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Steve Costello
yankeesknicks 11,975 followers
The @CyberDustApp updates and release on windows are crushing it ! Just passed 170k followers !!
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Win the battles you are in before you take on new battles @mcuban
Business is the ultimate sport mark Cuban @markcuben
Don't be afraid to fail ....Derek Jeter
Greatest line at captains dinner why do we have a screwdriver up here do I need to fix something eli manning
73 years later, survivors gather to remember "a date which will live in infamy" #PearlHarbor
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#Homeland SHO_Homeland Here we go. John Redmond reporting for duty.
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At the end of the game all the pieces go back in the box
Growing up in the sixties you would have a fight and be friends again the next day not so much anymore
35 yrs ago @PeteRose_14 jad his 1st day as a Phillie (and as baseball's richest player) The caravansary followed--he was already a folk hero
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We are in an age of opinion journalism
The only justice we have is in the court of public opinion !
So happy with my author video !!!! @JenXperience #star#myfathernevertookmetoabaseballgame
I didn't know 2k yen was 18.00 til my book was on @AmazonLoop japan lol
Zombie Loyalists: Using Great Service to Create Rabid Fans — Business Books in Bulk - 800-CEO-READ via @ShareThis
I cannot think of one good reason to hunt bears @newjersey it's insane
It's name is public opinion it is held in reverence it settles everything some think it is the voice of god mark twain
The world is so screwed up sometimes
New on my blog: How to prepare your body for flu season:
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Check out "Williamsburg Northside School's Inaugural DAD'S NIGHT OUT" via @eventbrite
@StevenCostello Hi Steven, A Star Called Lucky will keep you gripped.. Try it out and let us know what you think! #bestseller #goodreads
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My father never took me to a baseball game now available in Japanese
Both QBs are battle tested. This should be a fun finish! Rooting for my boy @bbrowner27
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Thankful brain trauma is finally front & center in sports. We must PROTECT & EDUCATE our athletes. #RIPKostaKarageorge #Buckeyes
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Kids today aren't going to know that books weren't just invented so white chicks could eat at restaurants alone and not feel self conscious
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@StevenCostello Lou Piniella in ur profile pic...2nd only to Thurman Munson
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Three wise men not true nowhere in the New Testament does it mention three @Katmoon
Just hit the number two top rated book on @AmazonLoop in sports and outdoors in between two duck dynastic guys
New! SHOOT YOUR NOVEL "will give your fiction deeper meaning and greater emotional impact" -Michael Hauge #writers
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Why is Jacksonville celebrating ? Smh
If you are out of the playoffs you shouldn't be celebrating sacks like u just won the Super Bowl @nfl
Get this for free! my father never took me to a baseball game in the #Freado
@emitoms: Don’t change your journey so that it matches someone else’s. Photo: @jtsweet08
When faced with the past the strongest man cries dan fogelberg
What is your breakthrough ?
"Cause every hand's a winner, and every hand's a loser, and the best that you can hope for is to die in your sleep." -K. Rogers
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