score predictions for the Spain/Holland match? Let me know, just about to put a couple of bets on. #WorldCup
Add me on #Snapchat - DaleAThomson let's connect.
My Accumulator is off to a flier, had Mexico to win. Now I need both teams to core in the Spain/Holland game.
I work for mine so If I get something that is unexpected I'm appreciative but at the same time I know I've earned it
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My score prediction for the Mexico/Cameron game was 2-1 to Mexico, doesn't look likely now.
What have you fine people got planned for this weekend?
Check out my newest beat and let me know what you think -…
Just remembered it's Friday the 13th today.
Nothing worse than being early for an appointment and there running late.
Need to get some beauty sleep.
Looks like my bets up, had Brazil to win 3-1 and Neymar 1st Goal Scorer.
A new favorite Madhat McGore featuring Amy Hawthorn - Stand There (Produced by Dale A Thomson) by @Madhat_McGore…
For the people who are saying Neymar never scored 1st with regards to my bet, OG's don't count when it comes to 1st goalscorer.
I've got Brazil's Neymar to score 1st and Brazil to win 3-1 or 3-2, hopefully it comes in.
I got Switzerland a sweepstake for the #WorldCup don't think I stand a chance but I will be shouting & supporting them this year.